Profit Accumulator Review 2022 (Now Does matched betting still work?

*IMPORTANT UPDATES BELOW* – Last updated: 22nd November 2022

“Profit Accumulator” has recently rebranded to “” : I continue to receive a lot of messages asking if this Profit Accumulator review is still valid in 2022, and if you can still make money from Profit Accumulator. The answer is absolutely YES, there is still plenty of money to be made, and if you don’t join you are missing out on what has got to be the easiest way possible to make many hundreds of pounds every month, completely tax free. Read this full review to see exactly how much tax free money you can make…

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Profit Accumulator Review/ Review

Is Profit Accumulator legit?

I see many people online asking questions like is Profit Accumulator a scam, is it a con etc. I don’t blame people for being sceptical at all, I was the same in the beginning. Also, there are so many charlatans online trying to sell bullsh*t that just doesn’t benefit anyone but the people selling it.

Let me be clear, so that there is absolutely no confusion when it comes to this… Profit Accumulator is a 100% legit way to make hundreds of pounds every month, completely tax free. If you follow the very simple instructions and training, there is no way you cannot make money from matched betting when you join Profit Accumulator.

Also, if for whatever reason you don’t trust me, check out the many positive reviews and great stories on their Trust Pilot page here:

Profit Accumulator Trust Pilot reviews


Trust Pilot reviews

Who can make money from Profit Accumulator?

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, this product review and money making method is only available for people living in the UK, Ireland and some countries in Europe. I know a lot of my regular readers are from the US and many other countries outside the UK, and I apologise that you guys can’t take advantage of this too.

If you are a UK or Irish citizen however, make sure you read this entire review, as this time next week you could very easily be making more money than you do at your full time day job.

Profit Accumulator promo code

I’m sure if you’ve arrived at this Profit Accumulator review from Google you may have been searching for a Profit Accumulator discount code or promo code.

If you click the “Join Free Now” button below, it will take you to a page on the Profit Accumulator website where you can join and get access for 7 days absolutely free. You can’t get any better coupon or discount than free!

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How much money can you make from Profit Accumulator?

I’m going to start this product review with a statement that I once believed to be true before I stumbled across Profit Accumulator ; “The bookies always win”. If you are a gambler, who has no inside knowledge or ‘edge’, then this tends to be the case the vast majority of the time.

However, there is a little known system called ‘Matched Betting’ that allows you to make consistent profits from bookmakers with absolutely no gambling involved.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, and the whole thing screamed scam to me to be honest, but that’s until I started doing my own research…

After I did my own extensive research, and decided to give Profit Accumulator a go (mostly because it was so cheap to join and I was just curious), and in my first month I made over £2,000 profit using the website, and I have been earning consistent tax free cash with them ever since.

In this Profit Accumulator review, I’m going to show you how you can do exactly the same.

Who, where and what is Profit Accumulator?

First of all, let me explain a little about Profit Accumulator. It’s a website created and run by a young English guy called Sam Stoffel. He’s been successfully making tens of thousands of pounds per year from matched betting for a number of years and decided to create an online community where he would teach other people exactly how to do it as well.

Click below to watch the welcome video on the Profit Accumulator homepage to learn a little bit more about the site, and Sam himself:

Profit Accumulator video

When I first joined the website as a platinum member, there were around 600 members if I remember correctly. As I write this review today they have had over 120,000 members! The site is growing at a rapid rate and every single member is making tax free profit for literally minutes of ‘work’ per day.

Another great thing about the site is that Sam and his team keep everything very organised and are very active in posting new offers every day (more on that later in the review) and answering any questions you may have.

For example, they offer support by email, phone, Facebook and Skype. You can always get a hold of someone when you need them in the early days when you are first learning how to do all the offers.

Also, there are always literally thousands of active members in the platinum forum who will all help you and answer any questions you have, it’s an amazing and supportive community. The image below shows just how active the platinum forum is:

Profit Accumulator forum
As you can see, the Profit Accumulator forum has millions of posts and thousands of daily active users with a wealth of information.

This is one of the things that make Profit Accumulator special, everyone in the group shares their experiences, tips, and the more experienced members always help out the new comers if there is anything they are unsure about too.

As soon as you join Profit Accumulator as a platinum member, you get instant access to the back end of the website, all the offers, all the instructional videos and tutorials, and the private forum.

How does matched betting work?

Before I get on to the amount of money you will make when you join Profit Accumulator, I’m going to very briefly explain how matched betting works, and how you make money doing it.

If like I was in the beginning, you are a little sceptical about all this talk of money and profits from bookmakers, then simply Google the term ‘Matched Betting’ in another tab on your browser.

You’ll find articles about it on the likes of The Guardian, The Telegraph, Huffington Post and Money Saving Expert forums. 

Matched betting is something that has existed for years, and many thousands of people in the UK who are in the know do it on a daily basis, including myself.

This is a completely tried and tested way of making money. The only difference is that by joining Profit Accumulator you are literally spoon fed the exact way to do it, all the bookmaker/casino/bingo sites to use, and are constantly updated DAILY with new reload offers that you can profit from in the long term too.

Here’s a very basic description of matched betting. I won’t pretend to be able to explain it as simply as Sam at Profit Accumulator does in his step by step videos, but I’ll give it a try. If you’d rather watch the videos absolutely free, click here and join the site as a free member to have a look around first.

You have a bookmaker, let’s say Coral, one of the largest in the UK for example. They have an introductory offer where you deposit £5, bet that £5 on any sporting event and you get a £20 free bet to use within 24 hours after your initial bet has settled.

You also join a betting exchange website, like Betfair for example, and you ‘lay’ the initial £5 bet on the exchange. By doing this, as long as you find a good match, regardless of whether the bet wins or loses, you will either lose a few pence, make a few pence, or lose absolutely nothing. This all depends on the quality of the match you have found in odds between the bookmaker and betting exchange (Being a Profit Accumulator platinum member gives you access to odds matching software on the site that makes this very fast and easy).

24 hours later, you do exactly the same again, except this time the £20 bet from Coral the bookmaker is a free bet.

So using the odds matching software again, you use it to find you the best possible match, and this time lay the bet off in the exchange in a way that 100% guarantees profit whether the £20 free bet wins or loses.

I know that just reading this explanation may be confusing to you, but I can assure you by joining the site for free and watching the videos showing how this is done, you will pick it up in no time at all.

Click the image below, which shows the page on the site with the video and one of the offers you can access absolutely free of charge right now:

Profit Accumulator Coral Sign Up Offer

Now there are dozens of online bookmakers who offer these sign up bonuses and they range from £20 free bets all the way up to £200 free bets! Profit Accumulator provides a list of bookies, each with a dedicated page with full instructions, and often a video, showing you exactly how to profit from these offers.

If you click this link, and join Profit Accumulator as a free member, then there are articles and a couple of videos that show you exactly how this process works. Again, these are completely free to access, and you will also get the exact instructions to test this on the first 2 bookmaker offers, of which you will up to £45 profit ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Join Profit Accumulator Free

Profit Accumulator Platinum member – Time to make some real money

Once you have joined the site as a free member and made a profit from the first 2 bookmaker offers, you will have to sign up as a platinum member. Here’s why:

Profit Accumulator sportsbook signup offers

The above image shows you just the beginning of the large list of sportsbook signup offers offers you get access to when you join as a platinum member.

Each offer I have blacked out takes you to a separate page where the method to profit from the free bonus is explained in full. Each of these offers take around a combined 5-10 minutes to complete at the most!

This is where you make the very quick and easy money with Profit Accumulator in your first month, from the long list of available sportsbook signup offers alone, you should comfortably make well over £1,000 profit.

Next you will want to move on to the casino sign up offers. Again, these are quick and relatively easy to complete. Some of them are risk free, just like the sportsbook offers when you follow the instructions, but some casino offers are not risk free.

This non risk free casino offers are still very profitable in the long term though, and you should definitely complete all these offers as if you don’t, you will be leaving a massive amount of profit in the table:

Profit Accumulator casino signup offers

I’ve personally made many thousands of pounds doing these casino offers over the last few years. As long as you know the best way to complete these casino offers, you WILL make long term profits doing them. All is fully explained in step by step videos in the Profit Accumulator platinum members section.

How to make an ongoing £1,000+ per month using Profit Accumulator

Once you have completed all the initial sportsbook and casino signup offers, don’t worry, the tax free profits don’t stop there!

Now you will move on to the daily list of updated sportsbook and casino reload offers. Again, don’t worry about how you complete these offers. As with all the signup offers, each individual reload offer has it’s own dedicated page where you are given full instructions on how to generate the maximum profit.

Also, as with every signup offer, there is a dedicated forum post created too so that all the members can discuss how they got on with the offer and exchange tips and advice.

The amount of sportsbook and casino reload offers available vary from day to day. The reasons for this is that obviously at the weekends there are a lot more offers available related to all the additional live sport that takes place over the weekends.

Also, during large sporting events like golf and tennis grand slams, football tournaments and big horse racing festivals like Cheltenham, there is a large increase in the amount of offers available, and the profit to be made.

Here’s a small snippet of some of the reload offers available to complete when you are a platinum member of Profit Accumulator:

Profit Accumulator reload offers

On a standard week day, you should be able to complete all the reload offers available in around an hour or so. Some days it might take 10 minutes to lock in your profits, other weekdays a couple of hours maximum.

On the weekends however, especially during the football season, you will often find that there are that many offers available to complete that you just won’t have the time to get through them all.

This is a good problem to have, as you can decide how long you want to spend doing offers and locking in profit. You absolutely do not have to do every offer. It’s up to you how many you want to complete.

Once you have locked in enough profit for the day that you are happy, you can go off and do whatever you want with your time knowing that you have your tax free profit locked in and you can come back tomorrow to pick up some more free money.

Proof of how to make £1,000+ every month with Profit Accumulator

The best part is, whether you believe what I’m saying or not, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the Profit Accumulator team post, and maintain, both a daily and monthly forum post which details exactly what offers you need to do to make sure you will exceed the £1,000 profit mark for the month.

Here are the screenshots of the actual posts from the forum which you will be able to view when you join:

Profit Accumulator how to make £1,000 per month

Above is an example of one of the £1,000 per month daily offers forum threads. These are created every morning fully detailing which offers you need to complete to exceed £1,000 profit for the month.

Profit Accumulator how to make £1,000 a month forum post

Above is the archive of all the forum threads where the daily profits available have been recorded. You can go back through the days for months on end to see how much money you could’ve been making every day, and how much you will be able to make in future based on this.

Profit Accumulator offers calendar

You can now also look ahead to future days and weeks to plan your matched betting by using the offers calendar tool once you are logged in to your Profit Accumulator account.

Profit Accumulator offers calendar

The offers calendar tells you when the offer is going to be available, what sort of offer it is, and the expected value of doing the offer.

You can also filter these offers to show only the certain types of offers you are interested in, sportsbook offers for example. Or select offers with a minimum expected value, so you only see the most lucrative offers available.

The dashboard and profit tracker tool

When you first log in to your Profit Accumulator account you’ll be met with the following very easy to navigate dashboard:

Profit Accumulator dashboard

This is where you can easily access every section of your Profit Accumulator account. You can also fully customise your dashboard to include or exclude the information you want:

Profit Accumulator customise dashboard

My favourite element of the dashboard is the profit tracker details. This is a great way to keep you motivated and a constant reminder every time you login of how much money your matched betting efforts have produced so far.

Profit Accumulator dashboard profit tracker

To keep the profit tracker as accurate as possible, you just quickly enter in the profit you’ve made from each offer and the date the offer was completed. It takes a few seconds each day and is a great way of keeping track of everything.

Profit Accumulator profit tracker

On the same page as the profit tracker tool is the balance sheet tool. You can use this tool to keep track of how much of your working bank is in bookmakers and how much is in exchanges. It’s a simple way of keeping track of where you have to withdraw money from in case you forget what you’ve been doing.

Profit Accumulator price and membership options

When you first join Profit Accumulator, you have 3 options. First, if you would like to take a week to learn how everything works, and make up to £45 straight away, then you will want to join as a free member first. It’s also important to note that to join on a free trial basis NO credit card is required!

Profit Accumulator free trial

Once you’ve got to grips with the initial free training and made up to £45 profit, you will be desperate to get your teeth in to the long list of other signup offers in the platinum membership area.

You have two choices when it comes to the cost of joining, you can either pay the small monthly fee of £17.99*, or you can save over 30% and pay £150 for an entire year’s access.

*The cost of platinum membership has now been increased to £29.99 per month, or £199 per year. Make sure you join using this link to make sure you get the best membership price possible before the prices go up again!

Profit Accumulator also recently just launched their diamond level membership. This is the top level of membership available and is for serious matched bettors who want to take their earnings to the next level. Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know about the Profit Accumulator diamond membership.

Profit Accumulator cost

If you follow the instructions and complete the sign up offers as instructed, you should be able to comfortably cover the cost of your entire yearly subscription within your first week of completing offers.

If you’d rather start off with just paying the monthly subscription fee, you can always contact the Profit Accumulator support team and change your subscription at any time to the yearly option if you want to save some money.

What is the Profit Accumulator Diamond membership?

The Profit Accumulator diamond membership is the highest membership level available. It is for serious matched bettors who want to increase their earnings above what they can earn with their platinum membership. Here is what you get as a diamond member of Profit Accumulator:

– Over 100 additional, very profitable, casino offers (more info on these below).
– 4 exclusive new tools to help you get the absolute maximum profit out of every offer completed (more info on these below).
– Priority support.
– 30 day money back guarantee.

Profit Accumulator Casino Risk Free Offers Diamond Membership

How much does Profit Accumulator Diamond membership cost?

£39.99 per month, or £300 per year if paying for annual membership in one payment. You should be able to comfortably make back your entire annual Profit Accumulator diamond membership cost within the first month of completing just risk free offers.

Profit Accumulator Pricing Diamond membership

What is the difference between Profit Accumulator Platinum and Diamond membership?

The main difference between platinum and diamond membership levels is that you can earn a lot more money with a diamond membership.

This is due to there being 100+ additional casino sign up offers and dozens of new casino reload offers added regularly. This means there is many hundreds of pounds more of potential profit to be made every month.

Not only are there a whole host of new offers provided, but there are also full instructions and videos on how to complete every casino offer.

On top of that there are also 4 new tools that help you get through the offers as quickly as possible, and as profitably as possible. These tools are explained below:

Simulator tool: The Simulator tool allows you to simulate each specific offer and gives you an idea of what sort of outcome you can expect depending on what approach you take.

Profit Accumulator Casino Simulator Tool Diamond Membership

Slots database: This database contains all the different slot machines used by online gaming companies and give you the following information on each slot: Name, RTP, Variance and Provider. This is very helpful when selecting the highest RTP and lowest variance slot games to complete offers in the most profitable way possible.

Profit Accumulator Slots Database RTP Tool Diamond Membership

Blackjack calculator: The Blackjack Strategy Calculator tool lets you play out your current blackjack hands in real time and instantly gives you the highest EV move to make. This means that you can play flawless blackjack without having to spend many months learning what the optimal play is in every blackjack situation.

Again, this means you can cut the house’s edge on blackjack to the minimum, resulting in you deriving the maximum possible profit from every blackjack offer you complete. There is a very easy to follow instructional video showing you how to use this tool effectively.

Profit Accumulator Casino Blackjack Strategy Calculator Diamond Membership

EV calculator: The EV calculator is for working out your estimated value on offers that require wagering of deposits, bonuses or both on casino offers, free spins, deposit bonuses and sports book wagering offers.

Profit Accumulator EV Calculator Tool Diamond Membership

Price: It costs roughly £15 per month more to be a diamond member, or £120 extra per year if you pay for your membership annually. This extra cost is negligible when you compare it to the inflated earnings you could be making as a diamond member over just being a platinum member.

How much money can you make from the Profit Accumulator Diamond membership?

It’s difficult to put a specific number on this, as if you are doing a lot of non-risk free casino offers you will be subjected to variance. However, if you are regularly getting through a number of the casino offers each day and stick with it, then you can probably expect to make an extra £500-£750+ on top of what you make from the usual sign up and reload offers you would make from the platinum member offers.

This is an estimation based on spending maybe 30 minutes to an hour a day doing the additional diamond offers. Obviously, the more time you spend doing these offers in a month, then it’s inevitable that you will earn more in the long run.

So, it would be fair to estimate that if you were to put around 1 hour per day in to completing both risk free sports betting offers, and risk free and non-risk free diamond casino offers, then in an average month you should be making somewhere between £1,000 and £2,500+ per month, completely tax free. The more time you put in each day to complete additional offers, then the more profit you could make.

Profit Accumulator training

There is an in depth training section in your account which teaches you everything you need to know about matched betting.

There are helpful videos and detailed written explanations, depending on what way you find easier to learn and absorb information.

Profit Accumulator training centre

There is no better, or more supportive place, to learn exactly how to master matched betting, and earn lots of tax free money in the process.

Profit Accumulator calculators and software

As a platinum member you also get access to all the specialist custom made calculators and software that Profit Accumulator has made.

These calculators and pieces of software include:

Matched betting calculator
Matched betting advance calculator
Match Catcher
Acca Catcher
Each Way Catcher
Extra Place Catcher

Profit Accumulator calculator and software

Each one of these tools are very easy to use, and each one gives you a unique way to extract profits from the bookmakers when used properly. Full training is given on how to use each tool too.

If you have any questions at all, or are unsure of anything, then you can always speak to a member of the friendly support staff, or get help on the Profit Accumulator forum. Which takes me on nicely to the next parts of this Profit Accumulator review.

Profit Accumulator support, help and forum

The team behind Profit Accumulator are very responsive when it comes to supporting members. You can reach out for support via email, telephone, Facebook messenger, and of course on their private forum.

No matter what problem you have with any aspect of your matched betting, you will always have a member of the team or community there to help you out.

The platinum members forum alone is worth it’s weight in gold. The support and tips you get from the forums on a daily basis are invaluable.

When I first started, it was reading and interacting with the large community of users that really helped me along and I discovered lots of tips and tricks which allowed me to massively increase my profits.

The forum also acts as great inspiration, especially if you are just starting out your journey. As I already previously shown earlier on in this Profit Accumulator review, there are the dedicated threads showing you how to make £1,000 every month.

There are also threads where members are congratulated for reaching certain earnings milestones, starting with the £1k club for members to celebrate when they have earned over £1,000 profit. It then goes up in increments until you get to the full time, ultra high earners club, which to date only has 3 members in it so far…

Profit Accumulator £500k club

That’s right, incredibly there are 3 members who have earned in excess of £500,000 profit since joining Profit Accumulator.

These have likely been members since the early days, and do matched betting full time, but it’s amazing what is possible with matched betting when you are in the right community with the proper support.

While it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach the 500k club, there are literally hundreds of members who are in the 10k+ clubs, who have earnt well in excess of £10,000 from Profit Accumulator in their first year, and there’s no reason why you can’t too.

Remember, all these profits are tax free. Most people in the UK don’t make £10,000 a year from their full time jobs once they have been taxed and paid national insurance, this is potentially life changing money for a lot of people.

Another perk of doing the many signup and reload casino offers in Profit Accumulator, apart from them being very profitable in the long run, is that once in a while you are likely to land a nice big win out of the blue.

Profit Accumulator casino big wins forum thread

These big wins are that frequent that there is a thread on the forum dedicated to big wins members have had that are under £1,000. So far there are 2,600 posts on that forum, which gives you an idea of how common these big wins are.

When it comes to big casino wins that are higher than £1,000, there is another dedicated forum post for members to post their successes in. That would be the BIG BIG WINS THREAD…

Profit Accumulator casino big big wins forum thread

Again, another very popular thread with people posting their massive casino win screenshots every day to show just what is possible.

Won’t the bookmaker and casino websites stop all these offers one day and kill matched betting?

Fortunately for us, that’s not really possible. The reason for that is that the profits that matched bettors take from online bookmakers and casinos is a small percentage compared to the amount of money they take from ‘mug punters’ who either gamble or fun, or unfortunately have serious gambling problems.

Online bookmakers and casinos exist to take advantage of people who consistently lose and don’t know any better.

With the massive competition in the industry, they have to provide enticing offers and promotions in order to keep these losing players with them, and attract new players in the process.

This means that there will always be free bets, bonuses and promotions for matched bettors to take advantage of and profit from.

Very unique opportunity for UK and Irish residents

If you’ve ever read any of my other product reviews or ‘how to’ money making tutorials on my site, you’ll know that I never promise anything, and never provide any guarantees that you’ll make money… Until now…

This is different. I can 100% guarantee you that by joining Profit Accumulator and taking a couple of hours to take in all the information on the website, and ask all the questions that you need to until you feel comfortable, that you can without question make a LOT of tax free money by just following the simple instructions and taking action.

I would also go as far to say that matched betting with Profit Accumulator is without question the easiest way for ABSOLUTELY ANYONE in the UK or Ireland to make over £1,000 every month, completely tax free, and only require a mobile phone or a computer to do it.

On top of that, you can literally join for free, learn the whole process, and lock in up to £45 profit without having to spend a single penny on your membership.

On top of all this, another major benefit, and for some people this is the sweetest part of matched betting, is that you get to turn the tables and extract profits from the unscrupulous bookmakers and casinos… and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it!

So, click here to get started now absolutely free, and make up to £45 profit straight away, what have you got to lose?

Come back and let me know in the comments below how much tax free profit you have made after your first month as a platinum member, if it’s less than £500 I will be very disappointed! 🙂

Join Profit Accumulator Free

Profit Accumulator FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you’ve still not checked out the Profit Accumulator site, then click here and join absolutely FREE.

Join Profit Accumulator Free

*Some of the links in this website are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Disclaimer: I should also add that if you don’t follow the instructions, then there is a chance you might manage to not make money from Profit Accumulator. I am not sure how, but I’m sure there is probably someone special out there who has managed to mess it up somehow.

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    • Hi Laus,

      I started out with £300 in total. I was originally going to start with £100 and build it up slowly and turn it in to a kind of day by day case study, but I just got a bit impatient and decided to scale it up right away.

      £300 is more than enough to get you on your way to your first £2,000 month. After that, as long as you’re not spending all your profits, you’ll be able to sustain earnings at that level.

      You can scale your earnings way beyond £2,000 a month as well, however that’s information that I doubt the owner of Profit Accumulator would like me to share on a public blog, but the information is fully disclosed in the members area when you join.

      Hopefully see you in there soon Laus. Take care.

    • Hi Charlie,

      I too had accounts with a lot of the UK bookmakers before I joined. While I discovered a lot of great bookmakers that I hadn’t used before with good bonus offers to take advantage of, the real profit comes from the ongoing reload offers.

      These are offers that get added to the website and private Facebook group every day which allow you to make ongoing profits by taking advantage of them on your existing accounts.

      There are also other ways that you can make a lot more money, and while I’d love to share than on here with you, I can’t. But hey, it only costs £17.99 to get access and find out for yourself. If you don’t feel it’s worth that every month to make hundreds or thousands tax free then there’s nothing more I can say really.

      Hopefully see you on the inside Charlie, cheers.

    • Hi John,

      No, if you read the article you’ll see that you’re essentially placing one bet with a bookmaker and another on a betting exchange like Betfair, Betdaq, Smarkets etc.

      If you just follow the instructions in this review and join the site for free, you will get access to the first two offers completely free and also a lot of the educational videos and articles which explain exactly how everything works, step by step.

      All the best.

  1. Hey!! I’ve done the free offers now which I found really easy im just abit concerned that once I pay my monthly subscription I am going to find out that it gets much more complicated.

    • Hi Martin,

      Glad that you have done the free offers and made some profit already.

      I’m not sure why you’d think that it gets more complicated once you join and get access to dozens more offers like the two you have already done?

      You are essentially doing the same thing over and over again, except there are slight differences and nuances that come with each offer. You just simply have to read the instructions, like you did with the first two offers, and you can’t go wrong.

      Best of luck with it and I hope you go ahead and join and start making even more risk free money. 🙂

  2. Hi.
    How do you calculate how much you have made doing matched betting. This confuses me a little because you are putting money in for your qualifing bet. Do we subtract that from the money made?

    Thank you

    • Hi Jemma,

      Once you join as a platinum member, in the private Facebook group there is a dedicated ‘files’ section where other members have uploaded spreadsheets that they use to keep track of everything.

      Different members like to keep track of things to a different degree. I’ve been doing this for a while so know pretty much how much profit I’m making on each offer, so I use my own, simple spreadsheet to track everything.

      Other members have created super spreadsheets that track everything down to the exact penny, which you will get access to as well. It’s up to you really to decide what level you want to track at. I just aim for between £100-£150 per day, which I can usually have all placed and matched in less than 2 hours, anything over that is a bonus. 🙂

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I was wondering where does most of your matched betting income come from. I’m using PA as well and I’m trying to transition from welcome bonuses to refunds etc. I guess you do all those reloads, refunds and daily promotions? Could you please mention how much of your 3000 monthly income is from welcome bonuses, refunds, reloads, casino, slots? You mentioned you aim at 100-150 daily. What’s your rutine? Are there refunds every day – like saturday horse racing, sunday football, monday grey hounds or whatever?
    I would super appreciate any information 🙂 I think PA is awesome to introduce matched betting in general, but it needs some improvements to be able to show people who have done all the welcome bonuses how to continue doing this in the longer term, which seems to be something you have already mastered.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Aron, glad you’ve joined Profit Accumulator already and have made some money. 🙂

      You have covered a few of the methods I use to hit my £100-£150 daily target, but there are other things I do too. These methods are already shared in Profit Accumulator, you just maybe haven’t read those parts yet.

      Make sure you read through all the training pages once you have become a platinum member and you will see that there are lots of ways you can make profit every day with the various methods taught.

      Speak soon mate.

      • Hi Jamie,

        Loving this review. I have also joined Profit Accumulator and I am in exactly the same position and have exactly the same question as Aron (04.22.2015).
        I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind PM’ing me as well?

        Many thanks

        • Hi Miriam,

          Glad you are also doing well with the matched betting. To answer your question, if you want to get the absolute maximum amount of money out of PA, then you just need to do pretty much every single reload offer available. That includes all the various refunds that are available every day.

          This will take a bit of time to learn and get good at them, but after a few weeks of doing them day in, day out, you will be able to blast through everything pretty quickly.

          There is no real secret about how to get to the £2,000+ mark that a lot of the guys in PA achieve every month, it’s just a case of getting your head down and doing the offers daily.

          I have to confess that I have had more than my fair share of luck when it comes to large bingo and slots wins, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the bulk of all my earnings is from sports offers/reloads/refunds etc.


    • Hi Ganesh, welcome to my blog.

      I have to be honest with you, I’m not 100% sure if you will still be able to profit from matched betting being based in Mauritius but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t.

      The best thing to do is head over to the Profit Accumulator website and contact the support on there and they might be able to help you out with more information. They are very quick to respond and are a friendly, knowledgeable team.

      Hope things work out for you.

  4. Hi Jamie,
    I found this website out completely by accident the other day. I decided to snoop around a bit as I’m always cautious about sites that advertise free money, I’m sure you understand.
    I have a few questions though
    1. Am I ever going to suffer a loss? and if so, how is it calculated?
    2. What is a liability? For example, on Betfair you stand to win £15 but your liability is £70. Does this mean I could potentially lose £70?

    Hope you read this and I get a reply soon 🙂
    Cheer, Harley

    • Hi Harley, glad you found the blog.

      Yeah, I understand 100%. With my experience with making money online over the years I would be extremely cautious of this review myself if I encountered it too!

      The good thing is though, you don’t have to take my word for it, there are many mainstream publications who have written about matched betting over the years, all you have to do is Google the term and you’ll find lots of information about it.

      To answer your questions though;

      1. No, as long as you follow the instructions, and fully understand what you’re doing, you will not suffer any losses when doing matched betting.
      2. Yes, in your example, you are risking £70 of your own money to win £15. If the outcome you ‘lay’ against winning actually wins, you will lose £70. However, you will have backed the same outcome to be the opposite result with the bookmaker, so this will either completely cancel out the loss, or provide you with a guaranteed profit if it’s a free bookmaker bet you are using.

      My advice would be to head over to the Profit Accumulator website and just join for free. The videos and training you get once you’ve joined as a free member explains everything a lot better than I am able to myself.

      Hopefully see you on the inside soon Harley, cheers.

  5. Hey James
    Thanks for the review, explains a little more that I wanted to know before going ahead and paying. Can you answer me 1 more question, payment methods? I hate giving my card details out online unless it’s company of big reputation otherwise I like to use Paypal. Assuming Paypal isn’t used by Sam and Profit Accumulator? I read somewhere that he says to use your card details on he sites you sign up to, is this true and if so can you explain why need to? Most of the sites I signed up to I was able to use Paypal for depositing.

    Cheers Ian

    • Hi Ian, hope you’re well.

      Well to answer your first question, Profit Accumulator their selves do accept PayPal as a payment method as I use PayPal to pay for my membership, so you can too.

      In terms of using PayPal with the bookmakers, it’s a case of you can and you can’t kind of thing. Let em explain…

      There are quite a few bookmakers who allow you to deposit with PayPal, but don’t let you use PayPal for your first deposit. They insist on new customers using a debit card on their first deposits to qualify for the free bet promotions.

      There are some that allow PayPal as a first deposit method out there though. Also, most of them allow you to use PayPal as a deposit method to do the reload offers after the initial sign up offer.

      I was in the same boat as you regarding the card details when I first joined, and there is a quite simple way around it that a lot of the platinum members, including me use. It will mean you can take advantage of all the offers available and not have to give out your current personal debit/credit card details.

      Again, it’s a method I can’t disclose on my blog for free but is readily available and explained in detail once you join as a platinum member.

      Hope that helps Ian, cheers.

    • Hi Ripon,

      I’m not 100% sure what countries can take advantage of this, but I’m pretty sure at least that most European countries can.

      You’re best bet would be to head over to the Profit Accumulator site and contact support and they will set you right with a better answer.

      All the best!

  6. I read with interest the comments made about PA however, it seems that the concept of matched betting is foolproof, provided one follows the rules and I understand how it works.

    What I wonder: Is the system sustainable? in other words, can it be used continually in order to keep profiting from the bookies.
    Can it be “front loaded” in other words, can one place multiple bets with different bookies and then go off and do something else and wait for the results?
    Are there really that many re-load free bet offers to perpetuate the system, or does the whole thing just dry up after the initial freebies are exhausted? and do the bookies “cotton on” to what one is doing and shut ones account?
    I’m considering trying this scheme and would be grateful for your replies please.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Sorry about the delay in replying to your comment, been very busy this last few weeks and also been out of the country for a while.

      To answer your questions:

      “What I wonder: Is the system sustainable? in other words, can it be used continually in order to keep profiting from the bookies.”

      Yes, absolutely. You make great initial profits doing the sign up offers, however, the real profit is to be made with ongoing ‘reload’ offers. There are multiple reload offers added to the Profit Accumulator site every day.

      “Can it be “front loaded” in other words, can one place multiple bets with different bookies and then go off and do something else and wait for the results?”

      Again, yes. I usually match all my bets up and do all the offers when I get up in the morning, it’s usually all done in less than an hour. Then I just get on with running my other projects and business.

      “Are there really that many re-load free bet offers to perpetuate the system, or does the whole thing just dry up after the initial freebies are exhausted? and do the bookies “cotton on” to what one is doing and shut ones account?”

      You will never have a shortage of reload offers to do. There are loads of them available to do every single day. It’s important that you protect your accounts properly, and there are also other ways which let you make lots more profit, but as I’ve said in previous comments, that’s kind of what you are paying for so I can’t reveal it all on here as much as I’d like to.

      Like I recommend in this review, go ahead and join as a free member and make your first £40 or so risk free. Then maybe just join for a month and if for whatever reason you don’t like it, you will still have your £40 profit no matter what.

      If you’ve read my earnings updates then you will see that I am sustaining a very decent monthly profit from this and there’s absolutely no reason why you and everyone else can’t either when you know what you’re doing.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  7. Hello Jamie, I don’t really know a lot about betting and all this, but I have am account with one of them, but I know for you to actually get any money on your account and to be able to transfer to your bank account you have to do a lot of wagering with them which is almost impossible to withdraw any money! I was wondering how can you make money and actually be able to withdraw them without having to wager the amount about 5x?
    I really want to join on the Pa website but I don’t see how you guys are making so much money and no one says about the wagering!
    Thank you and sorry to be a pain!

    • Hi Bruno,

      It is true what you say that some bookmaker bonuses require you to wager the bonus they offer. However, this is a small percentage of the offers that are available, most don’t require any wagering. the ones that do usually require a 4x wagering of the bonus, some more, some less.

      The other thing to remember is this, you only have to wager the bookmaker bonus when the bet actually wins. When betting on high odds outcomes, the bet rarely wins with the bookmaker, so your money is returned to your betting exchange account where you have your lay bet placed.

      Worst case scenario is if your bet wins with the bookmaker, you just find more matches and lay the bets until you’ve either:

      1. Completed the wagering and can withdraw all your winnings.

      2. Lost the wagering bets and transferred the profit back to your betting exchange account.

      Wagering is really not an issue, it just means that very rarely you’ll have to make 1 or 2 extra matched bets to complete wagering or transfer money back to your exchange account.

      I certainly wouldn’t let this stop you from trying matched betting, it’s something you may have to deal with like once in every 30 offers you do or something, and even then is very easy to deal with.

  8. Hi do you think the bookies will cop on to all this matched betting stuff or would the fact that matched betting being geared towards winning on the exchanges for the most part and losing money on the bookie sites mean that essentially theyre too big to care as they still have punters money coming in and more accounts to spam with their advertising etc. ?

    Also im new to this but not new to betting.

    Im weighing up whether i need to sign up to Sam’s site or not as it seems there are a lot of free guides and resources out there to help get started.

    Out of curiousity… for someone working a standard 9-5 whereby betting during the day is sort of impossible and the free time involved spending time with a partner how much time would you need to put in to let’s say get a return of 50 to 100 pounds profit every week? (Or whatever amount is realistic starting off)
    And also if you dont mind me asking further…are football and horse racing the only sports you are best sticking to? In my case that would suit.

    • Hi Phil,

      In terms of the bookies copping on to it, I’m pretty sure that happened years ago. Matched betting has been around for a long time and bookmakers are well aware of it. Unless the UK bookmaker industry is going to completely change the way it attracts new customers, and retains existing customers, then matched betting isn’t going away any time soon.

      While you are aiming to win in the exchange most of the time, and lose with the bookies, overall it is the bookies who take the brunt of the losses long term. I think the bookmakers have no option but to accept it as they have no way of knowing if someone is a mug punter or a matched bettor. Plus I don’t think it makes much of a difference to them as for every matched bettor they probably have hundreds of mug punters who far outweigh them.

      If you only want to earn an extra £50-£100 a week, then using Profit Accumulator you could probably achieve this with maybe half an hours worth of work a week. However, that’s only because all the offers are laid out for you and the process described for you exactly step by step. With a platinum membership you also get access to the premium version of the software for matching up the bets, which is updated every minute I believe. Without access to the software and info, you will struggle to get maximum value for your bets, and also struggle to find as many offers and understand fully how to do them.

      Yeah, football and horse racing are the only sports you ever need for matched betting. Other regularly played sports, like tennis for example, often have different rules on certain outcomes with the bookmakers and exchanges, so makes matching bets tricky. With horses and football it’s the same with both sides so you can’t go wrong.

  9. Hi,

    Thinking of joining this – quick query, how much time will this take to see any real returns? I work 8-6 office so is there any chance I will get a return from this??


    • Hi Tom,

      I’m not sure what you class as real returns so it’s hard for me to answer your question.

      In terms of you working 8-6 in an office, this isn’t a problem as in the summer months you can easily match bets up with evening horse racing, and in the winter you can match bets up with the many football games that take place around the world.

  10. I joined this last week and have made £360 already It’s risk free but quicker to win more if you have a decent bank to start with.

    • Hi Kev,

      Glad to see you are making decent money in your first week with Profit Accumulator, you’re well on your way to getting in to 4 figures profit for your first month which is a great start.

      All the best!

    • Hi Jim,

      I have to be honest I’m not 100% sure if people in Asia can join because I’m not sure about how things work out there.

      Best thing to do id to head over to the Profit Accumulator site and email the support directly and they will be able to assist you better.


    • Hi Michel,

      When you join the site you match up your own bets. They provide a very easy to use odds matching tool which enables you to find the best matches. The software updates once every minute so makes matching the bets very easy.

  11. Hi Jamie,

    I would like to say thank you for a very detailed guide on Profit Accumulator. After reading your post I have joined as free member and I think I’m ready to start as a Platinum member. Before I do join as a Platinum member I have a few questions that I was wondering if you could help with please.

    I work from 9-5 and then in the evenings I spend time with my family, the only time have available is after 9pm.
    If I wanted to make between £1000-£2000 a month. How much money would you recommend starting with and how many hours a day should I spend on it, please bear I only have the time after 9pm and early in the morning?

    Thanks for your help again Jamie

    • Hi James, glad you enjoyed the review.

      It’s impossible to say how much money you need to make £1,000-£2,000 every month, or how long it would take every day. It takes everyone a different amount of time to complete offers, and it depends how many times you are having to wait for withdrawals from bookmakers which can slow your progress when your bankroll is still quite small.

      I personally only spend a couple of hours a day matched betting at the most, and that’s not every day of the week. I know of other people in the Profit Accumulator group who spend more time doing it than me, but they make more money than I do too, so it’s really all down to what level you want to get to, and how quickly you can get through the offers. The more practice you get, the easier and quicker you will find it.

      Even at 9pm in the evening you should be able to match bets for football games and horse races the following day, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Same goes with early in the morning.

  12. Hey Jamie,

    If i sign up for the free trial, could you tell me which are the two bookmakers i could make my first offers on please?

    I’m signed up to several bookies already, and if they are two of whom i’m already registered, i wouldn’t be able to do the offers?


    • Hi Matt,

      The first two bookmaker offers that Profit Accumulator provide you with full instructions on for free are Coral and Betfred.

      Even if you have accounts with them already, still watch the videos and read the explanation, as all other offers are pretty much identical anyway, so you will be using the same process over and over again.

      Once you know how to do one, then the rest are all the same, just sometimes with some minor differences. These are all explained in the platinum area for each offer, so you have nothing to worry about.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I’ve managed to triple the £2,000 once, unfortunately not consistently, as nice as that would be!

      If you read through the earnings reports I give a brief description of where most the money has been won. On the month I won the £6,700 for example, I had some big bingo and slots wins, and there were also major sporting events which meant the bookmakers were dishing out great high value reload offers.

      In saying that, I don’t put a great deal of time in to achieving the numbers I make with this. There are many people in the private Facebook group who hit the offers really hard every month and do consistently treble the £2,000 mark every month.

      I can’t speak for Sam and the site owners, but I believe they market the site along the lines of making £500-£2,000 per month because that is what is typical. The vast majority of people who are members of Profit Accumulator and follow the instructions will fall between these two monthly earning brackets. As with anything, you will get a certain percentage of people who push well above the what’s typical.

      Anybody can do it, it just comes down to how much time you want to commit to doing the offers. Profit Accumulator would likely not be trusted, or even be looked upon as misleading if they marketed the site as saying make £6,700 per month, for example, just because a small amount of the members actually do achieve those sums.

      There are full articles and videos explaining how to complete the reload offers which enable you to earn the big money month on month when you are a platinum member, I’m not sure if you’re a member yourself as you never mentioned it, but it’s all there laid out for you if you are a member.

      All the best.

  13. Hi, I have signed up but im curious to know if all of this can be done on an ipad? I ditched my laptop a long time ago you see. Is all of this going to work on Apple tablet devices. Phil.

    • Hi Phil,

      Unfortunately not. I’ve never liked iPads, or any other brand of tablets really, and the main reason is they don’t allow you to run Flash for whatever reason.

      The majority of bookmaker websites, and a lot of websites in general, use Flash so it means that tablets can’t load the websites properly as they can’t handle Flash. This is why I never really understood the iPad craze, I personally just don’t see any use for them.

      If you wanted to complete the offers then you will have to ideally have a PC or laptop. However, you could maybe complete the offers if you can get an exchange to work on your iPad, and then complete the bookmaker sign up offers on your mobile. Unless of course you have a useless iPhone, in which case you are stumped again. Android all the way haha. 😉

      In all seriousness though, you can pick up a second hand laptop for around £50 without too much trouble, which is well worth it when you consider that it will be fully paid for easily from the profits on the first couple of offers.

      Best of luck with it.

  14. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for that info!! Glad you are making such a huge profit but what’s the secret ? I’ve done half of the beginners offers and I’m around £100. Even if I finish the advanced can’t see myself with more than a £1000 or even if I make more then I’ll run out of offers.

    Thanks and wish you more lucky bets 🙂

    • Hi Sven, you’re welcome. Also congratulations on making your first £100 with this.

      Once you have completed the initial beginner and advanced sports offers, forgetting about the profit from the casino and bingo offers, you will then have a very healthy bank, which should be more than the £1,000 you have mentioned. You should be making a good £500+ in profit just from the beginner offers alone if you follow the instructions and do them all properly. Then you have double the amount of the advanced platinum offers to get through after that.

      Once you have completed all of them, you then have the plethora of reloads that the guys find every day and add to the site. This is where you can make the bulk of your ongoing profits. On a Saturday especially, there will usually be more high value reloads to get through than there is time in the day to complete them all!

      There is plenty of other information there for platinum members on how to really maximise your profits, which obviously I can’t divulge on my blog in public. However, with you being a platinum member you have access to it. If you are not sure what I am talking about then feel free to email me and I can point you in the right direction.


  15. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the very informative review.

    What are realistic earnings expectations that can be made from the horse racing and football reloads only after using up the initial sign up bonuses?.

    • Hi Martin, you are welcome. I just tried to write the review in the in depth way I’d like to find a review on a product or service I was going to buy myself. 🙂

      In terms of realistic earning expectations, as I’ve said before to other people who have commented on the blog, it’s impossible to give you a figure based on that question.

      How much time do you have to dedicate to it every day, how quick can you get through the reloads and matching the bets, how quickly can you keep track of everything, how big is your bank? These are just a few questions which are all important if you are trying to establish what sort of earnings you can make.

      There are guys in the private Facebook group who make much more than I do from hitting the vast majority of all the reloads on offer, but that will require you to dedicate a few hours a day to it, even once you are proficient at getting through the offers quickly.

      On the other hand the majority of people who maybe only dedicate an hour to it every couple of days will make a few hundred pounds per month to £1,000+ per month. The best advice I can offer is to just join Profit Accumulator for free, get through the sign ups first and then start doing the reloads. Only then will you know personally how much time you need to dedicate to achieve the earnings you want.

      Also, making a couple of grand plus tax free in the process makes it a lot of fun. 🙂 All the best with it.

  16. Great review Jamie, good to see you having success.

    I’ve dabbled with matched betting in the past but only on a very small scale and doing it manually, so finding the offers and figuring it all out for myself.

    Just a couple of questions for you.

    1) Realistically, how much money would you recommend having in order to start? Let’s say that to begin with I had a target of bringing in £1000 per month, how much capital should I have available to begin with?

    2) Obviously the site tells you what the offers are, but how much more than that does it do? Does it tell you which bets you should be placing? So by that I mean does it find a bet which has odds which work out in order to allow you to make a profit, or does it just tell you what the offer is and leave it up to you to find a bet with odds that work?

    Thanks very much.

    • Hi Alex, thanks a lot for the kind comments.

      To answer your questions, to make around £1,000 per month, there’s no reason why you can’t get to that stage from starting with around £200-300. The first month you will top £1,000 easily just from working your way through some of the initial sign up offers.

      In your second month you should be completing the initial sign up offers at some point (depending on how aggressively you are doing the offers), and then you can use your profits as your bank to start tackling the reload offers. It is impossible to say for sure though, as different people spend different amounts of time doing matched betting, and are faster slower at matching/placing bets etc, but as a guide there’s no reason why you can’t scale your modest bank of around £300 to over £1,300 in the first month. Then you have some decent money to play with to start doing reloads.

      To answer your second question, yes, there is odds matching software provided which is updated every minute (for platinum members) which tells you all the matches, the rating, the liquidity on the exchange, and the exact amount of profit you’ll make before you have even matched the bets. This is a massive time saver and makes the whole process extremely simple.

      Wish you all the best with your matched betting Alex,


  17. Do most of these bookies require you to send them ID of some description. Remember doing a sign up bonus with Titanbet and they wouldn’t let me withdraw a measly £10 without me sending them my passport or driving license details. They still have my money and it put me of bonus bagging. Really want to get back into it though but am not willing to send them my ID details.

    • Hi Larey,

      Sometimes the bookies will ask you to send them ID to confirm your identity. I personally have never had to do it from what I can remember.

      However, I think that the vast majority of the time you won’t be asked if you have stayed at the same address for a few years and are registered on the electoral role.

      I definitely wouldn’t let having to send an email now and then with your proof of identity to the bookmakers put you off doing this though, it’s a really minor nuisance to put you off making potentially thousands of pounds per month.

      • what?you never mailed any id documents to the bookies?
        how do you manage this?do all your money won at betfair?
        do i need to mail them id documents if i lose my qualifying and bonus bet with bookies?(not considering reload offers)

        • Hi Sai,

          I have to be honest and say that I can only remember ever having to send my documents to one bookmaker, however there may have been a couple more but I can’t remember.

          The reason I very rarely am asked for my documents to prove my identity are because I have lived at the same address for a long time and am on the electoral role.

          The vast majority of bookmakers and bingo sites will check against the electoral role and if they can verify your identity automatically then there will be no need for them to get you to send in your documents to verify your identity.

          So regardless of whether you win or lose with the bookies, if they can’t verify your identity, they will need you to do it. It is as simple as emailing them a couple of photos and it’s done though, so nothing to worry about really.

    • Hi Simon,

      I’m afraid that the cut off for the old membership option expired at midnight last night. While it’s a shame you had to miss out by not subscribing last night, I wouldn’t let the small price increase deter you. The cost to join Profit Accumulator could be £100 per month, or £1,000 a year, and it would still be well worth it.

      As I’ve said since publishing this review, it is very likely that the price to join will just keep going up as the numbers of members increase. If I were you I’d just get in at the current price while you can. You have to remember that if you sign up for the yearly membership, which offers the best value, then you will have paid for it after doing your first 5 sign up offers or so. That should only take you a couple of days, then you have the rest of the year to amass pure profit. It’s a no brainer really.

      Wish you all the best on your matched betting journey Simon, cheers.

  18. Hi Jamie,

    I am thinking of joining profit accumulator but I am wondering how I will manage my bets and keep track of my profits. Do you use a spreadsheet to record everything? If yes, could i use it too??


    • Hi Roop,

      Yes, when you join as a platinum member you gain access to a number of different spreadsheets that are custom made for tracking your bets and profits when doing matched betting.

      There are really simple ones all the way through to more complex ones which can track your profit right down to the last penny. 🙂

    • Hi Warwick,

      I’m not sure if you guys get the same sort of bookmaker bonuses in Australia, however, I know you guys have access to the Betfair exchange. So as long as you have the bookmaker offers available I don’t see why not.

      To be sure, I would click here to visit the site and email the support guys directly to get clarification.


    • Hi Loc, looks like you’re in a similar situation to Warwick who commented before you. Unfortunately I don’t know how bookmakers and the exchange rules work in every country.

      To be sure, I would click here to visit the site and email the support guys directly to get clarification.


  19. Hi

    Love this page, I only joined profit accumulator cause of this amazing review 🙂

    I’ve done my first few sign up offers all is going good.
    Hopefully I will have earnings similar to that of yours 😛

    If you’ve got any beginners tips for me please let me know



    • Hi Samuel,

      Sorry I took a while to respond to your comment, I’ve just had so much work to do.

      I’m delighted you have got going with the matched betting and are making money off the back of my review, that’s exactly why I take time out every month to keep adding more and more info to this review. It feels great knowing that I’m responsible for getting hundreds of people to start this and literally change their financial situations completely.

      As for beginners tips, all I can say is to read and watch absolutely everything in the platinum area of the site, that is all you need. As long as you read the instructions for each offer, and don’t make any silly mistakes, you literally can’t go wrong.

      All the best in future Samuel, cheers.

  20. Hi,

    I signed up through your link and have made about £240 profit in the last two weeks. I have done all beginner offers apart from the last one (requires a £1,000 bank – mine is currently £500ish). Half way through advanced sign ups now. I can’t see any risk free casino offers – is that how you bumped your profit up so much when you were starting out? I assume as I make more money it will get easier as I can do more offers without waiting for withdrawals etc.

    Do you have any advice?


    • Hi Simmy,

      Congratulations on your £240 profit in your first 2 weeks, that’s a great start.

      Regarding the casino (and bingo) offers, you will find that most of them are not actually risk free. You do get a lot of slot reload offers that are risk free, these are my favourite offers, but most of the sign up casino offers aren’t like these.

      However, you should definitely do the casino and bingo sign up offers, BUT, only once you have completed all the advanced sign up offers. By that stage you will have a good 4 figure bank, which will allow you to comfortably ride out any variance with doing the casino and bingo offers.

      This will also answer your other question regarding the waiting for withdrawals. Once your bank is in to 4 figures, you will then have enough to do multiple offers/reloads/refunds simultaneously without having to wait for withdrawals from the bookmakers. Like I’ve said before, the first 2 or 3 weeks are the toughest just because if you do start with a relatively small bank, it can be a bit of a patience game. After your first 2 or 3 weeks you never have to worry about that again.

      In terms of advice, all I can say is to keep ploughing through the offers, read all the instructions properly, complete as many reload offers as you can, and you’ll make a lot of money from this. 🙂

      All the best Simmy, cheers.

  21. I have read the reviews and all appears really interesting..I have limited funds and massive debts..obviously I could not afford to take on more debt. Is this as risk free as it would appear..convince me please..a friend recommended it to me so I am trying to check it out

    • Hi Craig,

      Not sure what else I could do to convince you to be honest. If you’ve read this review in full, read all the comments, joined PA as a free member and watched all the free videos, then it should be clear that as long as you follow all the instructions then it is as close to completely risk free money as you are ever going to get in life. If you’re still not sold on it after all then there’s nothing else I can do really.

      You also said a friend recommended it to you, you can’t really get a much better recommendation than from a friend you know personally.

      Either way, I hope you manage to solve your debt problems whatever you decide to do, best of luck.

  22. Very interesting reading! Iv dipped my toe in the matched betting world and made a few hundred here and there. Can you confirm, after you’re done with the the sign up bonuses, do you need to be able to place bets when the matches are on or can you do it at any time of day? Also iv not used the casino offers before. I gather that these are not risk free. How much is typically at risk doing these? Have you ever made significant losses?
    Thabks mate

    • Hi Jim,

      That’s good that you’ve done matched betting in the past, should mean that you can pick it up again quite quickly and get earning with all the offers available on Profit Accumulator. 🙂

      In terms of the reload offers once you’ve completed the sign up offers, it depends. Some reload offers are on horse racing and you can place these bets whenever you like. With football again, some of the reload offers mean you can place the bets any time before the game, but some of them do require you to place a bet ‘in play’. This is easily done when you know what to look for, and when best to place the bets (all explained in the offer details when you’re a platinum member).

      With the casino offers you are typically risking £5 or £10 for most offers, however there are a wide range of offers where you can risk a lot more, but I tend to avoid these, even though they are still offers which have positive long term value. It comes down to whatever you’re comfortable with, but there are lots of £5 and £10 risk free (and very low risk) offers which pop up regularly, and it is crazy not to do them. I have had some of my biggest wins this year from slots and bingo offers, and wouldn’t have got anywhere near £30,000+ without having done them.

      In terms of losses, no, I haven’t made any significant losses. Variance can mean you will maybe go on a run of not winning with bingo or slots offers but as long as you understand that each offer has long term positive value, then it’s just a matter of time before it evens out and you make some good profits.

      Hope that answers all your questions Jim, cheers.

  23. Excellent article Jamie. So if I start with £150 bank and work my way through all the sign up offers, do I withdraw all the bank from my betfair account after each bet or do I just leave it in? I assume that all money would be withdrawn from each bookies account? Going to start this in the new year so will hopefully have built a fairly good bank up by the time Cheltenham and Grand National come round in March/April time!

    • Hi Colin, glad you enjoyed the article.

      If you start with a bank of £150, then yeah you will want to keep the profits from your initial sign up offers in your Betfair account. I tend to keep my Betfair account at or around the £1,000 mark. So once you’ve built the profits up to the £1,000 mark, then you can start withdrawing the profits.

      Having £1,000ish in your Betfair account allows you to be able to lay off a fair amount of bets when completing sign up offers and reloads, so you can comfortably keep a steady profit coming in.

      When you have bets that inevitably win with the bookmakers, then you can just withdraw the full balance and then once it lands in your bank account, deposit it back in to your Betfair account so the balance is replenished.

      By doing this over and over and following the instructions in Profit Accumulator, you will be able to build a nice additional income in 2016.

      All the best for 2016 Colin, cheers.

  24. Hi Jamie. Fabulous blog on your year with PA. I did Bonus Bagging so have a few accounts with bookies online. I am retired and wondered if I could make 500 pounds a months spending a couple of hours a day working PA? Thank you for all of the work you put into doing this article for us it was most informative.

    • Hi Ilona,

      Thanks for your kind words about the review.

      To answer your question, yes, there is no reason why you can’t earn £500 a month quite comfortably if you are dedicating a couple of hours a day to matched betting.

      All the best with your matched betting efforts.

  25. Hey Jamie, loved every word of this. So if i start off with a bankroll of around £200-300 am i essentially using the offers to build by bank up to £1000 so i can use it on the re load offers? also when do you decide to withdraw your ‘profits’ when betfair balance is above £1000? hope that makes sense. Thanks

    • Hi Adam, glad you enjoyed reading it!

      Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Use your initial bank to fund the sign up offers, which will then give you a nice bank to start taking on the reload offers.

      If you complete all the sign up offers you’ll still walk away with profit on top of your £1,000 bank as well though.

      In terms of when to take profit, that’s entirely up to you. If you are going to be doing a lot of reload offers every day that require a larger liability in Betfair, then you just really need to keep what you need in there to cover that. You will pick this up as you go along.

      Worst case scenario is if you have a short fall in Betfair then you can instantly deposit a bit more anyway, so that’s no problem.

      Best of luck with it. 🙂

  26. Hi mate, love what you have done over the last year or so and I have started on the same journey and I am aiming for similar figures to what you managed to make! I just wanted to ask for a bit of advice in terms of planning your work. At the start of my day I have been planning my bets out for the day and setting goals etc. But I feel like I can work in a more efficient way so do you have any advice for this and did you have any way of planning at the start of the day or did you just take it as it came? Cheers.

    • Hi Lucas, thanks for the kind words.

      In terms of planning my day, in the first 6 months of 2015 when I was really hitting the matched betting hard, first thing I’d do in the morning is just log on to Profit Accumulator and see what reloads were on offer on that particular day.

      I’d quickly look at the description and the advice on how best to complete it and put the offer down on a notepad. Then I’d do the same with all the other ones I looked at too. Then it’s simply a case of working your way through all the offers.

      There’s no big secret really. If you want to make big numbers doing matched betting then you just have to be willing to get through as many offers as you can. This is why having Profit Accumulator was so important to me, it let’s me quickly find each offer every day at a glance, and also get use of the real time oddsmatching software as well.

      If you keep ploughing through as many offers as you can each day then inevitably the big bucks will follow.

      All the best.

  27. Hi. I’m just waiting for my new bank account to go live before jumping into the beginner offers. I just wondered, once you sign up for platinum and have access to all sorts of offers is it 100% clear which are risk free and which are not?

    • Hi Kate,

      Yes it is made very clear when you read the instructions whether they are risk free or not. The vast majority are, but some bingo and slots offers aren’t. The ones that aren’t risk free will have very high long term value so they are still well worth doing. Always bets to just stick to risk free offers in the beginning to build your bank up and get a good understanding of everything though.

      All the best.

  28. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog, thanks for such an easy and interesting read.

    I just have a couple questions about the casino and bingo offers you do. You mention risking £5 or £10 from time to time, but with it being worth it due to ‘long term positive value’. What do you mean by the term: ‘long term positive value’? Also, how is it worth it in the long term, surely if you’re just doing the standards deals they offer (no matched betting involved), then it will lose you money in the long run, as the company’s will only make offers where they make money in the long run?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Matthias, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post.

      Regarding the non risk free offers like bingo and certain slots, the offers that are posted on Profit Accumulator always come with a ‘value’. This means that whatever the ‘value’ of each certain offer that is stated, this is the amount of money you’d expect to make on average if you done that offer over and over again.

      So if you do an offer, and the potential risk is £10, then you can, and often will lose your £10. However, if the value of that offer is £20, then it means that in the long run you can expect to be profitable completing this offer. While you may lose £10 doing that offer, or other offers with similar expected value, in the long run you will make profit from completing them.

      You may be thinking that if the value is £20, and you can lose £10 a few times in a row doing them, then it may take a while to make that profit back if the value is only £20. Well the thing is, because of the nature of the slots, you can just as easily do one of these offers and win hundreds of pounds from just one of them. It works both ways.

      These offers should absolutely be completed, and I have had some of my largest wins from doing these types of offers. I wouldn’t have made close to what I made last year without doing lots of these offers alongside all the regular sports reload offers that give the steady, guaranteed exact profits when completed.

      Also, these are not ‘standard deals’ I am referring to. Lots of the bookmakers post these low risk, highly profitable reload slots offers regularly. When they do, they are posted on Profit Accumulator in the reloads section alongside all the other reload offers for that day. There will be a full description of how to complete the offer, and what the value of each offer is.

      Hope that helps explain it Matthias.


    • Hi Nick, thanks.

      When it comes to bookmakers banning you, it is something that is unavoidable in some cases, and I’m no different from anyone else in that respect. However, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent this from happening, and prolong the life of your bookmaker accounts. These are all explained in full on the PA site.


  29. Hi Jamie.

    I’ve just completed the benniners course and made a few quid as promised. Next move is to pay for full access. All is looking good after reading a number of reviews. Is there a particular time of day the offers come up as to not miss them? I work shifts, so sometimes I’ll be unable to look for offers until around 3 – 4pm. Cheers.


    • Hi Dave, glad you’ve got going and already made a few quid, well done.

      You will be fine to take advantage of most of the reload offers, especially slots and football offers as slots offers can almost always be done any time of the day that the offers run, and football is obviously in the evening on weekdays, and hopefully you have the weekends off work.

      You will struggle to take advantage of the midweek horse racing offers, which can’t really be helped with your working hours. However, Saturday is almost always the biggest day for horse racing reload offers so if you can get time on the computer on Saturdays that will make up for what you’ve missed during the week.


    • Hi Chris,

      It’s impossible to answer that question because the effort you put in day by day will be directly responsible for how much profit you make. It also depends how quickly you can work to find matches and place the bets.

      The more you do it the quicker and better you will get at completing the offers, so as time goes by you will be able to make more money with less time invested.

      Just sign up for the free membership, do the first 2 offers for free and you will make £40+ straight away. Use this profit to pay for your first month of platinum membership and then see how you get on with progressing through all the sign up offers.

      You will know if it’s something you want to continue with at this point, although I have no idea why you wouldn’t want to after you’ve realised how easy it is to make consistent tax free profits doing it.

      All the best.

  30. Hi Jamie,

    Many thanks for tracking your journey and sharing it with us! I am curious to know: your title mentions that your yearly profits were from matched betting (which I understand to be risk free), yet many of your posts are devoted to bingo and slots (which do carry risks). Do you know what your yearly income was from matched betting alone? I assume you took advantage of every reload offer available? I am looking at devoting full time hours to a risk free opportunity and would be interested to know what I could net from matched betting alone (or risk free anything alone!) I am doing this to repay credit cards, hence not wishing to gamble…

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Sami, you’re welcome.

      To answer your question, I’m not sure. I didn’t track exactly where all my profits came from, and I also didn’t track my profits to the pound and pence, which is why I have explained in my earnings updates that my totals are rough estimates and not exact earnings.

      However, I know that a fair portion of my overall profit came from bingo and slots offers over last year. I’d also say that I was well up on the positive expected value of the slots and bingo offers I completed last year, but that’s just variance for you, it will always even out over time.

      If I had to hazard a guess, I’d probably say that maybe between 65% and 75% of my earnings came from sports reload offers, and the rest from risk free and non risk free related offer like bingo, slots and the various other offers that are available.

      I know that is quite a wide estimate but I just really don’t know exactly. The main thing to take away is that there is plenty of money to be made from the risk free sports reload offers every week, and the risk free and positive expected value offers just serve as an additional bonus that gave my earnings a big boost.

      In terms of you putting in full time hours, then you will be able to make good money from the sports reload offers alone. However, unless you are currently not employed, then I wouldn’t recommend giving up a paid job to pursue this full time. Not at least until you have done matched betting for long enough in your spare time that you are comfortable with how everything works and have an idea of how much money you are projecting you will make.

      All the best.

  31. Hi Jamie,

    An awesome page. I signed up to Profit Accumulator and am just working through training.

    I would be interested to know if you could provide an indication of your 2015 risk free profit totals (i.e. bonuses) vs. low risk profit totals (i.e. bingo and casino)?

    Thanks for your help,


    • Hi Chimanuka, thanks for the kind words. Glad you have got started with things as well.

      Funnily enough, the previous commenter has asked a similar question. So if you check the answer I gave to ‘Sami’, that should hopefully clear that up for you as best as I can estimate.

      All the best.

  32. Hi Jamie,

    I love the detail of the report 🙂 Thanks

    Just a couple of quick questions:
    1. roughly how many hours do you spend doing this a week
    2. do you spend around the same time per day day doing this?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Gavin, you are welcome, glad you enjoyed it.

      To answer your questions:

      In a week, my time spent on matched betting (during 2015) varied. It all depended how many offers there were available each day. With weekends, especially Saturdays, there are lots of offers available, and I’d often spend a good few hours on a Saturday getting through as many as possible.

      When it comes to big sporting events like Cheltenham, Grand National, Champions League nights, tennis grand slams, and the scores of other big events, then I was finding myself spending more time matched betting at these times as naturally the offers ans bonuses pick up significantly.

      This year we are fortunate that the Euros are on for a whole month starting in June I believe. Based on what I’ve heard from matched bettors who have done previous international tournaments like the Euros and World Cups, this will be a month of being bombarded daily with great reload offers. That month alone should provide the potential profit to matched bettors that 3 or 4 months may normally offer, so it’s a great time to be getting started and learning in anticipation of that tournament starting.

      Hopefully that answers both your questions Gavin.

      All the best.

  33. Hi, Jamie. I am a little unclear on one aspect of this:

    Say I have £3000 of savings that I want to ‘invest’ into this, would it be at all useful or do I just have to keep on with the free bet bonuses until I build up my bankroll?

    Basically can I use an initial investment of money I already have to multiply my gains in any way?

    • Hi Jon,

      Well having £3,000 of saving to be able to leverage when starting matched betting puts you in a great position compared to most people starting out. It won’t allow you ‘multiply’ your gains so to speak, but it will allow you to amass the profits far quicker…

      By having a larger amount of money to deposit in to your exchange account, it means you are able to use that money to provide a higher liability amount when laying off your back bets that you place with the bookmaker. So where someone starting with just a couple of hundred pounds may have to do a single offer at a time, whilst having to wait for the profits to build their exchange account to continue with future offers, you won’t have that barrier to overcome.

      You will also have the benefit of being able to back and lay higher odds bet matches on your free bets, which as long as they are decent matches (easily checked using calculator on Profit Accumulator website), will provide higher profits per bet matched than having to accept lower odds matches due to having a limited balance in your exchange account.

      With your starting bank of £3,000 (even half that would be sufficient), you could conceivably progress through the majority of the sign up offers in just a few days if you wanted to. You’d then be in a position where you would have a nice initial profit from the sign up offers that you could then use to fund your exchange account and use as liability for all your reload offers going forward, and withdraw your initial investment (with a fair bit profit on top too).

      After that, having anything more than a thousand or so in your exchange account isn’t really necessary, except on very busy days/weeks where there are a lot of additional reload offers available that require you to have a bit more money in the exchange to cover these back bets, assuming you are going to be completing the vast majority of these offers of course. If you are just doing this more casually, or to make an extra few hundred pounds per month, then you will not need as much money in your exchange account to cover the liability of completing these offers.

      Hope that helps explain that for you Jon.

      All the best.

  34. Hi ive done the beginner deals and ready to start proper now, i only have a starting pot of £150 so what can i easily acheive my first month profit wise????

    • Hi Craig, glad to hear you’ve got started doing offers.

      As I’ve stated previously, how much you can achieve your first month is really impossible for me to predict.

      It depends on how many offers you complete and also how lucky you are in terms of whether your early matches win with the bookmaker or not. The reason for that is that in the early days of not having a larger balance in your exchange account, you are unable to back and lay the bets at higher odds because of lack of liability to lay the bets with.

      This is absolutely fine, but it means that you are making it more likely that the bets will win with the bookmakers. When the bets win with the bookmakers, it’s not a problem, you still make exactly the same profit overall as if that selection lost and your profit all ends up in your exchange account. However, when the bet wins with the bookmaker, you are then face with a wait for your money to be withdrawn from the bookies account back in to your bank account, so you can then deposit the money back in to your exchange account to carry on with the next offer.

      If you are lucky, then you might get a good run of selections to begin with where they all lose with the bookmaker, so you can sail through the sign up offers quicker and amass your profits quicker. Once your profits build up, and you have a larger amount of money in your exchange account, this whole issue no longer exists.

      It’s something almost every matched bettor has just had to deal with at the very beginning of their journey, but once you’ve been at it for a couple of weeks your profits will have grown and you will be able to comfortably do multiple offers at once without worrying about having to cover the liability. When you get to that stage, that’s when your profits can really start mounting up as long as you keep on progressing through the offers and building up your bank.

      Hope that helps Craig.

      All the best.

      • Thank you, your reply makes sense, i will give u an update in a month on here and show u and others how im getting on.

      • Hi jamie I’m sure you been asked this before I’ve just signed up to profit accumulator and woundered if you have had issue with it affecting your credit score as I have heard mixed answers some saying it does affect your credit score and other saying it doesn’t cheers?

        • Hi Nathan,

          Yeah I’ve been asked this before. I’ve been informed by the people who run Profit Accumulator that there is nothing to worry about regarding credit scores.

          Bookmakers do what is called a ‘soft check’ when they are verifying you are who you say you are when you open an account. These checks would not show up on any credit check or report, so has no effect.

          If you are planning on applying for a mortgage in the near future, then it may be best to open a separate account to do all your matched betting from. Even if you’re not going to be applying for a mortgage, this is a good idea.

          It makes things a lot simpler having all your matched betting money separated from your main bank account for a number of reasons. Again, not essential but I found it made things easier personally.

          All the best.

  35. Thanks for the reply, yeah I’ve just opened a separate bank account just for my matched betting and you are right it does making a lot easier keeping track of
    Everything cheers Nathan.

  36. Hi Jamie,

    I am Indian citizen living in UK. I dont have UK bank account as of now. but i do have paypal which liked to my indian bank account. Will matched betting work for me? Thanks.

    • Hi Jayabal,

      I’m not 100% sure about whether that will work or not. You’re best bet is to contact the support staff via the Profit Accumulator website and I’m sure they will be able to give you a definitive answer.

  37. Evening,

    I have already started doing matched betting on my own using the introductory offers with bookies and exchanges. Now I have exhausted all of my introductory free bets, would joining PA make my income more sustainable and how?

    • Hi Kyle,

      Yes, as PA do all the hard work of finding each and every reload available every day, and add them to their website with detailed instructions on how to complete each one. This it will not only save you many hours of valuable time every month, but allow you to increase your profits.

  38. Hi Jamie, thanks for your superb post on match betting and Profit Accumulator. I have been match betting for about 5 weeks, I love making money online lol.

  39. Hi Jamie,
    I started with PA yesterday but made less profit than I thought. However, I do think I made a mistake, I jumped in without watching the whole video, where I believe I went wrong was on Betfair my laybet was a Sportsbook and not an Exchange, would this have made much difference? Both my bets were won as laybets, have I lost out because of my mistake? Would really appreciate your comments.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Tom,

      First of all, this is why it is so important if you are going to get in to matched betting, that you make sure that you watch the training videos on Profit Accumulator in full before thinking about starting.

      The videos are short and very easy to understand, so it’s not going to take you long at all to watch them.

      Also, based on your explanation, you seem to be getting confused. It’s impossible to lay a bet on the Sportsbook, you can only lay a bet on the exchange. This is all very clearly explained in the training videos, so you must go back and watch them before you do any more matched betting.

      Regarding what’s happened with your bets, contact the support via the Profit Accumulator website with details of your bets and hat you have done, and they will be able to help you out to make sure you don’t make the same mistake again.

  40. Jamie,

    one more question, I do not have Facebook (I know probably the only human on the planet) but is the forum only available through Facebook?

    • Hi Kyle,

      The Facebook group no longer exists, it was replaced with a forum which is hosted within the Profit Accumulator website now. I updated the review to mention this quite a while ago but know a few people miss it when reading it.

      So you don’t have to worry about not having Facebook, as you get access to the forum alongside the thousands of other members as soon as you join and become a platinum member.


  41. Great Site Jamie, thanks for the info

    I’m going to be signing up for the platinum membership on Friday after doing the signups

    When I place a qualifying bet to get my free bet. When I use my free bet say it’s £20, can I actually bet more as obviously I want to grow my money and make a profit

    So say I get my £20 free bet, can I then place a £200 bet on the back bet, using £20 free bet and £180 of my own money, and then adding money to the lay bet to cover liability?
    When it says stake not returned, if I win on the back bet, will I not get back the £20 free bet, or the whole £200 stake on the back bet

    or say if I get a £20 free bet, do I just use this and increase the odds, rather than adding money to the free bet to increase the stake?


    • Hi Dave,

      Congrats on joining and getting started, once you become a platinum member is when you’ll start making some really good money.

      To answer your question, no. Regardless of what the free bet amount is, you should always be using the exact free bet amount as your back bet, and then whatever exact figure the oddsmatching calculator tells you to lay it with on the exchange. You will notice the oddsmatching calculator also displays the exact amount of profit you will make underneath the amount it tells you to lay.

      I would advise you to watch the short instructional videos again and make sure you fully understand it before doing any offers. I know that when you first start out it can seem complicated, but I assure you that after a week it just becomes second nature, to the point where it’s almost boring. The tidy guaranteed long term profits certainly make up for any boredom you may experience though! 🙂

      All the best.

    • Hi Vitor,

      No, you only use the Betfair Exchange to lay off your bets for guaranteed profit. You can also use Smarkets or Betdaq if you prefer.

      If you watch the training videos on the Profit Accumulator website you’ll see it’s all very simple and straight forward to do.

      All the best.

  42. Hi Jamie,
    Great review and very excited by your earnings.

    I signed up to PA on Friday, and have made £413 profit in 4 days, just from the Beginner signup offers.

    I’m just wondering, as your £numbers are pretty high, are your total figures for each month including your deposits or are they purely profits?



    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the kind words and also big congratulations on taking action and getting started, £413 profit in 4 days is a great start!

      My numbers are profit that were achieved over the entire year of 2015. I put quite a lot of hours in every day, and probably had more than my fair share of sizable risk free slots and bingo wins last year too.

      In saying that, there are members in the Profit Accumulator private forums who make a lot more than I do, so if you put the time and effort in you can make as much as you want from it.

      All the best with your matched betting journey Tom, cheers.

  43. Hi Jamie

    how many man hours does it require, is this a full time job or can you get on the offers any time of day?


    • Hi Matt,

      It all depends on how much money you want to make from it every month. It’s no different from anything else in terms of the more time and effort you put in, the more you will get out of it.

      Generally you will be able to do the horse racing offers at any time of day, up until the racing is finished. During the regular football season you get games at all times of day throughout the week so again, there are plenty of offers to get through with that too.

      With the Euros just around the corner you’ll also have lots of offers and games being played throughout the day and night. Casino offers can pretty much be done at any time of day or night, so you’ll never be stuck for offers to complete.

      All the best.

  44. Hi Jamie. I am a member of PA and have done really well so far. But coming to the end of advanced offers I would like to earn more money than just the reload offers. I am struggling to understand accumulators and the refunds. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Laura,

      Glad you are doing well with it so far, well done.

      Have you read the training pages and forum threads relating to the reloads, accumulators and refunds? Everything is fully explained for platinum members, and there are hundreds of people contributing on the specific forum threads that will be happy to walk you through it when you’re just getting started.

      My advice would be to pick one of them to start with, read all the training material and ask any specific questions in the forum. As with learning the basics with matched betting, once you’ve done a few of the accumulator/refund offers, it will become second nature very quickly.

      Once you’ve mastered one, move on to the next one. It won’t take long at all until you are well versed in all the methods and making good profit from each one of them.

      All the best.

  45. Hi Jamie,

    Just read through most of initial blog – very interesting stuff. I will be aiming to sign up to PA on Saturday.

    Can I just ask two hopefully simple questions:

    1) Realistically how much time does one need to invest to get their head around how this works – via the PA website and videos?

    2) How much would realistically recommend having set to the side to start betting? £100,200,300?


    • Hi Steve,

      To answer your questions…

      1. Obviously everyone is different when it comes to learning, but if you have a bit of experience with placing bets online then that will cut your learning curve. Even a complete beginner should be able to pick up the process from start to finish in a couple of hours at the most though. The videos on the Profit Accumulator website literally show you step by step the process using screen casting software. All you have to do is copy what is shown exactly. Once you have done 3 or 4 offers it will literally become second nature, it’s very simple.

      2. You can start with as little or as much as you want. If your finances are tight, then you can start with £100 no problem. The benefit of starting with more money is that you can get through the offers a lot quicker, that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with a starting bank of £100, just as long as you keep your expectations in check to start with. It really doesn’t take long for the profits to start building up even from completing just 1 offer a day.

      Hope that helps Steve, all the best.

  46. Hi Jamie,

    Firstly, thank you very much for the time you have spent testing this and the information you have put into the website. You deserve every success that comes your way.

    Two questions –

    If I have a starting bank of £500, would this be split £250 into betfair to match the bets and £250 to spread across the bookmaker offers?

    Would there be any difference between taking an offer of 10 X £25 free bet offers across 10 bookmakers vs 1 X £250 free bet with one bookmaker, if that makes sense?

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      With your starting bank, yes, best to split it down the middle like you suggested. Also, technically there would be no difference between your 10 smaller free bets versus 1 big free bet of the same value.

      All the best.

  47. Hi Jamie

    Great blog. Very informative.
    I work from 1pm until 1am Mon- Fri. I also work Sat 3pm until 1am. Would PA still work for me? What’s the minimum time you recommend I spend each day on PA?
    Thanks for your time and wish you all the success.

    Regards – Steven

    • Hi Steven,

      I see no reason why PA won’t work for you, you can get most of the offers done before 1pm no problem.

      In terms of time spent on it each day,t hat’s impossible for me to say without knowing how much you want to make, how quickly you can get through the offers, what offers you are doing etc.


  48. Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for a superb review on the P.A. and for taking the time to answer everyone.

    I often travel to the Czech Republic and while I could potentially use this without issue in the U.K. would it be possible to use P.A. when in the Czech Republic?

    The accounts for bookmakers would be U.K. registered and verified, but have no idea as to the dynamics of this when staying abroad for 2 weeks per month.

    I’m assuming that because of the I.P. address P.A. would need to be done in the U.K. and if it is the case then 2 weeks every month I would miss out.

    Appreciate your feedback




    • Hi Sun,

      Yes, it is possible to access your bookmaker accounts when abroad by using a UK VPN. I have personally never done it myself, but I’ve seen a lot of guys on the PA private forum talking about it.

      They discuss it in quite a lot of detail on there so that’s your best bet to get all the information you need.

      All the best.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Jamie.

        Can I access the forum without becoming a member? If I have to pay to access the forum and then can’t use P.A. abroad can they refund the membership? Ideally aiming for a full subscription.

        Cheers and all the best



        • No problem Sun.

          You have to be a platinum member to access the forums. I have just searched the forums and there are a few threads where members are discussing this exact topic and what methods have worked for them, so that will provide you with the answers you need to be able to continue your matched betting when abroad.

          All the best.

  49. hi, firstly thanks so much for information and dedication you put this website is truly amazing and and brilliant of you to do so! . Quite inspiring actually!

    I had a quick question if you don’t mind. . Aside from matched betting you mention in the post above the was another project you were looking at that would generate similar returns. . Just wondering if that has come to fruition for you and if you feel it’s wotth recommending?

    • Thanks for the kind words John.

      The other project I have been working on has been successful and is something I’m going to be writing about at length in the next couple of months or so. So keep a look out for the blog post as think a lot of matched bettors are going to like it.


  50. Hi, thinking of joining PA, just wondering after doing the initial signup offers using my bank account can i then use skrill to deposit and withdraw or should i always stick to bank accounts?

    • Hi Alan,

      I personally just use a separate bank account to handle all my matched betting money, but I know a lot of guys use Skrill to deposit and withdraw too, so that will work fine if that’s what you’d prefer to do.


  51. Hi Jamie , been reading your blog all week and yes it’s inspirational for anyone starting out, me included, what hasn’t been touched on is wagering requirements, of course there are the easy turnarounds but I’ve noticed many bookmakers requiring wagering the free bet stake between 3 and 7 times, I have been using Betfair for many years and even I find this somewhat confusing, so for ease of understanding let’s say £10 and odds of 2 , if the bookmaker bet continued to win. Would my winnings from each leg be included in the requirement and therefore by the conclusion of the second bet we have met requirements? Also on each lay bet we would have to add our losses from the previous unsuccessful lay.? I’m sure many people have fallen foul of this especially going for the big bet 365 money, hope you follow .

    • Hi Mark,

      I wouldn’t worry too much about wagering, as the majority of the good sign up and reload offers do not require any wagering on the free bets anyway. The ones that do just mean it requires a few minutes more work to get your profit…

      Regarding your example, the answer is no. If you do have to complete a wagering requirement, it’s based on x multiples of the free bet. So, if you had a £25 free bet with 3x wagering required to withdraw, you’d have to wager £75 (3x £25) to withdraw any winnings – but that’s only assuming your bets won with the bookmaker. The vast majority of the time they will lose and your profit will end up added to your exchange balance.

      I’m not sure what you mean regarding the losses from previous unsuccessful lays? If by that you mean the small loss in matching the bets then yes, if you did win with the bookmaker and had to match another bet in order to complete wagering then you may icnur a small loss if no good matches are available at that time, but that’s usually the case when matching any bet.

      If having to complete a second bet in order to satisfy wagering requirements with a bookmaker, you are looking at losing maybe 10% of your profit on that particular offer at the very most, and maybe 2 minutes of extra work matching the bet. It’s really not an issue.

      If you go ahead and join Profit Accumulator for free and watch all the videos and read the information then you’ll understand how it works a lot better and will realise just how easy it is.

      All the best.

    • Hi George, thanks, glad you liked it.

      I do have a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my earnings, I downloaded it from the Profit Accumulator website. Once you join you’ll find there are a whole host of spreadsheets of different complexities that you can download as part of your membership to track all your profit and loss. They range from extremely simple to being able to ones that you can configure to track your profits down the last penny.

  52. For users outside the UK, Ireland etc, what would happen if I used a vpn for this site with the location UK? And used my current visa on my account, would that work?

    • Hi John,

      I’m not 100% sure what you mean but if you mean you are a UK or Irish resident, and are currently living outside the UK or Ireland, then using a VPN should be fine in most cases. I have never done this myself but I know that there is a lot of chat on the Profit Accumulator forum about this, and many do it successfully.

      If however you are not a resident or the UK or Ireland, then I’m not sure how that would work I’m afraid. You’d have to message the support of the PA website directly and they will be able to explain that to you in more detail.


  53. Hey Jamie, Did you/do you do any ‘mug betting’ which the PA guys advise to keep accounts open. Do you think its worth doing? is this included in the 2 hours a day you spent?
    Cheers, Jack.

    • Hi Jack,

      Yes mug betting is something you really need to do to prolong the life of your bookie accounts. The thing to remember though is that mug betting doesn’t take long, and doesn’t have to cost you much. Best practices are all explained on the Profit Accumulator website.


  54. Hi Jamie good to see a fellow scotsman and edinburgh of all places lol,
    My mate told me about this so I’m just starting out
    Looked over your figures and wow how many hrs a day do you do it??
    I’m not expecting to earn as much as that but a few extra notes a month would be nice,
    I’m sceptical as hell about these things especially handing over 150

    So if you do home visits to us non betters and believers that put my mind at rest haha

    • Hi Michael,

      Ha, unfortunately I don’t do home visits but I can assure you that you will get the hang of it very quickly after starting, it’s really not that complicated once you get going.

      Another thing, if you are still sceptical you don’t have to pay for the full year up front, even though you can get a no questions asked, full refund in your first 30 days, then just sign up on the monthly option to start with. If you then decide you want to get the extra value by subscribing annually then you can just email the support team and they will change it over for you no problem.

      If you just want to make an extra few quid a month from matched betting then you really don’t have to be doing it every day, the offers often only take a few minutes to complete, so even doing half an hour every couple of days means that the money soon adds up.

      All the best mate.

  55. Thanks for this review! I’m sold now, I’ve nearly completed the free offer and am going to breeze through the rest of them when I go premium.

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