How To Make Your First $100 In Less Than 20 Minutes!

In this short ebook, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make over $100 in less than 20 minutes! You may be wondering how this is possible in such a short ebook. It’s simple; I won’t be bulking it up with the usual crap that you find in most ebooks that teach you how to make money online, I’ll simply be giving you the steps to take and then sending you on your way to start earning some money!

Ok, let’s get started…

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is quickly register for a few websites. It’s important you register for all of them as these are the sites that will be paying you your money!

Click on the links below and the sites will open in your internet browser so you can go ahead and quickly sign up for them. Oh and don’t worry, they are all absolutely FREE to join.

Click Here to join site number 1: Site 1

Click Here to join site number 2: Site 2

Click Here to join site number 3: Site 3

Click Here to join site number 4: Site 4

Step 2

If you’ve not registered for those sites yet, then go and do it now! Don’t put this off until later or you’ll never get it done! Now you’ve joined all 4 of the above sites and are logged in, you need to take the referral links from each site and paste the four links in to a notepad file.

Here’s where to find each referral link:



With FreebieJeebies, you simply click on the ‘Refer Friends’ link once you log in to your account. Then you will be presented with your referral link as shown in the image above.

Kudos Network


As soon as you login to the Kudos Network dashboard, you just have to scroll down the page a bit until you come to the clearly labelled ‘Your KUDOS Referral link’ like the one pictured above.



With CashCrate you need to login to the dashboard and then from the tabs on the dashboard page, click the ‘Referrals’ tab. That will then bring up the options below:

As you can see above, the red arrows show you the referral link that you have to copy.

Now that you’ve found each referral link and pasted them into a notepad file, copy them from the notepad file and one by one and paste them in to a URL shortener. A simple and effective one to use is TinyURL. Click here to open TinyURL and then paste the URL in and click the ‘Make TintyURL!’ button. You will end up with a link that looks like this:

Take each of the four TinyURL links and also paste them in to the notepad file with the name of the site written beside it like below:

Kudos Network:

Step 3

Now that you’ve joined these sites and have your links for them, there are a couple of things you should do before moving on from here.

Firstly, you want to log in to your FreebieJeebies and Kudos Network accounts and find a free trial offer to complete. The reason for this is that you can’t claim your free money or prizes for referring people until you have first completed one free offer yourself. There are plenty of really good ones to pick from and it will only take a few minutes to complete one free offer on each site.

While you have many offers you can complete on CashCrate and Xpango to start making money and getting referrals as well, you don’t have to do that right away. I’ll cover this later on in this ebook.

Step 4

Ok, we’re now getting closer to you making your first $100, let’s keep going…

Now you have your referral/affiliate links shortened and ready to go, it’s time to start getting people to click your links and join those websites like you just have yourself. This is how you are going to make your money, and it couldn’t be simpler…

First, you need to open up all the social network sites that you have a profile on. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other similar site where you have friends or contacts on.

You now want to write a message about how you have signed up for these sites and are getting freebies and money for completing the free offers on there. These people you have as contacts on the social networks are your friends and family so they will be happy to be able to make extra cash for doing very little work. Plus they will thank you for recommending them once they too start making money so everyone is a winner!

The next step for you to get more referrals, and in turn make more money, is to go in to your email account and compose a new email. You can then write out a quick, conversational email about how you’re using these sites to make some easy money and are sharing it with everyone to take advantage of it too. Within whatever email account you use, select the option to send the email to all your email contacts. However, make sure you send it to them all using the ‘Bcc’ (Blind carbon copy) option. This means that everyone you send the email to will not see that it’s an email you’ve sent out to everyone else and will only display them as the recipient.

If you can’t work out how to do this on whatever email account you use, don’t worry. CashCrate and Xpango both have features once you log in to your account which allows you to send emails to all your contacts through their site. They make it very simple and hassle free to do.

NOTE: Whatever you do, do not make the email, or your Facebook and Twitter messages, sound like a sales pitch! These people know you and trust you; you don’t need to sell them on this. You just need to present them with the links to the site and tell them how you are making money and getting free stuff, and how they should join them too (by clicking your referral links in the email) to start making some easy money and get some free stuff too!

Now, depending on how many friends/contacts you have on your social media account/email, and how good your message and call to action for these people to sign up is, this should be more than enough to make your first $100, and here’s why:

Once you’ve completed your first offer on FreebieJeebies and Kudos Network, you only need to then refer two people to each of these networks to have made your first $100! The reason for this is that for each referral you receive at both FreebieJeebies and Kudos Network, you can redeem it for £17 (roughly US $25)!

You can request your payouts via PayPal or you can also take the money in gift vouchers for sites like Amazon.

REMEMBER: While this should be enough to get your first $100 worth of people to join the sites, if for whatever reason it’s not, then don’t give up right away! It has been shown that on average people need to see an advert 5 times before they decide to take action and buy/sign up to the product/service. I know that even nowadays there will still be some people out there who don’t frequent social media and have a lot of contacts at their disposal. If this is you then don’t worry, I have other methods later on in this ebook that you can use to make even more long term profits!

If you make your first $100 straight away then great! Keep on posting similar messages on your Facebook and Twitter about how you’re making all this easy money and I assure you more of your friends will sign up and make even more money for you!

Now you know how to make your first $100, it’s time to implement another few very easy steps to earn you even more easy money!

Mobile Advertising

Almost all mobile phone (cell phone) contracts these days come with an unlimited SMS bundle. You can use this to your advantage and send a mass SMS to every one of your contacts telling them about the sites and including your shortened referral links. The good thing is that most people now have smart phones with internet access so these people can access the sites and sign up directly through their mobile phones.

Another way you can very quickly and easily get your message out to your friends and contacts is to do a broadcast on apps like Viber, WhatsAPP, BBM or any other instant messaging type of app you may have on your smart phone. These apps allow you to send out a mass message to every one of your contacts simultaneously with the click of a button.

Step 5 – How to Start Making SERIOUS Money…

Ok, I know this ebook is called ‘How to Make Your First $100 in Less Than 20 Minutes’, but I’m now going to give you some extra information which will show you how you can boost this method to the point where it could easily turn this in to a $100+ a day viable online business.

First, you will need a website. Now, I know most of the people reading this will already have a website, or know how to build one. However, if you don’t already have one or don’t have a clue how to build one, then click here and I show you how to build your own professional website in less than 10 minutes!

Another thing you are going to need if you want to be able to make long term profits without putting in a load of work is an opt in form that captures your visitors email addresses and adds them to your email list. For this you will need an Aweber account. Click here and you can get your first month for only $1!

Now when you have your website built and your Aweber opt in forms installed on the site, you will have to add some content to your site. The easiest and best way of doing this is to offer your visitors a free ebook. However, for them to get the free ebook they must sign up to your email newsletter. Now when you have these people on your email newsletter, you can set up your Aweber autoresponder series to send them emails on total autopilot with your referral links in the emails while gently convincing them as time goes by to sign up and get involved.

The other benefit to the Aweber autoresponder series is that even when they have signed up, your emails will be reminders for them to keep getting other people to sign up for the sites and here’s why that’s important…

The more you remind your potential referrals about the sites, the more likely they are to sign up and complete the offers. This in turn means that you will get more referral credits and ultimately more money. Also, with CashCrate in particular, the more people that your referrals go on to refer, the more money you make too. The reason being that CashCrate pay you out on two tiers of referrals. If you’re not sure what this means then log in to your account and it is explained fully there.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to how you can now take your website, complete with the autoresponder, and scale your earnings up to the point where you could live off the profits.

The only way you are going to get new referrals to your sites outside of your family and friends is by driving new traffic to your website. There are literally hundreds of ways of doing this. Some are easy, some are hard, some are cheap and some are expensive. I’m going to cover the easy and cheap methods which are extremely effective and will give you floods of traffic in a relatively short amount of time.

The next couple few methods I’m going to show you are online methods. First off all however, I want to tell you about a simple, cheap and very effective offline method!

Offline Method

Every day when you are out and about, you are presented with lots and lots of opportunities to leave business cards lying around in places for people to pick up. Whether it’s in a coffee shop, in college, in university, at work, in a taxi, on the bus or any of the other thousands of possible examples. So this means you can get business cards with some catchy title on the front explaining that someone can “Pick up This Card and Get a Free iPad!”or “Learn How to Make $100 in Less Than 20 Minutes”, for example. Then on the reverse of the business card you could have something along the lines of “Visit to find out how to claim your FREE iPad!” or “Visit to discover how to claim your FREE Money!”. Obviously the site on the reverse would be the address of the website you built which contains the autoresponder, so you can then get them to join your email list and turn them in to new referrals!

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a site that you can drive a lot of traffic from if you know how to go about it properly. The two main methods of driving masses of traffic from Yahoo Answers would make this ebook even longer than it already is, so click here to read my full tutorial on how to drive traffic and make money from Yahoo Answers.


YouTube is a similar story to Yahoo Answers.  If you know what you’re doing on YouTube, you can have floods of traffic coming to your site. Check out my tutorial on the main YouTube traffic generation methods by clicking here.

Go forth and prosper…

You literally now have all the information you need to be able to not only make a quick few hundred dollars or pounds, but scale this method up and turn it in to a $100+ a day consistent earner for you.

I will be adding as many new traffic generation and money making tutorials to as I can every month so please follow/like/connect with me on my social media channels listed below. I’d love to get to know my readers better:





Also, if you have any questions about what I’ve discussed in this ebook then head over to the forums and feel free to start a new thread with your question. I check the forums every day and try and reply to every question on there when I can.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and PLEASE, go ahead and take action!

Jamie Anderson

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