My Journey to Making Money Trading Sports on the Betfair Exchange

Since May 2015, most days of the week I have been involved in trading certain sports on different betting exchanges including Betfair, Betdaq and Smarkets. In this article I’m going to explain inBetting Exchanges as much detail as I can what this is, how it works, what I do, who has taught me, what the most important aspects of sports trading are, and lots in between.

As with most of my posts this is going to be quite a long read, but if you are currently involved in sports trading or it is something that you are interested in learning about and getting involved with, then I will do my best to give you the best possible advice to assist you in becoming a profitable trader in this article.

I have a warning I will give you before you start reading this article though, and it’s a very important one. As you will learn as you read further in to this article, I was lucky enough to find a great trading mentor and support community at the very beginning of my trading journey. I can say without a doubt that without it I would still be like the 95% of other traders out there who are consistent losers.

From my time in this community I have learnt that even when taught exactly what to look for, in exactly what market conditions, to the point where there can be close to no mistaking that there is an opportunity, there are still people who simply do not have the discipline and patience to only enter the market and trade when the correct conditions are present.

So with that said, my warning is this: If you are not someone who has control over their emotions, and a certain level of discipline, and a willingness to learn and persevere, then sports trading is not for you, and I’d advise you to stop reading this now and save yourself a lot of time and effort because you will not make the cut and end up losing lots of money in the long run.

That said, if you are someone who can follow relatively simple instructions, control your emotions and importantly, be disciplined and patient enough to only enter a market when you know the conditions are correct, and even more importantly, be able to control and cut your losses when the market conditions may change, then keep on reading, because there is no reason why you can’t go on to make a very good living from trading sports on the exchanges.

Basic introduction to trading sports

I’ll try and keep this short and informative for those of you who may be completely new to sports trading. If you have been trading sports on the exchanges for a while, then can probably skip this section and move on. If you want to know more about the basics of how a betting exchange works then there are lots of informative articles online that you can find with a quick search of Google.

Ok, so I’ll get started with what a sports exchange actually is first. Basically, it’s similar to an online bookmaker but with 2 major differences:

  1. On a betting exchange, you can back an outcome as you would on an online bookmaker website, but you can also lay an outcome. Laying an outcome means you are betting against the outcome, where as backing means you are betting for it.

For example, if you were to back a horse at the price of 2.0 (even money) with £10, then you would make £10 profit if the horse won. However, if you thought the horse was going to lose, you could lay it with £10 and if any other horse in the race wins you would make £10.

  1. The second major difference is that unlike all online bookmakers, a betting exchange will not limit your stakes or ban your account for being a winner (well legitimate exchanges won’t anyway – more on that later).

Online bookmakers are basically parasites that feed on mug punters who don’t know any better. If you show any history of winning with them and turning a consistent profit, you will be limited or banned from placing bets pretty swiftly.

The benefit of using the betting exchange is 2 fold, first you can win as much as you want and secondly, you will almost always get better prices from the exchanges than an online bookmaker because they don’t rip their customers off to the extent online bookmakers do.

Now I’m not saying that betting exchanges are angels, far from it. Betfair, who are by far the market leader when it comes to betting exchanges, have by far the worst customer service of any company I’ve dealt with. They also have a long history of being poorly managed and it is fair to say that having realised the profits they can screw out of punters using their sportsbook as opposed to the exchange, the exchange has been dropped from the top of their priority list, which is a shame.

With that all said, unfortunately the lesser betting exchanges like Betdaq, Smarkets and Matchbook have made next to no real effort to try and compete with Betfair, so unless one of them all of a sudden miraculously find some ambition and implement a plan to take them on, Betfair will continue to rule with the iron fist and do whatever they feel like, knowing that no matter how much contempt they treat their customers with, they have no choice but to continue using them as that’s where all the money is.

How exchanges, and so called ‘exchanges’ work

Exchanges work differently to online bookmakers because instead of shafting the customer by running their books with a massive over-round, betting exchanges just charge a small percentage on any winning bets a trader places. This varies from as low as 1% to 5%* depending on the exchange.

* As traders with experience will likely know, with Betfair you can actually be charged up to as much as 60% commission if you are in the top percentage of long term winning traders/punters that have made more than £250,000 in profit over the lifetime of the account. This is known as ‘premium charge’, and is how Betfair shaft the very best traders who use their platform. By doing this Betfair don’t have to spend as much money promoting the exchange to entice new traders to increase liquidity like they used to, instead they can take the enormous percentage of exchange winnings from he most successful traders/punters to constantly run adverts promoting their sportsbook to entice as many mug punters as possible and shaft them like the rest of the online bookmaking industry do.

As I alluded to previously, you should be careful when using other so called ‘exchanges’. Besides Betfair, Betdaq is the only other betting exchange that can really claim to be a genuine exchange. I mean this in the sense that it will not close accounts of consistent winners, as all online bookmakers do, and as it turns out some so called ‘exchanges’ have been doing too.

Unfortunately, there are a few operators out there who claim to be betting exchanges, but in reality appear to be glorified bookmakers operating under the guise of exchanges.

The ‘exchanges’ in question are Smarkets and Matchbook. If you’ve frequented my blog before you’ve probably read my post on matched betting. If you’re using matched betting to make some risk free extra income, or build your initial trading bank (which I’d recommend), then using the likes of these ‘exchanges’ is a good idea. However, for serious trading they should be avoided as there are countless reports of them closing the accounts of long term winning traders/punters.

The benefit to using these sites when matched betting is that they both offer relatively low commission rates compared to Betfair and Betdaq. The downside is that they are not a serious option for actually trading on as they have far too little liquidity and are essentially not legitimate exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq.


If you’ve used the exchange before, then you will know that to place a bet you need to click whether you want to back or lay a selection first, then enter your desired stake, and then click place bet. This wastes valuable time.

So, if you are going to trade any sport seriously on the Betfair Exchange, then using 1 click software is a must. The 1 click software allows you to preset your stakes and enter trades in to market with 1 click.

They also allow you to see full market depth instead of just 3 prices either side of the current best available prices on the Betfair website.

Which Betfair software is the best?

There are various providers of 1 click software out there and nobody will ever agree on which one is best as everybody has their personal favourites.

What I’m sure everyone will agree with is that not one of the pieces of software available on the market does everything. They all have short falls or lack features, some to a higher degree than others.

I personally prefer to use ‘Gruss’ betting assistant software for my pre race and in running trading on the horses. Let me just say though, Gruss is lacking so many features that would improve the software massively to the point it is frustrating. The people who develop and operate Gruss also have zero interest in implementing these relatively small changes to improve the software either, which is even more frustrating.

Other popular 1 click software providers include Geeks Toy, Bet Angel and Bet Trader. Again, all three of these pieces of software are lacking in certain areas, most of which could be relatively easily fixed/changed.

It seems that across the board the software providers seem to be very lax when it comes to improving the software further and are content working with what they’ve got.

It’s a shame for us traders because if one provider really went the extra mile to provide all the features in the software that people want, then I’m sure they would benefit from a lot of traders jumping ship from their competitors.

Unfortunately, I can’t see this happening any time soon. So the best advice I can give is to try out each piece of software for your self and decide which one is lacking the least and go with that.

The cardinal errors that new and intermediate traders make

Ok, that’s the very quick and honest introduction to how the exchanges work and like I said before, there is lots more information online about the ins and outs of using Betfair and other exchanges that you may find useful to read after this article.

Now I’m going to move on to how my own journey has gone and how it started, and also some of the most important things to bear in mind whether you are brand new to sports trading or have been doing it for a while and are struggling to make it profitable.

This will be the most important part of this whole article if you are in either of these categories, so make sure you take this advice in as it will be the difference between you potentially wasting a lot of time and a LOT of money going forward, or putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed and become a profitable trader as soon as possible.

Sports trading ‘Gurus’, ‘Professionals’, ‘Pioneers’, ‘Experts’, ‘Blaggers’…

As with any industry that provide people with the opportunity to make a lot of money, you can always count on there being plenty of unscrupulous individuals well positioned to help new comers part with their hard earned money with promises of being taught how to make untold profits.

Unfortunately, the sports trading industry seems to have attracted more than it’s fair share of these characters. What’s even more surprising is just how brazen and unashamed the worst offenders are.

I personally have been very lucky in a way, and that’s because before I had even placed a single trade on the Betfair exchange, I spent a lot of time doing my research and due diligence on a lot of the self proclaimed ‘experts’ who were charging exuberant prices to attend their daily seminars and courses, buy access to their videos or sets of ebooks and so on, and it didn’t take long to unearth some of the horror stories associated with these ‘pros’ that are littered all over the net and social media.

However, this doesn’t tell half the story. It wasn’t until I later got involved in other trading groups on Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook etc that I started hearing more shocking first hand stories about people who had dealt with them and spent many hundreds, and sometimes many thousands of pounds on their courses/videos/literature just to have walked away with absolutely zero actionable value that will assist them in applying profitable strategies in the markets.

Other first hand accounts include a ‘famous’ prolific repeat offender who lost over £700 and £1,400 respectively when ‘training’ 2 different novice traders live on the markets who paid many hundreds of pounds each for the privilege. These were systematic losses in running using relatively small stakes that accumulated as the day went on, a far cry from the picture this particular con man paints on social media.

Would also say that I’ve spoke to easily 40+ people in person and many more in private chat groups who have paid hundreds of pounds to attend another of the most ‘famous’ of all the ‘gurus’ courses to have paid for what equated to hours of an ego driven, embellished life story about how fantastic he is, and not a lot else.

As much as I’d like to, I’m not going to name any names, but know that some of the worst offenders are the most ‘famous’ and prolific on social media, and with other sports trading business interests beside just selling ebooks/videos/courses. Also who knows, just because of the hundreds of traders I’ve spoken to directly or saw posting about these people online, it’s not to say that some may have actually gained something from them… I’m just yet to find a single person thus far.

The other reason I’m not going to specifically name names is that I cannot be bothered dealing with the online drama from these jokers who have a history of throwing the toys out of the pram as soon as someone speaks out about how much of a con man they are. These guys are making a LOT of money from susceptible new comers to the sports trading game, and in a lot of cases make far more from the business side of their enterprises than they have ever done trading (please don’t be fooled by the screenshots!), therefore will stop at nothing to maintain that squeaky clean, guru public image to ensure they can continue milking the susceptible new comers.

On that note, another thing to remember, ANYONE can consistently post screenshots constantly showing profits on social media, and post YouTube videos with an enticing headline and thumbnail, only to go on about how great they are and then deliver absolutely zero value over and over again. No matter how convincing they may seem, and I understand that a lot of them have the projection of supremacy down to a fine art; this does not mean these people are profitable traders. More importantly; this certainly does not mean they have your best interests at heart and are going to be able to give you any actionable methods to allow you to succeed in the markets yourself.

Blowing your bank

Another big advantage I had when I first discovered sports trading was that I didn’t do what the majority of people probably do and load my Betfair account with money and start trying to win lots of money right off the bat.

Regardless of what people may say, as in the ‘gurus’, making money from trading sports on Betfair is not easy. If you think you can load your Betfair account and start making fortunes from the market from day 1 with no strategy you will soon be brought down to earth when your bank is swallowed up by the market. It’s just a matter of when, and then how many times will you keep blowing banks before you realise this.

My very first exposure to sports trading was from a matched betting community that I was part of, so I had at least an understanding of how the exchanges worked which was a big help.

If you are completely new to sports trading, or you have been unfortunate enough to have been losing consistently for whatever amount of time, then do yourself a favour and let matched betting pay for your trading education and build up your initial bankroll.

It’s something I still don’t understand why every single budding trader does not do in the early days, but for very little time and effort each day, you can earn a very good monthly profit running in to 4 figures from matched betting. It’s the perfect way to build and sustain your trading bank risk free in the beginning, and it’s something I still do to this day when I have time. It is risk free, tax free money. What’s not to like?

Trying to be a jack of all trades

Contrary to what all the ‘pros’ and ‘gurus’ trying to sling their wares on social media will portray, it is not a good idea to try and trade every sport being played on the face of the earth. It takes time, effort and a practised, methodical approach to gain edges and develop profitable systems on any single sport you trade. This takes time, and I personally think that if you want to take this seriously and become profitable, jumping from one sport to another and trying to trade all sorts will end in disaster, especially when you have not been trading for long.

I personally started sports trading doing horse racing and more specifically, just pre race. The reasons I chose that is because there are races in the UK and Ireland almost every single day of the year, the markets are among the most liquid of sports on the Betfair exchange and I knew as close to nothing about horse racing as there was to know.

Knowing nothing about horse racing may seem like it would be a setback if deciding to trade horse racing to make money, but the methods I have been taught are purely about trading the ladders, with elements of sometimes trading what you see on the live pictures. It requires a little knowledge of horse racing which I quickly picked up, but most importantly it requires zero opinion about what horse is going to win the race.

Now I’m not going to say getting to the point where I understood this strategy fully and was able to make it profitable was easy, it was challenging to begin with, but anything worth doing is.

However, fully implementing and understanding what I had been taught allowed me to relatively quickly get to grips with it and start making a good profit from the methods over time.

I would say that in my first year trading I did not trade anything else at all apart from pre race horse racing, I was determined to master it and get to the point where I felt I could rely on it to consistently provide me with good, steady profits.

Once I reached that stage, I decided to look at other sports like tennis and football (As well as trading the horses in running, more on that later). Again, two sports with plenty of fixtures nearly all year round and lots of liquidity in the Betfair markets. While I have had success trading both tennis and football in the past year, it’s been nowhere near the success I’ve had trading horse racing.

In the end I decided to just concentrate solely on horse racing for a few reasons. First being that I already know I have a method I can apply that provides very good profits long term that doesn’t require me to sit and have to constantly watch every market like a hawk all day.

Secondly, I also have businesses to run and other online projects that require my time. Often it’ll only take 1 or 2 trades that last a matter of a minute or 2 to leave me happy enough to close down my software for the day and get on with other things.

Obviously everyone is in different positions and may have day jobs, family commitments or whatever. The beauty of sports trading on the Betfair exchange is that there are almost always liquid markets available from morning til night with varying sports. My advice would be to look at your current situation and decide when you will be able to dedicate time to trading the markets, and in the yearly calendar, what sport is going to be the best option for you.

Horse racing is always good in the sense that you get plenty races at the weekends when most will be off work, and also plenty of evening meetings in the summer that can be traded after working hours.

The most important part of all

The most important part of all to becoming a successful, consistent, profitable sport trader is discipline and patience, I can’t emphasise this enough. Regardless of having the best possible edge known to man, or being taught by the best mentor on earth, if you cannot take full control of your emotions when trading and keep your losses under control, you will never ever succeed at this.

Smart people understand this and implement it early on in their trading career, others understand it but simply cannot implement it due to mental weakness or making excuses and telling their self stories to justify not being disciplined and patient, while others will never understand it and will always find a way to blame something else for their continuing failure.

Making money from these markets is hard enough as it is, do not do yourself the disservice of spending time and money learning how to gain an advantage that can be exploited in the markets over and over just for you to lack the discipline and patience required, and give all the money back, and more, by getting involved in the markets when you should not be doing so.

If you are struggling to understand the mindset that you need to be in to trade with discipline and patience, then my advice would be to read 2 books. They are both by the same person, a guy called Mark Douglas. The books are titled ‘The Disciplined Trader’ and ‘Trading in the Zone’.

While most of the context in these books evolves around financial trading, it doesn’t matter, the concept is 100% relevant and a necessity if you want to succeed at any type of trading, including sports.

Once you have read them both, read them again. Then in a few months time, read them both again. I believe that if the vast majority of sports traders out there who are consistent losers, struggling and just can’t seem to work out why were to read these books and actually implement the mindset, then they would notice massive improvements if they took action and implemented the mindset.

My journey to becoming a profitable trader

The first half of this article has been a tad negative, and I didn’t intend for this article to be like that because that’s not been my experience in the sports trading world at all.

I just think it’s important that I make people who are perhaps reading about this for the first time aware of the possible pit falls and cut through some of the shit based on my experiences, and also things I’ve been made aware of by many traders in the communities I frequent and observe.

Before I go in to my own journey of how I became a profitable trader, I want to make sure that you the reader understand that this is the route I chose and it’s not the be all and end all by any means.

I personally know a few traders who have spent vast amounts of time and money to study the markets and find their own edges and systems that work over a very long period. I take my hat off to these people as I don’t think I would’ve persevered myself were I in that situation.

As I explained briefly earlier in this article, I did a lot of research and due diligence prior to getting involved in sports trading. I messaged a lot of people online who had attended different seminars and bought certain ebooks, videos, courses etc, etc. Regardless of what anyone recommends, myself included, I’d advise every one of you to do the exact same thing before deciding to spend a single penny on anything towards your trading education.

Making the correct decisions early on can be the difference between becoming profitable a lot quicker and saving many thousands of pounds wasted on multiple ‘gurus’, not to mention the inevitable losses in the market that will result from their ‘training’ while you desperately try to implement it to no avail.

The path I chose

After weeks of speaking to different traders online the same name kept on popping up over and over, and that was Steve Howe. He was the only person who offered mentoring to novice traders that I was getting glowing reviews across the board from people who had attended his course previously.

Steve, or ‘Mugs’ as he’s often referred to due to his website name (, was one of the few traders I had failed to find from my initial online research.

Steve is not big on self promotion, and as I went on to learn later, most of Steve’s students end up attending his horse racing trading course via recommendations from his previous students, which speaks volumes. As it would turn out that’s how I eventually ended up booking his course in May of 2015.*

*I should also note that I watched pretty much every single video he posted on his website going back years before I decided to attend his course. The videos he has posted on his website alone give any new or experienced trader a great insight in to what his methods are and what he looks for in the market. I’d advise anyone to take advantage of these videos before doing anything as it will stand you in good stead going forward whether you decide to attend Steve’s course or not.

The night before the course

It all started with me early on the Sunday morning when I had to get up early and jump in the car for a long drive from Edinburgh to Coventry. What’s unique about Steve’s course is that he encourages everyone who is attending the course to book a room at, or at least attend, the hotel where the seminar takes place the Sunday night beforehand. I booked the room for the Sunday and the Monday night as I didn’t fancy the long drive home on Monday night after a full day of taxing the mind at the seminar.

It turned out to be a good decision because the Sunday night was a great night that carried on in to the early hours in the hotel lobby long after the bar had closed.

My advice to anyone who does attend Steve’s course, make sure you get downstairs to the hotel bar on the Sunday night and meet Steve and all the other guys who are attending the course. You will also find that a lot of Steve’s previous students will turn up on the Sundays just to meet up with Steve and all the other guys in the Skype group (more on that later) to have a good drink, talk trading and welcome all the new guys.

I’ve still got very good friends I made on that first Sunday night that I speak to regularly to this day. I also went back down to Coventry again the following year in May 2016 to see Steve and all the lads for a good drink on the Sunday night and am planning to get down again this year too hopefully.

The course itself

Steve’s horse racing seminar runs from around 8.30am til around 6pm on the following Monday, so it’s a lot of information to digest in one day. While the Sunday night was good fun, the first couple of hours on the Monday morning were not. While it’s good to enjoy yourself on the Sunday night, don’t overdo it, nursing a brutal hangover the next day doesn’t put you in the best frame of mind to concentrate on what Steve’s teaching you.

Steve has run many of these seminars over the years, so the first hour or so is all still important stuff, but he saves the heavy lifting for after the first break. Perfect for the guys who have went overboard on the drink the night before to ease their selves in and get ready to get their heads around the real nitty gritty.

The rest of the afternoon pretty much involves Steve playing video after video of actual trades he has executed and walking everyone through them explaining exactly why he has done what he has done at each stage of the trade.

Questions are welcomed throughout and by the end of the day the entire room would be working their way through each video in unison with Steve as people started to implement Steve’s simple strategy to each market prior to advancing the video.

By the end of the day I had gone in with a bit of an idea as to what Steve did, to leaving with a firm, actionable process I could apply to specific markets based on certain criteria. No guessing, no riddles, no bullshit.

Now, no matter who you are, you would be forgiven for walking away from the seminar and forgetting some (or lots) of the information you have learnt during the 8 or so hours. So at the end of the seminar, Steve hands out a folder to every attendee which contains a few DVDs.

Each DVD contains dozens more screen cast videos of Steve trading pre race markets with full commentary and analysis throughout, further ingraining the process and criteria in to your head so that you can study and watch the videos over and over again after you have left.

Ongoing support

While Steve Howe’s seminar and DVDs are excellent, and often all that new traders will need to be able to go on and implement the strategy, Steve also offers ongoing support by joining his private Skype group.

The group consists only of traders that have attended one of Steve’s courses in the past, and everyone does whatever they can to help and assist each other, including Steve who is active in the rooms while racing is on most days of the week.

The Skype groups are not only restricted to racing either, there are rooms dedicated to football, tennis, cricket, NFL, golf and matched betting. The amount of knowledge I have gained from being part of the groups is priceless, there are some very talented traders in there and all willing to share and help each other out to become better and more profitable.

Being a member of the group also opens up ongoing support from Steve himself on a 1 to 1 basis if you require it. Steve has sat with me on Skype and talked me through markets in the morning for over an hour and a half before, and I know that he also helps a lot of the other guys privately with whatever they need to understand the methods he teaches and improve their trading.

One thing that will never happen to any trader that attends Steve’s course is you will never be left in the dark, or unsure about any aspect of what he teaches you. I can say 100% that without having attended Steve’s course, digested his material over many months, and got the continued support from Steve and the members of the group, I would be a million miles from where I am today in my understanding of the horse racing markets and how to extract regular profit from them.

Other courses

As I said previously, I have been very lucky in the sense that I found Steve’s course at the very beginning of my trading career and have never had the need to go on any other courses or buy any other training materials from anyone else.

However, one long time member of Steve’s Skype group is a guy called Matt Haynes. Matt is a very skilled horse racing trader who also implements Steve’s pre race trading methods, but his real passion is tennis.

He recently started a tennis Skype group and daily stats service (, along with providing each member with a tennis manual which explains in great detail the positions where you can take advantage of the daily stats sheet and execute very low risk, high reward trades.

I was in the group for a few months myself and learnt a great deal, and managed to make some decent profit in the little time I got to dedicate to trading tennis.

In the end the lack of time from running my businesses and trading the horses meant that dedicating enough time to tennis was just not going to work.

I’ll happily recommend anyone who wants to learn how to trade tennis from one of the best in the business to get in touch with Matt and go ahead and join his group.

Like Steve, Matt is very much cut from the same cloth. A great guy who will go the extra mile to give you the help and support you need to succeed, no matter how long it takes.

How my trading has progressed recently

Over the last 6 months I have continued to implement Steve’s methods in the pre race horse markets to good effect. I have also learnt a lot about trading horses in running in this time too.

While my main focus is and likely always will be on pre race trading, I am slowly getting to grips with the in running markets and how they work. As I stated earlier, I like to select one thing at a time and keep chipping away at it until I feel I’ve got a sufficient edge I can implement over and over again.

With that said the element of in running that I have been concentrating on is back to lay. For those of you new to trading horse racing in running, back to lay (B2L) is basically the process of selecting a horse that you think is going to shorten in price at some point during the race.

So by backing at a higher price to start with, you can then place your lay bet at a lower price and assuming your horse runs well, you will have your hedge lay bet matched in running to give you a guaranteed profit across the book.

That is a very simple explanation, and everyone does it slightly differently in terms of execution, what percentage of profit they take, and what horses they select etc.

In the beginning I struggled with what horses to select. This was due to my sparse knowledge of horse racing which meant I had no idea what I was looking for when trying to identify horses that may shorten in price.

Again, when it comes to selecting horses to back to lay, every trader will have different things they look at and want to see before they will get involved in a trade, and it can take a lot of time to do your homework each day before racing starts to profile the horses and put together a short list.

In the beginning I would do this manually, and despite the time it would take to do every day, I was having success and was showing a good strike rate. However, the time involved in finding the selections was a prohibiting factor in continuing with it.

Proform Racing Software

UPDATE 19/02/17 – I’ve finally got round to publishing my full Proform Racing review with 50% discount code, so click here to check it out.

I looked around for services and websites that do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to researching selections, and to my surprise found there were a lot of them out there, but in the end I settled on a website called Proform Racing.

I did plan on giving a lot more detail about Proform Racing in this article, however, there are so many features and benefits to having access to the website’s ‘Bet Finder’ feature and its incredible software that I’ve decided to write a separate review on Proform separate to this post.Proform Racing

In a nutshell, Proform Racing has 2 main parts, the website which includes the ‘Bet Finder’ feature, and the software and database that you download to your computer.

The website has the unique daily race guides which provide so much information on each runner in each race that you can’t find anywhere else. There are a number of other great features on the website itself, but the recently introduced ‘Bet Finder’ is what sold it for me.

Proform Racing’s ‘Bet Finder’ basically allows you to check boxes which then apply filters to every horse running in today’s racing, and then gives you a list of horses based on all these filters.

For example, you can select only horses that are top 3 rated by Proform’s unique power rating system, likely to be a good back to lay bet based on previous in running data, and only show horses where the trainer is in form. These exact 3 filters alone have provided me with an extremely profitable back to lay system when trading the selections the last few weeks.

What’s even better is that you can fully back test every filter combination to see how it would’ve performed each day back in time. There are dozens of relevant filters you can test and play around with, which means you can fine tune your selection criteria to whatever you like at the click of a few buttons.

The amount of time this one feature alone saves me every day more than covers the cost of the subscription, which works out at around £1.74 per day when you use the unique discount code for your first 8 weeks that the owner of Proform Racing has been kind enough to give me for you guys to use.

I could go on and on about the other features of Proform, but it’s going to take a while to get through all the features, so once I’ve written the full review I will link to it here in this post.

In the mean time, if you want to give Proform Racing a try for yourself then head over to the website and use this unique discount code that will give you 50% off your first 8 weeks: JACOM50.

If you have any questions regarding Proform then drop them an email, the owner Simon is very helpful and quick to point you in the right direction.

If you’ve got this far, well done…

Well that pretty much sums up my journey so far trading sports, and what has helped and hindered me along the way. Hopefully this will go some way to helping new traders and struggling traders alike.

If you’ve got any questions about anything in the article, or anything else sports trading related that I’ve not covered, then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you.


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  1. Based on this article and admittedly a fair bit of a additional research being a cynical fellow Scotsman, I have booked onto one of Steve’s workshops. I’m a complete novice, dabbling only with accumulators and working through some of the programs available via Mike Cruickshank, whom I’m sure you know of. I know nothing about horse racing so it’ll be educational to say the least. Anyway, cheers for what appears to be an open and honest write up. I look forward to finding out in due course if my mild cynicism proves to be unfounded! 🙂

    • Hi Steven, hope you are well.

      Sorry I have only just discovered this comment just now, not sure how it managed to slip through my notifications. Did you attend Steve’s course in the end? If so, how did you get on?



  2. Hello, good read and thank you for your advise so far.

    What do you look for when you make your picks for the days racing?

  3. Great writing with great infos. I understand the course is only about horses, or does it reach out to football too?


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