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IMPORTANT UPDATE (08/02/2015)…

– It would appear that Power Leads Pro X is no longer being properly updated or maintained, which is unfortunate. I have also tried to reach out to the owner of the software about why he has recently filed a copyright infringement against the video I included in this post from 2013, but pretty true to form I haven’t heard anything back from anyone.

However, the good news is that there is another tool which does pretty much the same as Power leads Pro X did, but you can get at at a FRACTION of the cost!

If you click this link, then you can get the Lead Geyser tool for only $97! This is a steal when you look at what the software can do, and it’s a one off payment too, unlike Power Leads Pro X, who would charge you that every single month! (Which is quite pricey for software that doesn’t even work properly)!

Before you buy Power Leads Pro X, you should know exactly what you are in for when you purchase it. In this Power Leads Pro X review, I will explain to you exactly what the software does and how you can use it to drive large amounts of new leads and clients for your business.

BONUS: At the end of this review, I have included a free Bonus Download for you. The download bonus contains a sample export from the Power Leads Pro X software. You can download it for free and see for yourself the amount of valuable data that the software gathers for each business.

Video Review

Before you read the rest of this review, check out my Power Leads Pro X video review that I’ve embedded below. In the video I show you around the software and give you an insight to how it works and also some ideas as to how you can make plenty of money if you think creatively about how to use data it scrapes!

Power Leads Pro X Download


If you’re not entirely sure what this software does, here’s a quick overview. For most of the review I’ll be talking about the ‘LITE’ version of Power Leads Pro X as this is the version I bought a few years ago, and still use to this day.

When you purchase the LITE version of this tool, it comes with the CORE features of the tool, as well as some nice additional extras.

While these extra features with the LITE version of the software are a great addition, the most important parts of the LITE package are the ‘Google Search Engine Plugin’ and the ‘Google Maps Plugin’. These two plugins are not available in the standard CORE package and for me, the Google Maps Plugin in particular is a MUST HAVE plugin for this software.

How does it work?

Essentially, Power Leads Pro X is a business lead scraping machine. All you have to do is select the Google Maps Plugin from the software home screen, type your selected keyword/niche in to the keyword field (e.g. lawyers), then select where you want the software to search for these lawyers (you can search at a country, state or city level), then click the ‘Run’ button.

The software then scrapes all the details of these businesses from Google Maps and displays them for you in a spreadsheet type grid as pictured below:

Power Leads Pro X Results

You can easily add as many places as you like to the software for it to scrape which allows you to pinpoint anywhere you want geographically. Depending on what niche you use and what part of the world you are scraping, you will get varied amounts of leads back.

As an example, I set it up to scrape lawyers in New York the other day and it returned over 3,000 scraped listings!

What do the scraped listings contain?

While I could list all the MANY different pieces of info that the software scrapes about each business when using the LITE version, I’ve got a better idea; At the end of this Power Leads Pro X review, you can download a sample exported Microsoft Excel file taken from my version of the software and see exactly what you get for yourself! Can’t ask for better than that!

What can you do once you’ve scraped the business data for each company?

You now have the ability to do whatever you want with this data. Off the top of my head, a few ways you could make money from the data straight away would be to sell it to other companies, cold call the companies selling solutions to some of the problems that you have identified from the data gathered, pay a freelancer to visit all the URLs and use the website contact forms to market your offer/service etc.

As just one example, I recently used the software to scrape data on, and then email, a few hundred digital agencies telling them about guest posting services I offer. This one outreach campaign, which took around an hour of my combined time to set up and execute, has so far netted me over $1,000 in guest post orders already!

Plus I know that these new clients will likely become long term clients, so the overall value can’t really be pinpointed. However, this is just one such example.

There are literally dozens of ways you can use this scraped data, and what’s even better is that Power Leads Pro X has got a few very powerful built in modules in the software which make reaching out and marketing to these businesses a breeze.


The Power Leads Pro X software has two very powerful modules that automate marketing tasks that would normally take a lot of time to do manually. Not only this, but you can get very creative using these two modules and end up with a flood of new leads coming in to your email inbox and phone every single day. Let’s look at the first module, email.


The emailing feature in this tool is one of the best built in mailers I’ve used over the years. Matt Iannotti (Power Leads Pro X creator) has done well to include a number of important features in the mailer, here are just a few:

  • Proxy support
  • Spin syntax option (Can use the {standard|usual} spin syntax in your emails to help with inboxing)
  • Custom tokens (This allows you to add a token to an email template, e.g. ##ADDRESS##, then the software automatically replaces this with the business’s actual address in the email when you send it. This gives you multiple possibilities for personalising each email)

When you’ve scraped a list of business leads, all you then have to do is select all the listings that have a contact email address scraped (I find that on average around 60-70% of listings have a contact email scraped) and then select to send them all emails. Power Leads Pro X then queues all the emails ready to be sent. First though, you have to create an email template.

When creating your email template, this is where you can really get creative with the email’s content. You can personalise the email by using one of the many tokens which the software automatically replaces with the actual business data scraped.

For example, let’s say you wanted to highlight how a business didn’t have any/have too few photos, citations or reviews on their Google + business listing. You could easily add in those three different tokens to the email and the software will dynamically add the value of each token to each email that is sent out.

So every business receives their unique Google + data. This is just one example of how you can use the tokens in Power Leads Pro X.

You can also use spun content to help improve your chances of inboxing the email by making each email that is sent out slightly different from the others. This of course depends on how much spinning of the content you do, and how many emails you are sending out. If you want to spin each email with the click of a button, The Best Spinner is your best bet.

With your email ready to go, all you have to do is enter your SMTP details in to the settings, select the hourly sending limit and then hit the button to process the queue. Once you’ve sent all your emails out, you can check the amount of opens and click through rate using the software’s campaign reporting.

Landing pages

The landing pages feature in Power Leads Pro X is another powerful tool this software has to offer. What it allows you to do is create an HTML template and then like in the emails, insert the dynamic tokens in to the landing page.

You then take a list of businesses you’ve scraped and using the software and an FTP tool, the software creates a unique page for each business scraped (using the business name token to create the end of the URL).

You can then set the mailer to message each business and include a unique landing page for each business, which also contains all the unique data about their site, Google+ page and all the other valuable data that the Power Leads Pro X tools gathers on them.

It doesn’t take me to explain to you just how powerful this feature is, if you are offering SEO, or any other digital services to businesses for that matter, this can allow you to drive thousands of leads to customised landing pages with absolutely no effort!


There are a number of additional Power Leads Pro X plugins that you can either cherry pick and buy separately, or have included in a more expensive version of the software. Here is a breakdown of what you get with which version:

‘CORE’ Version: None

‘LITE’ Version: Google Search Engine Plugin and Google Maps Plugin.

‘PLUS’ Version: All ‘LITE’ plugins plus Yahoo Local Plugin, Yahoo Search Engine Plugin, Super Pages People Plugin and Super Pages Business Plugin.

‘SUITE’ Version: This is the DADDY version and contains every single plugin, which includes all the ‘LITE’ and ‘PLUS’ plugins, as well as the Yellowpages Plugin, Craigslist Plugin, Gumtree Plugin, Kijiji Plugin, eBay Classified Plugin, Backpages Plugin, InetGiant Plugin and the Bing Plugin.

NOTE: The listed plugins and packages they are available in are always subject to change and price. This should only be used as a guide.


When you buy Power Leads Pro X, you can rest assured you’ll get great support. Matthew Iannotti has a dedicated helpdesk set up that you get access to once you have purchased the software. Any problems you may encounter are dealt with swiftly.

There are also in depth video tutorials which show you exactly how to use all the features in Power Leads Pro X which are a great help when you first get started using the software.


The software is updated quite frequently. It’s only ever updated if there are changes to any of the services that the software uses to scrape its data, which is pretty infrequent. The only other time the software has been updated apart from this is to release new versions which contain more features, which is always nice!


As already mentioned, the software has different price points. Unfortunately I can’t list the price of the product as the owner aked that I remove the price of the software due to it being changed.

On the bright side however, they now offer a demo version of Power Leads Pro X for you to use before buying!

The plugins are all priced slightly differently too, you can check the price of each plugin by clicking here and then when you get to the Power Leads Pro X site, simply go through the ordering process and you will be shown what each plugin costs to buy separately.

I have seen people on internet marketing forums and blogs complaining about how they think the price of the software is too high. I am constantly amazed by these statements!

If you really can’t pay for a tool like this for your business that will EASILY return that investment (plus a whole lot more!) on your very first campaign, then you should really question whether you should be in this game at all!

BONUS TIMEBefore you purchase your own version of Power Leads Pro X, you can have a look at exactly the sort of data that the software gathers by downloading my free sample Excel file form the Bonus Download below:


[sociallocker id=”684″]If you have any questions at all about this tutorial then please feel free to either leave a comment below or click the link below to download the Bonus Download file. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you will have to unzip the folder. If you don’t know how to do this, you can download the free software called 7Zip to do it for free.


If you have any questions at all about the software, then please feel free to leave a comment below or start a thread on the forum.

Power Leads Pro X Download

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  1. ***DONT BUY Power Lead Pro ***. Can give you some link if you are lucky, Matthew is so pleased with himself that nobody but him is right, don’t claim that software has any error, it is always correct according to him. Was purchase one month subscription ended on 26th October and PPL stopped working, suddenly on 29th another month payment was taken from my card, and have no more access to software.

    From same is also coming Local Lead Hero, as it is a yearly subscription it is working, but leads that is coming is very weak or not coming at all.

  2. Don’t buy this product no support no nothing I left plenty of emails they go without an response. Product only work twice in 10 months and out of the 10 months it work for 7 weeks on and off. BEWARE NO SUPPORT

  3. I truly agree! Local Lead Hero stopped working for several months now and their customer support responses were nonsense. I have emailed them several times and it took them more than 2 weeks to respond! So disappointed!

  4. Great stuff! The owner of Power Leads Pro is a total tool who offers lifetime stuff, then stops supporting it unless you upgrade. He tries to double-dip on everything he does. Good for you to post the truth and fight the madness. That guy is a clown.

  5. Is there any way to get a support agent for power leads pro? Is there a contact number I can call? Will they try to charge my card again for another month when this current month subscriptions runs out?

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