How To Make Money On Yahoo Answers Bonus Download

Here are previous examples of how I personally made money from promoting affiliate offers on Yahoo Answers, and how you can too:

The ‘Business & Finance’ section is an obvious place to start. There are a few sub sections within it that have people asking about how to make money online, how to get a job, how to get bank loans or credit cards etcetera, etcetera. These are perfect people to promote offers to! You can find plenty of networks with suitable offers to promote to these people on my recommended affiliate networks page by clicking here. For this example in particular, MaxBounty, ShareASale and LinkShare all have good ‘make money online’ and ‘biz opp’ offers that will convert very well with this traffic on their networks.

The ‘Health’ section. This holds fond memories for me as this was the place I had my first really good month’s earnings when I was just starting out in internet marketing. Back then there was no Yahoo Answers Software, so I did everything manually and made over $4,000 in my first month on Yahoo Answers from that one section alone! In fact, it was from one single sub section, the ‘Diet & Fitness’ section. Again, MaxBounty have a range of weight loss free trial offers on their network which will fit in perfectly with the traffic from this sub section, while Market Health also have many weight loss products you can promote. There is also a ‘Dental’ sub section within the ‘Health’ section too, I’m sure there will be plenty people looking for whiter teeth in there! If you just go through these sections and think outside the box you’ll find that almost every section on there can be monetised in some way.

The ‘Beauty & Style’ section is filled with many questions that are crying out for a solution to problems, in particular, the ‘Skin & Body’ section. In this section there are many people asking about the best products and remedies to improve their skin. Market Health has some great products that you can promote on that section that have excellent conversion rates.

That’s just three quick examples of how you can easily earn money from those sections on Yahoo Answers. There’s dozens more sections and sub sections that you can target. The thought process is simple, look at the questions that are being asked, then think about what products or affiliate programs have the products/services to best provide a solution to the people asking the questions. It is that easy!

Just make sure to be funnelling all the traffic through a website with an autoresponder on it to make the most of your traffic in the long run. You can easily generate a few hundred visitors a day from Yahoo Answers if you’re posting heavily using the Yahoo Answers software I recommended, if you’re not grabbing the email address of those people then you’re missing out on a lot of potential future money!

Now you are armed with all the info you need to start making money, go ahead and get started RIGHT NOW! If you put it off until tomorrow, or the next day, or the weekend, then the likelihood is that you’ll never get started!

I wish you the best of luck!

Kind regards,

Jamie Anderson

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