About Me

Hi there, and welcome to my blog. My name is Jamie Anderson and I’m a 30 odd year old internet marketer from Edinburgh in Scotland. I got started in the online marketing industry in 2007 and have basically been addicted to all things internet marketing ever since.

I decided to start this blog so I can share my methods and techniques of making money online that have worked for me in the past, as well as the methods that I still use to this day.

I will try to update the blog as often as I can, however most of my time is filled working on my my portfolio of websites, and trading the sport and financial markets.

Just to be clear straight right away, this site is not going to be filled with rehashed garbage and filler posts like 99% of the other ‘make money online’ blogs out there. I will be posting detailed money making methods, explaining fully how to deploy them, and exactly what tools you need to help you along the way.

I should also note, if you are a complete beginner and know nothing about internet marketing, it doesn’t matter. All these methods require no special coding abilities or anything too technical, I’ve been making money online since 2007 and still wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to coding a website.

My Past


After I graduated from university (what a waste of time that was), I applied for all manners of jobs to no avail. I ended up working in a wire factory because I had basically run out of the money I had made playing online poker throughout my studying years. After 6 months of working in the wire factory, I saved a bit of money and decided to quit the job to start an internet business. Bear in mind, at this point in time, all I knew how to do online was send emails and play poker. Plus I never had the benefit of step by step tutorials on how to make money online either, I had to teach myself everything, so you’ve got no excuses!

I saw all these other people who made money online and seemed to have the amazing lifestyle that I craved. I knew that with some creative thinking I could do what they do and in time achieve the freedom I craved.

Now, 10 plus years later and I haven’t had to work a real ‘job’ in all that time, I’ve been able to help create my own websites that earn me money, as well as helped countless other internet marketers and businesses generate more money online. I never set an alarm and sleep whatever hours I want, and I couldn’t be happier.

As I said, I will try to add new content to the site as often as possible, but to save you having to check back, why not join my email list so I can drop you an email straight to your inbox whenever a new tutorial is published? Just put your name and email address in the box below:




I wish you the best of luck, and hope you decide to take the first step to changing your financial future now.

Kind regards,

Jamie Anderson.



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