Is Matched Betting Worth It?

Is matched betting still worth it in 2021?

Yes, matched betting is still well worth it in 2021. There are more online bookmakers than ever in the UK in 2021. This means more competitions, and more free bets and promotions. You can still make a great tax-free hourly rate from matched betting in 2021, which will be far higher than the average person makes from their ‘real’ jobs.

You can still quite easily make £500+ per month from risk free matched betting sign up and reload offers in 2021, and £1,000+ per month if you put in a bit more time each day.

is matched betting worth it

That’s before you even take in to account the risk-free casino offers, and the positive expected value casino and bingo offers on top.

So, if you are worried about getting started with matched betting because you have been asking yourself can I still make a profit from no risk matched betting? Don’t be!

As long as online bookmakers and casinos continue offering free bets and offers, and betting exchanges like Smarkets and Betfair exist, you will always be able to make a profit from no risk matched betting.

There is absolutely no sign that this is set to change at any time in the future, so make hay while the sun shines.

Still not exactly sure what matched betting is? Well head over to our in depth, ultimate guide where we explain how to do matched betting.

I honestly believe that matched betting is the best way available for literally anyone to add an extra £500+ tax free to their bank balance every month, which if done properly should only take around 15-30 minutes per day on average!

If you’re still wondering if matched betting is still worth it, then think about what you are currently paid per hour at your day job. Are you paid between £25 and £40 per hour, after tax, from your current job?

If not, then you really can’t afford not to be doing matched betting on the side as that is the sort of hourly return you should be making from matched betting once you get in to the swing of things.

With the national minimum wage in the UK in 2021 being only £8.72 for people aged 25 and over, you can see why tens of thousands of British and Irish residents are matched betting every single day.

Is it worth you continuing to do your day job?

This sounds like a crazy question, right? Well, stop and think for a moment about how much money you are currently making from your day job.

Do you make minimum wage? Do you make £10, £15, even £25 per hour? Most people don’t make anywhere near £30 per hour from their day job before tax, never mind after tax.

This is the reality of matched betting, you can realistically make the likes of £20-£40 per hour from matched betting, completely tax-free.

How can you make sure you make the most profit in the least amount of time from matched betting?

You do this by making sure you have access to the following on a daily basis:

  • A daily list of profitable reload offers
  • A detailed and simple explanation of how to do each and every reload offer
  • Access to the best calculators to give you the exact back and lay amounts you need
  • Access to step-by-step training videos if you are completely new to matched betting
  • Access to a large community of fellow matched bettors who can offer tips and tricks
  • Access to live support via email, live chat, or telephone if and when you need it

You can get all of the above, and much more, by joining the biggest and best matched betting community on the internet (Profit Accumulator). Check out my full and in-depth review of the Profit Accumulator by clicking the link.

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