How To Make Money On YouTube Bonus Download

Here are some examples of the videos that receive the highest amount of views on YouTube on average. Some of these videos will present obvious niches that you can then market to the viewers and others you will just have to go with popular, mainstream products/offers.

Remember what I said, this particular method is all a big numbers game. The more videos you churn out, the more visitors you’ll get to your website, the more people you’ll get on your email list and the more affiliate sales you’ll make in the long run!

Ok, here are the video types that get the most views, in no particular order:

Sexy Women – I’m sure this one comes as no surprise. If you’re a man browsing YouTube and you see a thumbnail of a sexy looking female in a bikini, there’s a good chance that you’re going to watch the video, especially if there’s an inviting video title too! Your best bet for products/offers to promote on these videos are male targeted products from Market Health, any make money online/biz opp type offers from MaxBounty and the other networks I recommend that carry those type of offers. MaxBounty also carry a number of good free to join dating offers, these would convert well with this type of male traffic if you found offers with landing pages that are geared towards men.

Supercars – Another niche for the boys here. There is no shortage of men browsing YouTube watching videos of supercars. The reason they (we) do this is because we aspire to own one of these supercars. So, the blatantly obvious type of offer you would advertise on these videos would be make money online and biz opp offers. Again, you can find these on MaxBounty and another good site is CashCrate.

Blood Sport – Whether it is boxing, MMA or just bare knuckle street fighting, men go wild for these videos online. There is no shortage of them and they receive a LOT of views. For these videos, targeting a male muscle building product or weight loss product from Market Health would be a perfect fit!

Body Building – Similar to the blood sport videos, plenty of men watch body building and work out technique videos. The reason is the same, aspiration! Men aspire to have the bodies of the people in these videos and are willing to do anything it takes to get it… Well usually everything except from eating right and working out! What I should’ve said is they are willing to BUY whatever it takes to get the muscular, ripped body that they crave! Again, this is where you come in with body building products from Market Health and provide the solution to their problem!

Music Videos – Music videos used to be perfect for promoting ringtone offers back in the day. As times have changed, ringtones are no longer a viable business with the improvement in technology and the emergence of smart phones. However, the music videos for new songs that are released still get lots of views on YouTube. The only problem is that the audience watching these music videos is so diverse that it is hard to zone in on any particular niche product or service to promote. I think the best bet for offers to promote for music video traffic would be free giveaway sites. Sites like FreebieJeebies, Kudos Network, CashCrate and Xpango. You could also get a lot of conversions from email and zip submit offers, of which you can find plenty on MaxBounty.

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