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In this Hunting for Profit review you will learn everything you need to know about the in person course, online Skype group, and hundreds of hours worth of video training that you receive when you join Hunting for profit.

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Matt Gibson, the guy behind Hunting for Profit, is a full time professional in-running horse racing trader.

Matt Gibson, Hunting for Profit

I first met Matt back in 2015 when we both attended Steve Howe’s pre-race horse racing trading course in Coventry.

After a long night at the hotel bar we kept in touch after the course, and met up again a couple of years later at another of Steve’s courses in Coventry.

We’ve kept in touch and been friends ever since, however, a lot has changed for Matt in the last 5 years.

Matt now trades in-running horse racing on the Betfair exchange full time, and runs his course and private Skype rooms alongside it.

Main questions answered for the Hunting for Profit course

Before I get in to the actual details of the course, Skype rooms, Matt’s notes and videos etc, I’ll quickly answer the most obvious questions you probably have if you’re here to find out more about the course and don’t want all the details:

How much does the course cost?

The Hunting for profit course costs £295, this also includes access to all of Matt’s videos (over 400 videos), the first 2 month access to the online academy (Skype rooms), and you will receive Matt’s detailed notes daily for the first 2 months too.

To remain a member of the online academy, and receive Matt’s daily notes, and continue to get access to all the new videos Matt creates, you just have to pay a membership fee of £25 per month.

This provides great value considering what you get for your £25 every month.

Where is the Hunting for Profit course location?

The course takes place over a day at the Holiday Inn Doncaster A1(M) Junction 36 hotel.

Hunting for Profit course hotel

How long does the course last?

It runs from around 09:30 until 16:30. During this time you will have numerous refreshment breaks and you will also have a lunch break, where lunch is provided by the hotel which is included in the price of the course.

However, I would highly recommend that you arrive the night before the course and book a room in the hotel. This will give you a chance to meet Matt, and some of the other people on the course over a drink.

It also means you can wake up refreshed and ready for the early start without having to rush around travelling from wherever you live to make it to Doncaster in time.

Who is this course for?

Unlike most educators in the sports trading industry, Matt is very honest in saying that his course is not for everyone, and does not just accept everybody who wants to do the course.

He will speak with you first to ensure you understand the reality of sports trading, and are not living in fantasy land after having been fed all the bullsh*t the other ‘gurus’ spew out all over social media.

He explains it a lot better than I could in this short video, so give it a watch:

Who is Matt Gibson?

Matt is something that is very rare in the sports trading education world, and I mean VERY rare. As almost anyone who has spent any sort of time in the world of sports trading will tell you, the sports trading education industry is full of rip off merchants who thrive on extracting as much money out of newbies as they possibly can.

One thing that I can guarantee about Matt is that he is honest about everything he teaches, and will not fill your head with unrealistic bullsh*t like the vast majority of the other sports trading ‘gurus’ you have no doubt come across on the likes of Twitter and YouTube.

UPDATE 21/04/2022:

Matt was recently interviewed by Star Sports as part of their ‘Betting People’ series, you can find out more about him and his services by watching the 3 part interview in the videos below:

What if I can’t afford the course?

Times are tough for a lot of people just now with the government’s approach to the pandemic wrecking the economy, so it’s understandable that not everyone is going to have a spare £295 lying around.

If that is the case, then there is no excuse why you can’t make more than double that within a month by doing matched betting. It’s easy, anyone can do it, the profits are tax free, and it can provide a stable monthly income potentially for many years to come.

I have been in the ‘make money online’ industry for well over 10 years now, and without a doubt matched betting is by far the easiest way that literally anyone can comfortably make £500+ a month, every month, completely tax free.

Best part is, you can achieve all this with less than one hour’s ‘work’ a day if you learn how to do it properly from the experts. Read my Profit Accumulator review to find out how, and not only will you have more than enough money to attend the Hunting for Profit course 1 month from now, you’ll also have an additional income stream that could transform you and your family’s lives.

What if I can’t travel to Doncaster, due to COVID-19 for example?

If you cannot make it to Doncaster in person, Matt has been running online courses as replacements for the in person courses.

I’m not sure exactly how long he is going to continue with these online courses, but you can contact Matt directly and find out more about these and how to gain access.

How can I get in touch with Matt at Hunting for Profit directly?

Hunting for Profit website:

Hunting for Profit Twitter:

The night before the course

I arrived at the hotel on the Sunday afternoon, the day before the actual course, and checked in to what was essentially an empty hotel. The staff informed me that of their 120+ rooms, only 17 were full. The way of the world at the moment I suppose.

After checking in, a couple of hours later Matt arrived and we both hit the bar. Due to the whole pandemic and the reduced numbers on the course with social distancing required, it was just Matt and I who stayed over the night before.

This was a great opportunity to ask Matt all the questions I had about what he does and teaches with the in-running horse racing trading, and also get a good catch up since it had been a few years since we had last had a good drink together.

Obviously under normal circumstances there would be a lot more people staying at the hotel the night before, so if you do decide to attend the course, I would really recommend staying the night before and meeting everyone at the bar.

You will learn so much and it is also good to mingle with your fellow attendees prior to the course the next day.

The day of the course

The day of the course started off with an early rise and a nice breakfast for Matt and I put on by the hotel.

After breakfast I checked out the room, put my stuff in the car, and it was on to the conference room for the course to begin.

Hunting for Profit review

The above image is what the conference room tends to look like normally, but for the first time ever according to Matt, they placed us (all 7 of us) in to massive conference room fit for around 100+ people. Again, this was due to the smaller rooms not being used because of the social distancing required.

The course runs from 09:30 to roughly 16:30, and is broken down roughly as follows:

First third of the course covers a lot of mindset and discipline side of things.

Second third of the course covers the strategy and how to implement it.

Final third of the course is Matt talking us through videos of previous trades and reinforcing the system and strategy in recorded videos of live trades.

In between each section of the course there are various breaks and also unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits that you can help yourself to at any time.

There is also a lunch served, which is included in the course price. Normally this a hot and cold buffet with a wide selection it was from a set menu this time due to the restrictions meaning an open buffet was unviable.

The course section by section

Section 1:

The first section of the course Matt delivers is what could be described as the boring part, and a lot of traders will have heard a lot of it before.

However, it is by far the most important part, and just because you may have heard some, or all, of it before, it is vitally important that you actually take it on board and implement it.

If you cannot recognise and subsequently take action on negative and self harming mental issues that are going to prevent you from trading the markets properly, then it does not matter how well you understand the systems and strategy, you will always be a ticking time bomb ready to explode and undo all your good work.

Even though I have a long background in gambling with having played online poker full time for a number of years, and having traded horses pre race on and off for a number of years too, I still gained some good insight.

It reinforced some of the important mental traits I need to promote and others I need to work on suppressing in order to make sure I’m mentally optimal by the time I sit down to trade the first market of the day.

So don’t take this section for granted and sit there thinking “Come on, let’s get to the good stuff!”. If you manage to take on board and implement what Matt covers in this section of the course, you will find that implementing his system and strategy in the live markets will be a much steadier journey to profitability.

The other important point covered in this section is expectations, which again is so important.

I hate to break it to you, but the fake guru pretenders who you no doubt see on Twitter and Youtube every day, showing off their green screens, constantly spewing bout how good their ebooks, video packs or courses are, constantly showing off the sexy side of trading and how seemingly easily they win money from every single market they enter… IT’S ALL BULLSH*T.

These people have ulterior motives and will unscrupulously sell you the dream in order to sell you whatever wares they are slinging, whether it be ebooks, video packs, trading software, or live courses.

You can spot the few big main offenders a mile off, when every video they post is just generic crap that delivers absolutely no value to you whatsoever, and is just another excuse to further massage their own ego and sell the dream of how easy trading on Betfair is, that’s a tell tale sign right away that paying these people your hard earned money is just going to cost you a lot more in the long run.

You may be thinking, well isn’t Matt doing the same thing selling his own course? Technically yes, but make no mistake, Matt makes it very clear from the outset that this is not easy, and by attending his course you are going to receive  big reality check on what it actually takes to become a consistently successful trader in the in-running horse racing markets.

Taking one look at Matt’s website, blog and social media profiles will also highlight the massive distinction between Matt and the con men. You will see no sign of Matt showing off screenshots of how much profit he’s made each day, no stroking his own ego about how easy it is to win money from every trade, no pointless videos with him rambling on about nonsense where the only purpose of the video is for him to listen back to it getting high off hearing his own voice.

To his credit, Matt keeps it real. It is also to his detriment in a  way as well, as even he knows himself that he could make far more money from Hunting for Profit if he wasn’t so honest about the reality of making money from trading full time.

If he was to leave his morals and decency at the door, and go down the same road of stuffing the unrealistic dream down everyone’s throats like the vast majority of the other ‘famous’ snake oil sports traders on social media do, he would be earning a fortune.

Section 2:

The second section of the course goes in to a lot of detail of exactly how Matt reads a market, what he is looking for prior to entering, what he monitors during a trade, and pretty much everything else you need to know to successfully execute his methods.

Obviously I can’t go in to any real detail about this in this review, all I can say is that I was quite impressed with just how straight forward Matt makes it to understand it all by breaking it down in simple terms.

He also has a couple of simple to follow flow charts which you can print off and have by your computer in the early days so you can reinforce your thinking and get in to the habit of asking yourself the right questions before entering a market.

Section 3:

The final third of the day revolves around Matt talking us through a whole string of his recorded trades and reinforcing why he has entered and done what he has done, why he has managed the trade in that particular way, and why he exited the trades when he did.

This was very helpful in bringing all the theory together and seeing it being executed in real markets using real money.

Matt also showed us a number of videos where he had got it wrong and explained why he got it wrong, and where he had gone against his own rules and paid the price for it.

This was great for highlighting that sometimes even experienced traders get it wrong, and if you believe all the rubbish you see on social media from the fake gurus who come across as being invincible and win every time they look at a market, you really need to stop drinking to kool-aid.

At the end of the day, and throughout the entire course, Matt is of course open to and happy to answer any questions anyone has at any time.

He also hangs around after the course has finished if anyone wants to sit down and go over any aspects of the course one on one if they have not quite understood anything.

After the course

Once the course is done and you head off home, you will still have Matt available to you to offer support. Included in the price of the course is the first 2 months access to the Hunting for Profit online academy, which consists of:

– Access to Matt directly for support to answer any questions you have.

– Access to the Skype Groups which are filled with a mixture of traders of varying levels of experience. These rooms are great to be in every day while trading live as there is a lot to learn from what the experienced traders are doing. The rooms are very active so there is always plenty to pick up on.

– Access to Matt’s detailed notes every single day, both by email, and in the Skype rooms. These notes alone are worth the money as Matt puts a massive amount of time and effort in to researching and writing up these notes for all the races he wants to keep an eye on that particular day. These notes will give you a lot of added confidence in your trades.

– Access to every video Matt has ever recorded, which of now is well over 400 videos weighing in at over 36gb in size.

One thing I have benefitted from greatly so far is going through all these videos in my own time after having been at the course.

Matt had actually shown me some of his videos in the past, but now that I have completed the course, I am seeing the videos in a completely different light, and it is all coming together and making sense.

The videos cover every aspect of in-running horse racing trading you can imagine, with dozens of examples of trades for every discipline of race.

There are also recorded webinars, which are like mini courses in their own right, which provide great value and reinforce everything you need to remember when in the live markets.

Final thoughts

If you are like the unfortunate vast majority of traders I have met in person over the last 5 years, and have already been sucked in to spending money with the usual suspect social media trading gurus, then I would encourage you to get in touch with Matt and be ready to take the red pill and have your eyes opened wide.

I know some of you reading this will want to continue believing the sh*t you are fed by the pretenders on social media until the cows come home, regardless of how much money it will continue to cost you from buying more of their crap, and losing money in the markets going round in circles forever.

If that’s you then that’s fine, but I will do you a favour now and tell you to hold on to your £295, because Matt’s course will definitely not be for you.

If you are brand new to trading, and have not been corrupted by the social media snake oil salesmen, then let me tell you that you are in a very fortunate position.

I know this because you are in the same position I found myself in back in 2015, and I have been very fortunate to have only dealt with the good guys thus far in my trading journey.

If the route you want to take is trading horses in-running, then I can very confidently say that Matt and Hunting for Profit is not only your best bet, but probably the only realistic option you have of learning the reality of what it takes to turn trading in-running horses in to a consistently profitable endeavour.

Click here to check out the Hunting for Profit website now.

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  1. Hi Jamie. I found your review very helpful and I am actually back here after reading your review on profit accumulator 2 months ago and am currently £950 in profit from the match betting.

    When I read your profit accumulator review I also remember your writing about trading in horse racing and wanted to read it again and have come across this.

    I did just want to ask, do in-running trading and pre-running trading suit different people in different ways or could they both be suitable for anyone that could benefit from trading?

    I am one of the lucky people to not have been corrupted by the people you mention on social media and after making a success of match betting due to your review I am very interested to learn more.

    Thanks in advance for your reply and thank you for guiding me to profit accumulator in the first place!

    • Hi Will,

      That’s brilliant to hear, delighted you are making some good money from the matched betting. I get messages like yours all the time, but it never gets old knowing someone new is making some easy tax free cash at the bookie’s and casino’s expense. 🙂

      Regarding the differences between pre-race and in-running trading, I would say they do definitely suit different people, but I would find it hard to put my finger on exactly why.

      Reason I say that is that I have met lots of people who have done well with one and failed at the other, and for no stand out reason.

      I’ve also met a handful of people who seem to do ok from both, but unfortunately the case most of the time will be that no matter what method of trading people do, they will lose.

      As I mentioned in the review, Matt covers why this is the case in great detail in the first section of his course.

      There are a lot of things that are just human nature for most that will sabotage your ability to be able to consistently make profit from trading, and if you don’t know what they are and how to fix them, whether you are trading before or during the race won’t make any difference.

      You are very lucky that you are brand new to sports trading and don’t have any unrealistic expectations from having dealt with the charlatans, and the fact you are making money from matched betting hopefully means that you will already have at least suppressed any urges to gamble when you can lock in a guaranteed, steady profit. This is another massive benefit if you are to move in to trading.

      If you are unsure as to whether you should go for it or not, give Matt a shout on Twitter or Skype and I’m sure he’ll be happy to have a chat with you about anything you may not be sure about if you are considering doing his course, he’s very honest and if he thinks the course is not for you, he will just tell you straight.

      Whatever you do, I wish you all the best mate, and don’t stop hitting the bookies and casinos where it hurts. 😀

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