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Ok guys, below is the five examples of different services you could offer people in the internet marketing forums. The good thing about these service ideas is that there is not a lot of people providing these services, and in some cases none at all! For the ultimate list of tools and software you can use to provide services, check out this page!

If you follow the steps in the tutorial then you can’t fail to make money providing these services on forums. If you don’t feel confident going in at the deep end with an unknown market, then I’ve added an additional couple of the more popular services people offer on here too. That way you have got absolutely no excuse as to why you can’t get one set up and making you money right away! So, let’s get started with the first one:

Lead/Email scraping – Power Leads Pro X

Power Leads Pro X is a brilliant piece of software. It basically allows you, at the click of a button, to scrape tens of thousands of websites indexed in Google for various pieces of information, including; business name, address, telephone number, email address, URL and LOTS of other valuable,  marketing related data too!

Internet marketers can then use this data to promote many types of different services and products to these businesses. While Power Leads Pro X is an extremely good value piece of software, it isn’t a hugely mainstream tool in the community, which is in our favour here!

As for the service you could provide, the options are endless! You could sell people lists of data on certain niches, e.g. 1,000 names, addresses, numbers, emails, URLs + more on London Solicitors. Or you could offer a service where you provide data on a customised basis, e.g. A customer comes to you and says they want ‘X’ amount of leads for ‘Y niche’. You then simply input this data in to Power Leads Pro X, press the button and after a little while the software has scraped all the data. You then simply export it all in to a Microsoft Excel file and deliver it in a report to the client.

Power Leads Pro X also comes with a built in email program. This allows you take each lead that you’ve scraped and then input the information in and send out a spun email to that address, all on autopilot using the software! This is yet another element of the service you could provide! Once you download Power Leads Pro X, you will see the possibilities for yourself.

Article Spinning Service – The Best Spinner

With almost every SEO service you come across on the forums that provide web 2.0 links or article directory links, this content will be spun content. This means that someone has taken a seed article, and then used spin syntax to create variations of words, sentences, and sometimes even paragraphs. The problem is that these spun articles are usually unreadable and not very unique. This means they can even end up being detrimental to your SEO efforts as Google doesn’t approve of this practice at all.

However, using The Best Spinner, you could offer a service where you can provide totally readable articles that have uniqueness percentages of 90%+. If you manually spin every paragraph once, every sentence 4,5 or 6 times, then spin every word, you can achieve uniqueness in the 90% range. Then by adding in things like multiple spun images in different parts of the article and embedded videos, you can further improve the uniqueness of the whole article.

The reason this would appeal to people doing SEO on their site is because an article of this quality, and uniqueness, could be used to get backlinks perhaps even hundreds of times and still be unique in Google’s eyes. There’s absolutely no doubt that The Best Spinner is the tool for the job, and even if you don’t provide this service, you really should be using this tool!

Yahoo Answers – Answer Assault

Yahoo Answers is a great traffic source that many internet marketers overlook. It is also a perfect way to target those long tail keywords in the search engines. You can use the Answer Assault software to automate both these valuable services and charge a premium for them. Instead of going in to detail of how you can do these methods, click here to read my full tutorial on ‘How to Make Money on Yahoo Answers’. You can simply then offer one, or both, of these services to your potential clients in your service thread.

YouTube – Tube Toolbox and Article Video Robot

YouTube is another vast source of traffic just waiting to be exploited by internet marketers! Again, it’s another source that is often overlooked. Using the Tube Toolbox tool, you could help to boost your customer’s videos on YouTube by providing shares, likes and comments on the videos. You could also create custom videos from articles that your customers would like to be converted in to video by using the Article Video Robot tool. Again, I have covered both these methods in my ‘How to Make Money on YouTube’ tutorial.

Whatever you want – UBot Studio

I touched on this in the article, but wanted to reiterate it here. Using UBot Studio you really can automate just about every single process. This gives you the opportunity to automate every possible service you can think of and then charge people for that service. Head over to the UBot Studio website and check out all the features to see for yourself, click here.

Popular services

Below is a list of the more popular services available on the internet marketing forums. These services already have a huge market of people looking to buy them so if you can get in there and do as I said in the tutorial and stand out from the crowd, you can easily steal a big slice of that market from the already established providers! Let’s have a look at some of them:

Link building – Tools of the Trade

Link building has got to be the most popular service that is sought after on the forums. The best part is that there are literally hundreds of different link types you can offer people. Any decent SEO practitioner knows that you need a good variety of different links in your websites backlink profile. Here’s a list of some of the better link building tools:

Ultimate Demon
SEnuke XCr
Magic Submitter
Article Marketing Robot

These are just a few link building tools that you can use, for a larger list check out my ‘Tools of the Trade’ page by clicking here.

Article writing – oDesk

Article writing and content creation services are probably just as popular on forums as link building services. There are always webmasters seeking new, fresh content on a daily basis, and this is never likely to change.

One of the drawbacks of offering unique articles as a service on forums is that because of the heavy large amount of people offering the service, the prices are extremely competitive. Don’t fear however, there is a way you can compete with these established service providers and become a middle man who simply deals with customer’s emails and sends out completed reports without ever having to write a single article!

If you head on over to oDesk, you’ll find lots of virtual assistants and freelancers from all over the world looking for work. You can hire people on these sites to work for you for less than $1 per hour (I have in the past), but don’t expect it to be as easy as picking the first person you see to work for you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of freelancers on these sites who will not deliver what promised and who’s English is not what it appeared to be when they replied to your ad. However, if you persevere then you can end up finding some really talented and hard working freelancers who will do twice the amount of work that someone from the UK or USA would do for less than a quarter of the price!

If you can hire a small team of full time writers from oDesk, then you are on to a winner with the unique article forum service, and what’s even better, you’ll never have to write a single article yourself!


These examples are merely a few of the services you can provide in online internet marketing forums. There is a ton of money just waiting to be spent on services in these forums and if you can package your service exactly the way I’ve explained it then you can’t go wrong!

If you want to browse more of the best tools available to internet marketers, check out my ‘Tools of the Trade’ page by clicking here. You might just have a flash of inspiration and be able to provide the next must have service online!

Just remember that the worst possible thing you could do now is close all this information and save it in a folder to ‘do in future’ or ‘start another time’! If you go ahead and get started with this RIGHT NOW, you could have money pouring in to your PayPal account within a week! Thanks again for reading this bonus download and I wish you the best of luck!

Kind regards,

Jamie Anderson

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