How To Make Money Selling Services On Internet Marketing Forums

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In this tutorial I’ll be explaining to you how to make money online by providing internet marketing services in forums. The internet marketing industry is growing at a massive rate, and as a result, the amount of people who frequent internet marketing forums is also increasing too.

This provides many forums with thousands of marketers who are looking to buy services to help improve some aspect of their business that they either don’t feel confident doing their self, or don’t have the time to do their self… This is where you come in!

I’m going to explain how to get started and get your very first service live on a number of busy internet marketing forums. The good thing about this method is that after your initial small outlay, in most cases you will have next to no running costs as you move forward when the orders start flooding in.

BONUS: At the end of the tutorial, look out for the FREE ‘Bonus Download’. I have included five different example services that you can offer that are either currently not being offered in any of the internet marketing forums, or are extremely rare.

I’ve also included a list of the biggest internet marketing forums that have sections where you can advertise your services to the forum users. So remember at the end to download the file containing all this free information, but until then, let’s get started…

What services to provide

Before you can get started with this method, you must first decide what actual service you are going to offer on the forums. There are literally hundreds of different possible services you could offer but in this example I’m going to concentrate on a link building offer.

The reason for this is that it’s one of the most commonly provided, and one of the most commonly sought after services in forums. Everybody with a website who wants to get search engine traffic to it needs backlinks!

How to build these links

Once your service is live on the various internet marketing forums (Which I’ve included in the Bonus Download at the end of this tutorial), as long as you’ve followed the information correctly, you will be receiving a fair amount of orders to fulfil.

This means that trying to complete these backlinking tasks manually will be impossible. So what you need to do is purchase some software to automate and speed up the process for you.

There are lots of great link building tools out there that you can buy, you can check out some of them on my Tools of the Trade page. For this example however, we’ll be using one of my personal favourites; Ultimate Demon.

Ultimate DemonUltimate Demon

Ultimate Demon is a special piece of link building software. Once you set up a link building campaign (which only takes a few minutes) you can then set it to schedule the campaign over a specified period of time. You can also set it to create a certain amount of links per day or evenly distribute the links.

It’s also capable of creating links on many different types of sites which helps create a diverse link profile. While these things are all good for SEO, they are also good for us!

With Ultimate Demon having so many different types of web properties it can create links on, and ways to customise the way these links are created, it gives us good selling points and more options to offer in our service’s sales thread on the forum.


I should point out that there are alternatives to Ultimate Demon. One such alternative is SEnuke XCr. While SEnuke XCr does basically everything that Ultimate Demon does, and more, it also costs a bit more.

The other main reason I’ve opted for Ultimate Demon in this example is that they offer you the option to buy a one off lifetime license. SEnuke XCr also open up their life time license offer occasionally but it comes in at over 4 times more expensive than the Ultimate Demon lifetime license, which is available to buy all the time.

Where to promote your service

Now you have decided which service you are going to provide and you have bought the tools or software required to be able to do it, it’s time to find places to start offering your services. It could take a lot of time and effort to find all the most populated forums online that allow you to post services on their site.

In the free Bonus Download at the end of this article, I have done the hard work for you and provided an extensive list of all the highest traffic forums that you can promote your services on. These forums combined get hundreds of thousands of visitors every single week on their sites looking for the services that you are going to be offering!

The steps required to provide a successful service

What you must remember is that all the internet marketing forums have a lot of services being provided on them. The chances are that there will be at the least one person who already provides a service similar to whatever you decide to provide yourself, maybe even several people.

This is not the end of the world, you simply need to stand out from the crowd and make customers not only want to try your service, but keep coming back for more. Here are a few essential tips to help you achieve this…

Contribute to the forums

If you are not already an active member of the forums I have listed in the free Bonus Download at the end of this tutorial, then you better get busy. The more value you can provide to the users on the forum, the more likely that people will view you as a trust figure. When it comes to selling a service to people, one of the most important factors is getting them to trust you.

As soon as you get to the end of this tutorial, download the free bonus and join all the forums on the list in there that you aren’t already a member of and get posting and replying to other people’s posts that you can provide valuable answers to.

Sales thread design

It is extremely important that when you create your service thread in the forum that it looks professional and well designed. Although it bears absolutely no reflection on the quality of the service itself, people will be much happier to hand over their cash if your service thread has professionally designed graphics and some sort of brand continuation throughout the sales thread.

If you’re not comfortable designing this yourself, then post the job on oDesk and hire a professional to do it. Trust me, in the long term this is definitely worth the investment.

Sales thread copy

The sales copy you use on your sales thread is extremely important! If you can’t write compelling, converting sales copy then you must either quickly learn how to, or pay someone who does know how to.

If you are really unsure about where to start with your sales thread, then simply look for the most popular services already established in the forum and see how they are doing it. Obviously don’t copy a competitor’s sales thread word for word but this is a great way to see what works and how you should be proceeding with your own page.

This is also a good exercise to see what you can offer to make your sales thread and overall service offering better than the competition’s!


Before you actually put your service live, it is imperative that you have testimonials that you can post on your sales thread to give your potential new customers the validation they need to buy from you. The easiest way to do this is to approach members of the forum who have some level of authority.

For example, members who are moderators, have high post counts, have been members for many years or perhaps members who seem to have left testimonials on other service threads.

You can then private message these members and explain you are going to be starting a service on the forum and would like to offer them the service for free in return for an honest testimonial about the service that you will then use on the sales thread.

Most of the users you contact will be more than happy to take advantage of your generous offer and because it is free, you will likely receive very favourable testimonials in the process.

NOTE: Once your service is live and you have paying customers buying your service, remember and always ask them after the first time they use the service whether they were happy with it and if there was anything they particularly liked or disliked.

If they give a glowing review then ask if you can use it on the sales thread as another testimonial too. Over time your sales thread will be stacked with lots of glowing testimonials from previous customers which will definitely increase your conversion rates on the forum.

Review copies

Almost every single new forum internet marketing service MUST begin by offering a certain number of review copies. A review copy is basically giving away the service to someone in exchange for them to reply to the sales thread with the review of the service.

I should also make it clear that these are not the same as the testimonials I mentioned above, these review copies need to be offered as well as getting the testimonials.

The best thing to do with review copies is to announce in the post after you have posted the main sales thread that you are offering  ‘X amount’ of review copies, the standard amount is usually 5. Then say that if you want a review copy you should reply to the thread stating your interest.

One thing you have to remember though, you should always stipulate that to receive a review copy the member must meet some criteria. For example, have a certain amount of posts (more than 300 for example) and perhaps be a ‘VIP’ or paid/premium member of the forum. Review copies should also be given away on a first come, first served basis.


Offering ‘FREE’ bonuses to your potential customers for purchasing your service is another way you can stand out from the competition. There are numerous free bonuses you can give to your customers; a couple of examples would be a free ebook, or an extra service that you can provide for little or no cost to yourself.

You can pick up PLR ebooks all over the internet and could even provide a few of these as added free bonuses for buying your service. You can throw in an extra free service like a few hundred Twitter followers or 20 social bookmark backlinks for example to further sweeten the deal.

Try and make your free bonuses as valuable and compelling as possible, but without them costing you too much. The value of your bonuses could be the difference between a customer picking your service over a competitor’s. Once you get them to buy from you first, you have already won as you will then be able to turn them in to a repeat customer.


Whatever service you decide to provide, it’s likely you will have to provide a report by email to the client containing whatever work you have completed. Something like Microsoft Excel is more than enough to be able to create a template you can use over and over to provide your clients with a professional report containing their new links, for example.

Make sure that whatever method you use to complete your client’s reports does it clearly and concisely. In the past I have been frustrated when buying services and the final report has been slapped together as an afterthought and has been all over the place.

It is very simple to get the report correct and once you have a professional template you can use it for every client in future, so take some time to get it right.

Customer service

Ok, this part is self explanatory. If you want to retain customers and have them coming back to you again and again then you MUST provide good customer service. What does good customer service mean exactly? Well, it’s quite simple really; here are a few tips;

Firstly, make sure that no matter where you are or what you are doing, that you have access to incoming emails. If you don’t already own a smart phone then click here, pick one that you like, and order it. I personally have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it’s by far the best phone I’ve ever had.

You need a smart phone so that you can set it up to receive all incoming emails. If there is one way to have your potential and current customers lose faith in you, it’s through either taking an age to reply to support emails, or not reply to them at all.

On the flip side, if you can reply to every email you receive while you’re awake within an hour then your customers will love you for it!

Secondly, when you are contacted by either a potential or current customer with a question, always reply with an answer that is as in-depth and helpful as possible. If you go the extra mile to help your customers then they will see the value you are providing for free and it will also help build trust.

Once they recognise these qualities, they will be very curious to see just how much value you can deliver them when they actually pay for your services.

Thirdly, eventually you will have customers who use your services over and over again. Every now and then, either give these customers a large discount on your service, or give them it for free.Let them know that this is to show your appreciation for their continued, loyal support.

This will go a long way to keep them coming back for more and happily handing over their money to you. It’s gestures like this that also make your current customers recommend you to friends and business associates.

Always, always, always over deliver!

Again, I can’t stress enough how important this is. Before you start selling your service, have a look at what you are providing and make sure that you can over deliver on what you are offering by 10-30% without it being too costly in terms of money or time.

Think about how you feel when you buy something and you get more than you bargained for. It gives you a nice, warm feeling inside and also gives you the extra validation you needed that purchasing that product or service was the right decision based on the perceived value it has delivered.

Also think to yourself, would you then purchase that same product or service again in future if you thought you were going to receive more value for your money than initially expected again? Of course you will!

If there’s one sure fire way to get first time customers to return to you over and over, it’s by constantly over delivering on your service. So, sticking with the earlier Ultimate Demon link building service example; let’s say in your sales thread you are advertising 20 Web 2.0 links, 40 Social Bookmark links and 60 Article Directory links.

If you then deliver 25 Web 2.0 links, 50 Social Bookmark links and 80 Article Directory links, this is a clear over delivery for the customer! What’s even better in this case is that to implement this over delivery in Ultimate Demon costs you absolutely nothing!

You can then mention in the report that you added in a few extra backlinks in each category just to show your appreciation for choosing your service over everyone else’s and that you value their custom. Little things like this go a very long way to making a customer feel special and want to return to you again and again and keep giving you their money!

BONUS: I know that the Ultimate Demon service is only an example I’m using here, but should you actually decide to buy it and provide this service on a forum, I’ve included my personal site lists in the free Bonus Download file at the end of this tutorial.

You can provide far more links to your customers than the standard software does by simply pasting these sites in to the site adder in Ultimate Demon. Enjoy!

Use your website to increase repeat custom

If you have taken my advice and researched the existing forum services sales threads then you will notice that peppered throughout the sales threads are ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Order Now’ buttons. These buttons, when clicked, take your customer away to one of two places.

Either a PayPal payment page or to the service providers website to either fill out some information and/or complete the payment on their actual site instead of a PayPal hosted payment page.

Now, how you set this up is up to you. I would recommend split testing what sales funnel converts the best. However, one thing that is important is having a well designed, functional website.

Even MORE IMPORTANT than that is to have a system set up so that when the new customer fills out their information and enters their name and email address, both these pieces of information are automatically added to your email autoresponder list.

Firstly, if you don’t have a website or are unaware of how to build one, click here to get step my step instructions on how to build your own professional looking website in less than 10 minutes!

If you feel comfortable building a website then I’d recommend getting your domain name from GoDaddy and you can easily get a WordPress blog up and running on Bluehost.Aweber logo

Secondly, the best autoresponder provider out there by far is Aweber. You can have every single new customer that uses your service automatically added to your autoresponder series.

You can then set up a series of emails that remind the customer of your service and also promote discounts and special offers down the line. This is an invaluable part of your service business as it will boost your repeat custom massively and all completely on autopilot!

Best of all, you can get your first month on Aweber for only $1 by clicking here!

Scaling your earnings

Once you have managed to establish your first service and have it running smoothly, you can then scale your earnings by outsourcing the work of running the service to someone else. This will allow you to either kick back and enjoy the money that the service makes you on autopilot, or go on and start offering other services on the forums.

If you choose to outsource, oDesk is great places to find a virtual assistant who can manage the entire service from customer support to operating the software and fulfilling the orders.

Exploiting gaps in the market

One thing you will notice when you look through the forums list that I have provided in the free Bonus Download at the end of this tutorial, is that there are a lot of people providing similar services. While there is always still room for you to take your share of the market, there is a lot of competition.

One way you could completely eliminate competition and get a flood of new customers and money coming in is to create a service that currently doesn’t exist. While I wouldn’t advise you to do this as your first service providing venture, it’s definitely something that can make you a killing if done properly once you have a bit of experience.

In order to create a service that’s not currently available, you have to really be in one of two positions:

  1. Be in early on a new, popular site that marketers are looking to exploit.
  2. Use some creative thinking to provide a service that people will buy but isn’t currently available.

In this instance, I’m going to talk about number 2. The reason for this being that position number 1 is out of our control.

Now, to try and establish a service that will be unique in the sense that nobody else currently offers it, and will have enough demand to make it worth your while, can be a very tricky thing to get right. Sure, if you come up with a good idea and run with it, you could cash in and get established as the sole provider.

However, it can be hard to just conjure these ideas out of nowhere. A much better idea is to talk to your previous, current and future customers. Ask them what sort of service they would like to be available that currently isn’t.

It is the feedback from the people who are already actively buying services from you who can end up providing that eureka moment for your next service!

Another way to ascertain what services there is a demand for is to simply create a new thread on the respective forums and ask people what they want. You’ll have no shortage of people chipping in to let you know what services they would like to see being provided on the forums.

Once you think you may be on to a possible winner with an idea for a new service, here’s what you need to do…

First of all, you need to look in to how you are going to actually provide this service. If it is a service for a brand new idea that you need to automate then you only have a couple of options. You could have some someone code you some software that automates whatever the task is you plan to offer as a service.

This can be effective but it can also be costly up front and again, costly as time goes by and you need to have the software continually updated and altered.

An alternative, and I think more efficient and cost effective option, would be to make and manage your own software. Now I know what you’re thinking, but don’t be alarmed, this is easier than you think! UBot Studio is a piece of software that basically has a click, drag and drop interface and allows you to create automated bots for almost any online task!

So whatever online task you think you could provide a service for, UBot Studio will let you create a working bot to automate it all without having to pay a coder to build and maintain it for you.

What’s also unique about UBot Studio is that if you decided to, you can then take the bot you created yourself and sell it to people as a standalone piece of software.

Once you have a solution for providing the service, you then make sure you can get a sales page, website, autoresponder and everything else I’ve previously discussed in this tutorial created ASAP. The last thing you want is for someone else to get in there before you.

BONUS TIME: Now you know exactly what you need to do to start making money from internet marketing forums by providing services, it’s time to find out exactly what services you can offer, and exactly where to offer them! If you look below I’ve included a FREE Bonus Download file that contains a list of internet marketing forums that receive a lot of traffic AND allow you to promote your services on them! Not only this, I have also listed different tools that you can download and use to provide services, you literally don’t have to even think about this method, it’s just a case of following the instructions and doing it! Go ahead and claim your your FREE download file now before you go off and get started;


[sociallocker id=”512″]If you have any questions at all about this tutorial then please feel free to either leave a comment below or click the link below to download the Bonus Download file. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you will have to unzip the folder. If you don’t know how to do this, you can download the free software called 7Zip to do it for free.


If you have any questions at all about this tutorial then please feel free to either leave a comment below or start a thread in my forum.

Also, note that if you are based in the UK or Europe you can also make big, risk free, guaranteed profits by following my Profit Accumulator review by clicking here.

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