Proform Racing Review and 50% Discount Code



– Could be useful if you have a lot of discipline, plenty time to commit to learning to use the system builder and a bankroll of at the very least 200x the size of the stakes you use to bet. So if you bet £10 per bet, have a bankroll you are prepared to lose of at least £2,000.

– If you are a pro gambler with a large bankroll, or a full time trader using big stakes, then you could benefit from the software.


– Price. Proform Racing platinum subscription costs £200 every 8 weeks, so just over £100 per month, so it’s definitely not for everyone. However, this is just if you want access to the software and daily stats as you can get the race guides and bet finder tool completely free on Betdaq, as long as you have some money in your account (minimum deposit of £10 will do fine).

– System builder requires a lot of time invested to become proficient with it, let alone testing different systems to find profitable ones.


Since the majority of people reading this are probably not professional gamblers with massive bankrolls, or full time high stakes horse racing traders, then here are some low cost or free alternatives to using Proform that you could use to build your bank up to the point where you can justify shelling out the £200 every 8 weeks for the Proform software:

1. Hunting For Profit

I have given a brief explanation of what Hunting for Profit is and who runs the service at the end of this review, but in short Matt is one of the best in running traders on the planet and will teach you 100% of everything he knows with nothing held back. Click here to read more about Hunting for Profit at the bottom of this review or click here to visit the website.

2. Horse Race Base

Horse Race Base offers a very similar service to what the Proform Racing system builder offers but they both differ slightly. To build and access systems and daily selections on Proform, you have to have the software installed on your PC or a VPS which you have to pay monthly for. The software requires a fairly decent system to work properly as well as it uses a lot of resources.

Horse Race Base is operated fully in your browser and you can build systems and access your daily selections from anywhere using any PC, as long as you have internet access.

The edge Proform has on Horse Race Base is that the software allows you to use certain ratings that have been compiled which when used properly can give you an additional edge. On the flip side however, I found that when I used Horse Race Base that it offered a whole host of options and ways of combining systems that I couldn’t do on Proform, which saved me a lot of time.

Horse Race base costs a fraction of what it costs to subscribe to Proform so it would be a good place to check out first and see if you can get the hang of building profitable betting systems before taking on the larger platinum subscription with Proform and having to learn how to use the software.

3. Betdaq

Like most, you probably just think of Betdaq as the pointless exchange that have been failing miserably for years to try and get the crumbs from the table of the only real betting exchange out there, Betfair.

However, Betdaq is actually useful for one thing, and that is they offer the full Proform daily race guides and the Bet Finder tool absolutely FREE. The only drawback is that you have to have money in your Betdaq account to access it. The minimum deposit on Betdaq is £10, and by depositing that it will allow you to get free access to these for every race, every day, without having to pay for a platinum subscription.

If these are all you want to use Proform for then you can continue to use these for free for as long as you like. If you want to be able to use the much more complex software then you will have to commit to the £200 every 8 weeks platinum subscription.

Anyway, now that’s out the way, as promised in my Betfair sports trading article that I recently published, where I first briefly went over what Proform Racing is and how I used it, in this article I’m going to go in to far more detail about it.

I’ve been subscribed to Proform Racing as a platinum member since just before the beginning of the year and have had plenty of time to play around with all the various features and tools that come with being a platinum member.

In this Proform Racing review I will explain how I personally use certain features of the website and software to make consistent profits from trading the horses and how you can too.

Proform Racing 50% discount code

If you are already fully aware of how valuable a Proform Racing platinum subscription is and just want to get your hands on a 50% discount code for your first 8 weeks, then you’ve come to the right place.

When subscribing to Proform Racing, at the payment section enter [SORRY – NO DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE] in the discount code field and you will receive a 50% discount on your first 8 weeks subscription as a platinum member.

What is Proform Racing and who can benefit from using it?

Proform Racing is a website, and software provider, that have been providing their various services since 1995. In that time they have developed what is unquestionably the most comprehensive piece of software available anywhere to aid horse racing bettors and traders to find edges and profit from bookies and the exchange markets.

The information and data that Proform Racing analyses and provides for its members daily is what gives them a massive advantage over the average trader and punter out there who do not have access to the same information.

As well as their incredible System Builder software, which I’ll talk about more later on in the review, as a platinum member you also get access to just some of the following features via their website too:

– Daily Race Guides

– Daily Stats

– Bet Finder

Proform Ratings (Power Ratings and Speed Ratings)

Disregarding the software, the above features alone used properly by punters and traders will more than cover the cost of your subscription if used properly.

Let’s look at each section in more detail and how you can use the data to benefit your betting and/or trading.

Daily Race Guides

To put it simply, Proform Racing’s daily race guides are the best available on the internet, bar none. What’s even better is that you can get access to them every day completely free on the Betdaq website.

Just click on the race you want to investigate and then just under the race information you will see the Proform Racing logo. Click that and it will then give you full access to the exact same Proform race guide you get when paying for the platinum subscription. Just make sure you have some money in your Betdaq account or you won’t be able to access the cards, the minimum deposit of £10 will do the trick.

The amount of information and data you can pull up at the click of a mouse is staggering, and there is no doubt that these race guides alone give you a massive edge over the average punter/trader out there that don’t have access to Proform.

Here’s a screenshot of a Proform race guide (click image to view larger version):

As I’ve highlighted with the red boxes, each one of these options reveals the relevant stats, data and profitability in more detail for each horse when it is clicked.

Here is a short video that explains in more detail just some of the information you can gather at a glance using the Proform daily guides:

Within seconds you can quickly browse the Proform card for each and every race and based on their stats and various ratings, quickly get a very detailed picture of each runner in the race and how the race may unfold.

Daily Stats

The daily stats section of the Proform website provides another invaluable insight in to an array of statistics and profitable angles that punters and traders can also take advantage of.

The scope of the different statistics you can check against your chosen horses, or just browse for all runners based on so many different criteria, is incredible. The list of different things you can analyse is huge and lets you find angles for betting and trading that you would never have know existed previously.

What’s even better is that each statistic is also broken down to show the strike rate percentage, and even more importantly, your profit to Betfair Starting Price for each and every statistic.

There are too many different horse/jockey/trainer/course performance criteria that you can access to mention in this review, but to get an idea of just some of the daily stats you can browse on the website, here is a screenshot from the daily stats area just for horses alone (I should say this is a tiny fraction of just the horse stats available):

Proform Racing Daily Stats

By clicking the ‘View’ button next to each different stat, you are presented with a list of all the runners on that day that match each different stat. I have included and example below but have censored the horse’s names:

Proform Racing Daily Stats - Horse Form

As you can see, for each stat it also shows the amount of wins, runs, strike rate and the profit or loss historically for each horse.

To learn more about how to interpret the daily stats, watch this short video from Proform which gives a brief overview:

I’ll warn you that when you first join Proform Racing as a platinum member, you will be overwhelmed to begin with. Your mind will be racing with the possible angles and edges you can use to gain edges with your betting and trading.

However, I’d advise you to take the first couple of days to watch all the great videos the guys have put together in the ‘Learn More’ section of the website.

I know it’s not much fun sitting and watching videos when you will want to dive right in, but it will cut your learning curve in half and ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

This brings me nicely on to the next feature you get access to on the website as a Proform Racing platinum member…

Bet Finder

As I mentioned previously, to get the absolute most out of your platinum membership, you are going to have to take a little time to first learn how to interpret the daily race guides (easy enough), then get to grips with the daily stats area (again, easy enough once you know what you’re doing).

As with the Proform race guides, you can also get full access to the same Bet Finder tool you get with the platinum subscription absolutely free via Betdaq.

‘Bet Finder’, which is Proform’s latest offering, has been created with the gambler/trader in mind that doesn’t have the time or desire to trawl through the race guides, daily stats and main software to analyse the races in that manner.

For the gambler/traders who don’t have the time for that, Proform have cleverly incorporated a whole range of filters that gamblers can use to pick out potential race winners just by clicking a few buttons that takes literally seconds.

For traders who are looking to back to lay, lay to back, or straight lay horses, the Bet Finder tool also caters to them with 2 sections of the tool dedicated to exactly what I just mentioned.

Again, the Proform guys have created a great video that shows just how quickly and easily the Bet Finder tool can be used to provide you with selections based on a whole host of filters in seconds, make sure you watch this one in full below:

While I personally prefer to get my head in to the race guides and daily stats area every day myself, if I am ever stuck for time then it’s great having the Bet Finder tool there to quickly use to profile the runners for the day using the various filters based on the strategies I employ.

As with the daily race guides and the daily stats are of the Proform website, there’s no doubt in my mind that edges created by Bet Finder as a stand alone tool makes a Proform Racing membership worthwhile on it’s own, never mind everything else.

Proform Racing Power and Speed Ratings

As you will notice in the race guides and Bet Finder tool, Proform have their own ratings system for each horse in each race. This is calculated using 7 separate criteria and is backed up by years of data and testing.

The figures speak for their self when 60% of the time the winner of a horse race in the UK and Ireland will include a horse rated in the top 3 of Proform’s Power Ratings.

This alone gives you a great starting point when analysing any race and trying to pick a winner, when you know that on average 60% of the time one of the 3 Proform top rated horses will win it.

Proform also calculate speed ratings for each horse in each race which is another important piece of data you can factor in to your betting and trading decisions.

Proform Racing System Builder software

In my relatively short time as a platinum member, I’ve come to rely on the race guides, daily stats and Bet Finder tool to the point where I would say it probably saves me anywhere from 1 to 2 hours a day in research time, as well as providing me with the valuable stats and data that I just would not be able to find anywhere else without spending many, many hours manually collecting and analysing it.

They have been a great addition to my daily trading and betting so far, but the next step for me is to take on the behemoth that is the System Builder software.

I can’t begin to explain how comprehensive this software is, it really is an incredible and completely unrivalled piece of kit in the horse racing industry.

It allows you to literally back test nearly anything you can imagine, with thousands of possible stipulations, and then presents it all neatly with a whole host of data including the profit to BSP if backing/laying, profit to ISP if backing, longest losing runs using current system and the ability to look through every single result in the system.

There is much, much more data output than this but the fact it can back test these systems’ exact profitability so quickly is the biggest benefit of all to me personally.

As much as I’d like to be able to go in to more detail about how I use the software in this review, at the moment I’ve just not had the proper time required to really get my teeth in to it.

There are so many different aspects to the software that provide you with so much valuable data to create edges it is literally overwhelming. If you watch this overview video put together by the guys at Proform, you will begin to get a sense of just what the software can do:

The only drawback of the Proform System Builder software is that, as with anything worth learning, it’s going to take me a bit of time to fully get to grips with it and properly dig deep to find some robust systems to back test and then test live going forward.

I have already been playing around with a couple of different ideas and so far it has been providing me with great selections to trade in running each day.

I can’t guarantee how long it will be, as I have been struggling to find the time recently to set aside for tinkering with the System Builder, but in future I will try and return to this review to go over the System Builder in a lot more detail, and any results I have had with finding and building more profitable systems.

What to do next…

In the mean time, if you want to go ahead and join Proform Racing as a platinum member to get access to all these great tools, then click this link to join and use the discount code [SORRY – NO DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE] to get a full 50% off of your first 8 weeks of membership.

Using the discount code, your daily cost spread across the first 8 weeks works out at only £1.74 a day!

If for whatever reason you can’t afford a Proform subscription, or you can’t justify it based on your current trading bank size, then do what I did and use matched betting to build your bank, pay for your trading education, and your trading tools.

If you’ve got any questions about Proform Racing’s website, features, system builder software or anything else, leave your question in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon I can.

[Update 14/12/2017 – DTR (Double Top Rated) System Results] 

Proform DTR (Double Top Rated) Straight Backing System

Having used Proform Racing for over a year now I have been able to become very familiar with how the system builder and various other features of the software work. I am continually surprised and impressed with what you can do with this piece of kit and in the next couple of months there are some new additions to the software which are going to be complete game changers, so check back to find out what they are in around February/March time.

Before all that though, I’m going to tell you about a straight backing system that I have been doing using the Proform software for the last 4 months. In that time it has returned just over 150 points profit to level stakes (150.58 to be exact!).

I will explain exactly how this system works, and how you too can benefit from it as I continue writing, but first I just want to make a distinction between this system and every other horse racing tipster I have used in the past…

This system gives you selections to back based on pure data. Data that has been manipulated and tested over literally a couple of decades to consistently produce the best possible ratings and profits. The main difference between this system, and the many tipsters out there, is that this system is not potentially some emotional guy sitting in his mother’s basement picking horses using the Racing Post app. This is cold, hard data that has a very long and proven track record.

I should also state that I am quite strongly against subscribing to horse racing tipsters just because of this reason. As I have learnt just recently, unfortunately even the so called best of the best racing tipsters eventually melt down and end up blowing all the subscribers’ money. At the same time, that does not mean that I am saying this data driven system will absolutely guarantee you will make a profit. All you can do is go by it’s track record so far, which is very good, and stake accordingly. I will be giving a full breakdown of what the owner of the system recommends you use in terms of bank size and stakes, as well as the full results of the system for the last year and a half.

So, what is the DTR system…

DTR is short for Double Top Rated. This simply means that each day, the Proform software creates ratings for each horse race in the UK and Ireland. From all the races, each day you will get a certain amount of races where there is a single horse that is top rated for both the Proform Power Rating and the Speed Rating. This means it is double top rated, so qualifies as a DTR selection, and you will back that horse for a single point.

There are 3 ways to spot a DTR selection, here they are:

First, if you are using the Race Guides then you just need to look at the first horse on the list and check if it has the highest scores in BOTH the ‘Rating’ and ‘Speed’ column. This will be easy to spot as both will be coloured gold like in the example below:

The second way is by using Proform ‘s handy Bet Finder tool. If you navigate to the day’s racing and scroll down to the ‘Advanced Ratings’ options and then select ‘Top on Ratings’ and ‘Top on Speed’, the horses that meet the criteria will be displayed on the Bets list to the right hand side.

Finally, you can set up the Proform System Builder to automatically serve you the DTR horses to the welcome page when you login each day.


Now that you know exactly how to find the selections for each day, here’s the important part. When you are placing these bets, you have to remember and do the following two things; First, make sure you place these bets the night before the following days racing (Best times to get the bets on are from around 7pm, but no later than 8:30pm). Secondly, make sure that the online bookmaker you are using offers BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) on bets placed on horses the night before. Off the top of my head, the bookies who offer this are Bet365, William Hill, Betfair Sportsbook, Paddy Power, Sky Bet and Bet Victor.

Now I know what you are thinking, eventually all the bottom feeding, parasitic, scum bookies will close the accounts for winning consistently, and you are 100% correct. However, you should be able to bag around £10,000 – £15,000 profit before you lose all your accounts. If you are at the stage where your accounts have all been limited, then you can either quit and be happy with what you have made, or speak to your friends and family and see if they will let you use their accounts to get the bets on.*

*Regarding the legalities and morals of using online bookies accounts in other people’s names, I don’t know the legal standpoint, and morally everyone is different. The black and white of it is that if you want to keep on profiting from this system you will need access to more of these accounts as it does not matter who you are, they will 1 million percent limit your stakes to pennies when you go long enough consistently winning. Not a lot of people know this, as 99.9% of people who use bookies are mug punters who consistently lose. I can promise you if you win consistently in the long run you will find all your accounts limited in no time, so that’s something to think about. Do it at your own risk.

Results so far…

Since I first started following the DTR system back in September 2017 (The 3rd to be exact if I remember correctly), this is how my results look so far in terms of points to level stakes:

(So, for example, if you were betting £50 per horse, that would mean that 1 point = £50).

September 2017: -8 points**
October 2017: 14.12 points**
November 2017: 88.66 points
December 2017: 55.8 points

(** I did not properly back the non runner replacement bets in September and October and by chance there were quite a few good priced winners in those months. I started properly backing every non runner replacement from 1st of November onward, so this is why my results in September and October are so different from the official results Proform publish).

As you can see, the results have been very good, and if I had been following the instructions properly, I would’ve made around an additional 70 points more in September and October, lesson learned! On the same note, I made around 39 more points than the official Proform published results as I was lucky enough to catch a winner at 66/1 which the majority of people, including the Proform records at the time it recorded the prices, only got at 33/1.

The Proform official results also do not include Rule 4 deductions, but their records are from recording the prices from a single bookmaker at the same time every evening. So because you have the luxury of shopping around for the best prices, you will find that you will likely be outperforming the published results most months even when you include the Rule 4 reductions in your own records, which I do.

Regarding the Non Runner Replacements, what this means is that let’s say that the top rated horse is for a particular race is top rated but only third rated on speed. The second rated horse in the race is also the second rated horse for speed (so both ratings are silver coloured). If the top rated horse is subsequently withdrawn from the race, then the second rated and second speed rated horse will then be promoted to double top rated, and thus qualify as a back selection that needs to be bet for 1 point.

To keep track of these throughout the day, you can check the Proform software or race guides a couple of times (once in morning and once just before racing starts) to make sure that there are no new selections you have to back.

Bank size

Simon, the owner of Proform, recommends that you use a bank size of 100 points. So, if you are betting £50 per bet, then you would want to start with a netting bank of £5,000. Starting with £10 bets, then a bank size of £1,000, and so on. Since I have started following the system (literally right as I started), the worst down turn was roughly 43 points if I remember correctly. Since then there have been a few smaller losing runs but nothing that even came close to threatening the bank.

More information and full detailed results

I’ll also be keeping this post updated every month until the end of the year with how many points I have made each month following the DTR system. Here’s to a hopefully profitable 2018 with DTR, all the best and if you have any questions about the system feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you when I can.

[Update 04/02/18]

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year. I’m glad it’s all over and can back to business as usual 🙂

So, as promised I’ll be continuing to update this post with my monthly results using the Proform System Builder’s DTR system. There has been a slight deviation from this already, which I will explain later, but I will still give you the standard Proform DTR results along with my own, which will differ slightly, but hopefully for the better!

Before I get in to how January went points wise, as I mentioned in my last update, the new software updates have been released from Proform and in the limited time I have had to play around with them they look to have huge potential.

The obvious one is that for every system you run on the software you can now see how the system has performed since the 1st of May 2016 when using bookmaker accounts with best odds guaranteed from the night before, and two different times in the morning. This is huge as before we were limited to seeing the results only to BSP (Betfair Starting Price using the exchange).

I’ve found a general pattern with how the early bookmaker prices with BOG compare to BSP profits and for the most part they outperform BSP to the tune of around 20-50%+. I know that is a wide generalisation but it’s hard to explain without having combed through a number of systems yourself in the system builder. Different average odds and biggest odds winners can sway the balance but on the whole, backing to bookies with BOG the night before, or early morning, works out a lot more profitable than to BSP on most systems.

There were also another few great additions to the software which include the ability to track horses prices and whether they drifted or steamed as the day had progressed, and an additional in running tool which will be great for traders looking to refine some in running strategies.

On to the results from January. As with any betting system, you get your ups and down, hot and cold runs, and everything in between. While I don’t let this effect me or bother me either way, December was a great month for just nice and steady daily profits without much drama, culminating in a nice 55 point month.

January was more of a small up and down month for the first few weeks and then things took off in the last week, resulting in a nice profit of 52.56 points after rule 4s, and the highlight being a nice 20/1 winner at Cheltenham which had drifted to around double the price I got it the night before.

The official published Proform DTR points for January were 42.85 points before subtracting rule 4s, so glad to see that I managed to outperform the standard with shopping around for the best odds available from different bookies and some minor tweaks to the system.

Going forward however, my results are going to probably differ drastically from the official DTR results as I have decided to make a few slight tweaks to the system which will result in not only making fewer bets, but hopefully also increasing the bottom line profits.

I have also not been backing any selections which are priced below even money the night before. The reason for this is that while they do serve their purpose to break up losing runs, I am not effected by long losing runs when do inevitably occur and would rather have the lower turnover of bets and hopefully achieve the better ROI as a result.

Also, I have incorporated another system in to DTR which is slightly different and is going to give some additional selections each day. This is a system that has been shared in the now very active Proform platinum subscribers WhatsApp group that Simon has created.

So far there have been some great systems shared by the 125+ members of the WhatsApp group, and as I also build and implement more of my own systems, my monthly points profit will be way off what the official DTR profits are in most cases.

I will still continue to keep you up to date with how the main DTR system performed and also how my additional systems combined have got on too. So until next month, I hope you all stay profitable, cheers.

September 2017: -8 points
October 2017: 14.12 points
November 2017: 88.66 points
December 2017: 55.8 points
January 2018: 52.56 points

[Update 01/03/18]

Another month down and another month of profit in the bank (just!). As I mentioned last month, I have decided to expand the amount of systems that I straight back on going forward instead of just using the Proform DTR system. Looks like I picked a good month to start doing this as for the first time in nearly 2 years DTR actually finished February with a balance of -27.92 points.

While this is it’s first losing month, based on how it has performed in the past this should make little to no difference in the long run, so I certainly wouldn’t be panicking just yet.

I don’t actually watch the races day to day as I’ve usually got more important things to be getting on with, but from checking the results at the end of the day it has to be said there were a huge amount of second placed decent priced runners which of course you only need a couple to go your way to completely turn things around for the month.

Anyway, I have been busy creating my own systems the last couple of months and have been slowly adding them to my portfolio, alongside still backing a filtered version of DTR and another filtered DTR variant. The results of my filtering meant that this month my DTR versions outperformed the standard version by around 28 points and 5 points respectively, making them a few points up on the month, which was nice.

My additional systems, which put out nowhere near as many selections each month as DTR does, coincidentally seemed to suffer a similar fate to DTR. An unusually high percentage of placed horses just not quite doing enough meant that overall, I only managed a total monthly profit of 16.38 points.

While I may sound a bit down beat about this it’s not the case at all, 16.38 points is still profit and if someone could guarantee me 16.38 points profit every month without fail, I’d take their hand off.

That being said, based on the monthly average points total recorded from my combined systems over the last 20 or so months, this month is by quite a distance the worst performing month in that time frame. My combined systems have never performed at any less than 90 points per month in the last 20 months, with the best months recorded in that time being north of 300 points.

It is typical that when you start new systems they tend to kick off by showing you their bad side, but if this is the worst this particular portfolio of systems I am now running has to offer then I will be extremely happy going forward.

In Proform news, just yesterday Simon released another new update that means that the software now automatically imports the power ratings each day if you leave the software open. It now means that getting the daily selections to bet from your various systems takes maybe 5 seconds instead of the 30 seconds it took previously.

Here’s how the monthly progress looks now with February added to the total so far:

September 2017: -8 points
October 2017: 14.12 points
November 2017: 88.66 points
December 2017: 55.8 points
January 2018: 52.56 points
February 2018: 16.38 points

Running Total: 219.52 points

(Just noticed I haven’t kept a running points total, added now and will update going forward).

Let’s hope the beast from the east passes through quick and we can get back to some equine action sooner rather than later. Until next time, best of luck.

[Update 06/04/18]

Well my closing wish from last month about hoping for a change of weather has not been granted and the result has been more abandoned meetings and a very poor month in terms of results unfortunately.

The 3 main Proform power and speed ratings systems that most subscribers will be using (myself included, although I only follow 2 of the 3) have had a really bad run since February (a cumulative loss of -142.72 points since February 1st, and -71.65 of those points were in March alone!). This meant even with the other systems I have built myself undoing a fair bit of that damage, I wasn’t able to escape the month without incurring a decent sized loss.

So March ended with my combined systems looking at a cumulative loss of -38.34 points. Obviously I’m not thrilled about this, but on the bright side I suppose if I had just been following the 3 Proform power and speed rating systems alone then I would be looking at close to double those losses on the month.

With my increase in stakes which I have steadily raised in line with my bank as the year has gone on, this losing month pretty much puts me back to not far off even for the year. Not great considering the high volume of bets placed (anywhere from 5 to 45 bets a day, probably averaging around the 20 mark), but based on past performances of my systems, I know that a huge month could be round the corner at any time.

At the same time, I am always betting well within my bank and what the last couple of months has shown is that previous performances of any betting systems do not guarantee anything in their future performances. The 3 Proform power and speed rating systems have all exceeded their previous worst losing runs and draw downs by quite a distance in the last 2 months, based on the previous 2 years worth of results data. There is also nothing to guarantee that things will not continue to get worse before they get better.

Anyway, April is a new month, and despite a pretty poor start (-11ish points so far for April), there is still plenty time to turn things around and get back on track. Here are the updated overall results:

September 2017: -8 points
October 2017: 14.12 points
November 2017: 88.66 points
December 2017: 55.8 points
January 2018: 52.56 points
February 2018: 16.38 points
March 2018: -38.34 points

Running Total: 181.18 points

Again, fingers crossed for some return to normality weather wise so we can get the flat season underway properly and hopefully start racking up the positive number months again soon!

[Update 01/05/18]

If you thought March was bad, then brace yourself, because April was literally more than twice as bad!

The hope of April bringing better weather with it was shattered, and with it a large chunk of my betting bank. I’m not blaming the weather on the systems performing so badly, as most of the systems I use rely on Proform ratings to some extent, and it is these ratings based systems that have been performing so poorly for the last 2 months.

I have a few systems that don’t use any ratings in them and they have performed a lot better in the sense that they have either lost a little or won a little over the last 2 months, as opposed to losing a lot.

Unfortunately, as a result of the heavy losses incurred over the last 2 months I have had to completely overhaul the systems I am using and filter them to drastically reduce the amount of selections the systems put out every day. As well as this, I have had to halve the stakes back to where I started so i have a renewed 200 point bank.

In May I will be removing systems from the portfolio that are reliant on Proform ratings and adding more that don’t use any ratings to balance things out a bit.

With the 79.58 point loss this month, combined with the 38.34 points loss from last month, that gives a combine figure of -117.92 points for March and April.

Luckily, as I added more systems to my portfolio I doubled my bank from the recommended 100 points to 200 points. On the flip side, I also doubled my stakes just in time for everything to fall apart, so whatever way you look at it unfortunately I’m back to square one with another 100 or so points to find at the new stakes to get back to break even.

It’s going to be a very long road back to where I was at the end of February but I don’t mind playing the long game. I just hope things don’t get too much worse before they start getting better 🙂

The DTR system, which is the system where you back the horse that is rated top of the Proform Power ratings and top of the Proform speed ratings, finished up -60 points alone this month. Again, luckily I use a filtered version of the stand alone DTR system so I managed to save around 15 points, but still took a heavy hit nonetheless.

Anyway, the less said about last month the better. This coming month with completely new systems in place with far fewer selections almost definitely can’t be as bad as the previous 2 months, so let’s hope for some much needed profit 🙂

Here’s an update of the overall point standing since I started:

September 2017: -8 points
October 2017: 14.12 points
November 2017: 88.66 points
December 2017: 55.8 points
January 2018: 52.56 points
February 2018: 16.38 points
March 2018: -38.34 points
April 2018: -79.58 points

Running Total: 101.6 points

* Remember, in case you are confused at still showing profit of 101.6 points, this would be if using level stakes the whole time. I gradually increased my stakes and doubled them at the start of March before the heavy losses which is why I have lost quit a bit as previously explained.

[Update 22/05/18]

Conclusion… for now

Just a quick update for those of you who have been following my journey with the Proform Racing betting systems, unfortunately I no longer have access to the software any more. I cannot justify paying the £100 per month for it at the moment as I’m currently travelling the world for the foreseeable future and am not trading the horses every day as I did when I was living in Scotland.

To conclude my review of Proform I would say that if you are in horse racing for the long haul, are willing to spend many hours over a long period of time learning how to use the software properly and build many different systems, and have a very large betting bank and can gamble with reasonable sized stakes, then you could get value from using Proform in the long run despite the cost.

For regular punters who don’t have a betting bank of at the very least 200 times their stake size, or part time/small stakes racing traders, it is going to be very difficult for you to make enough of a return on your subscription cost to make it worth your while. There are better options available at far lower prices.

One such service I would recommend if you would like a good combination of expert in running horse racing trading education is Hunting for Profit.

Hunting for Profit is a service run by Matt Gibson. I have personally known Matt for a few years now having originally met on Steve Howe’s excellent pre race trading masterclass in Coventry.

There are not many people who know him who will disagree that he is probably one of the best judges of in running horse racing out there.

Matt has been successfully teaching his students how to trade horse racing in running for quite some time now and has amassed a great library of in running videos where he fully explains every aspect of what he is looking for and how he trades horses in running in live situations.

No ambiguous bullshit that you get with the ‘celebrity’ traders that provide riddles in their horror show blind gambling videos and constantly talk shit on Twitter, Matt is the complete opposite and you will get 100% honesty and transparency.

Click here to check out the Hunting for Profit website and drop Matt a message if you have any questions.

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  1. Hi Jamie
    Great summary on the Proform product
    I regularly use the Daily Race Guide and now (when pushed for time) Bet Finder
    Do you happen to know what are the seven criteria used which form the Power Rating?


    • Hi Mike,

      Glad you are benefiting from using the Proform tools. I cannot remember exactly what the seven criteria are for determining the power rating but Simon has told me in the past. I am sure he has it on a PDF file, if you drop him an email I’m sure he’ll be happy to send you it.

      Also, sorry I only just approved your comment, I seem to have had quite a few that have slipped through the net somehow.



    • Hi Mikko,

      Yes, it is still profitable in that scenario. Using the Proform System Builder you can run all the variations of profitability using the different times of day and with or without BOG enabled too.

      Hope that helps.



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