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Tools Of The Trade

No matter how many internet marketers you speak to, no matter what method they use to make money online, they will all agree on one thing; If you want to grow your business and make serious money, you either have to use tools and software to automate certain processes, or hire people (virtual assistants) at a cheap rate to do the work for you.

If you look below, you will see I have compiled a list of the best software and tools currently available to download that will help you automate and increase your online marketing efforts. I have grouped each tool in its suitable category and also gave a short explanation of what each tool does. I have also added beside each tool whether there is a trial or free demo version available.

I will be writing reviews for as many of these tools as possible in the near future, and also explaining exactly how I use them to make money. If you want to know when these reviews go live on my blog, then join my email list by entering your name and email in to the form below and you’ll be the first to know!


Rank Tracking

SEO Powersuite (Limited free version available) – SEO Powersuite is a whole host of SEO tools that includes a rank tracker, website auditor, spy tool and a link building assistant tool. Basically, if you’re serious about SEO, then SEO Powersuite is a must have tool! Also essential for anyone who is providing SEO services to clients.

Backlink Checkers

SEO SpyGlass (Limited free version available) – This nifty piece of software lets you enter in your competitors domain name and it then goes off and finds your competitor’s backlinks. Perfect if you are starting a link building campaign and want to overtake the competitor.

Keyword Research/Competition Analysis

Market Samurai (Free trial available) – Market Samurai is the best keyword research and competition tool I’ve used to date. It gives you a huge range of related keywords to target as well as the competition and monthly Google searches. It has many other features as well, too many to list here, definitely another must have tool. You can read my Market Samurai Review here.

IBP (Internet Business Promoter) – IBP is an all in one tool which is aimed more at people who provide SEO services to clients. It has a number of good built in SEO reporting features which you can then use to deliver monthly SEO reports to your clients.

Local SEO

Local Marketing Titan – This software is specifically designed for ranking local Google Places listings. It’s perfect for people who either want to boost their own business’s Google Places listing locally, or more likely, are managing clients who need this service.


Buyproxies – Good source of fast and reasonably priced proxies. Always important to have a good supply of fast proxies that you can use, especially with some of the automated link building and traffic generation tools listed below.

Traffic Generation

Buzz Bundle – When it comes to generating laser targeted traffic to a site, Buzz Bundle is definitely one of my favourite weapons of choice! Created by the same good folks who make SEO Powersuite, once this piece of software is set up, it basically serves you potential new readers/customers on a plate for you to interact with them. Very powerful!

Answer Assault – If you haven’t already, check out my Making Money on Yahoo Answers tutorial. That explains just how good a traffic source it is, how much money can be made and how Answer Assault can save you hours and hours of time while delivering hundreds of daily visitors to your site!

Tube Toolbox (Free trial available) – Do you do YouTube marketing? Are you thinking of attempting my tutorial (How to Make Money on YouTube)? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you NEED this tool!

Video Marketing Blaster – Again, if you are attempting to drive traffic from YouTube videos, this is another powerful tool that will help you out. You simply pick keywords, create titles for the videos, create the actual videos, and then upload the videos… Oh yeah, but EVERYTHING I just mentioned is completely automated! I cover it more in my YouTube Tutorial too.

Tool Building/Automation

UBot Studio – UBot Studio is a unique tool, in the sense that it actually lets you build your own tools! You can use the simple interface in UBot Studio to make tools that automate any online task possible. The only limit is your imagination. Plus, you can also then package any tools you make and sell them as standalone tools!

Lead Generation

Power Leads Pro X – This is the most powerful data scraping tool I have ever used. It is an absolute beast at scraping business data from multiple sources including Google, Google Places,, Craigslist and multiple other places. The software also has a built in mailer and multiple other amazing features. Definitely check this software out if you are working in the business to business arena! Check out my Power Leads Pro X review here!

Link Building

Ultimate Demon – This is an amazing multi tool link builder. It automates the creation of Web 2.0, profile, article, video, directory and many other links all in one place! It’s an essential tool for any link builder to have in their locker.

Link Assistant (Limited free version available) – This tool helps you manage your link building campaign and keep track of all your campaigns in one palce. Part of the amazing SEO Powersuite package.

SEnuke X (Free trial available) – The first major all in one automated link builder. Still to this day it provides the most complete all in one link building software. It may carry a few more features than Ultimate Demon, but you can only purchase a monthly subscription, where as with Ultimate Demon you can buy an outright one time license.

Article Marketing Robot – This neat piece of software allows you to upload an article (plain or spun) and then with the click of a button, automatically distribute that article to hundreds of article directories, gaining hundreds of backlinks in the process. Perfect for building your tiered backlinks.

Xrumer (Free demo available) – This piece of software, if you take the time to learn how to use it properly, lets you fine tune it to get backlinks from almost anywhere! It’s main function is to gather backlinks on forums but that is only a tiny aspect of what this unreal piece of software can do.

Magic Submitter (Trial available) – This is another powerful automated link builder. It is similar to both Ultimate Demon and SEnuke X, a good addition to anyone’s link building arsenal.

Social Signals

Synnd – Any SEO practitioner will know that social signals are now very important factors in a site’s search engine rankings. At Synnd you can purchase packages of Facebook likes, tweets and all other manners of social signals. Synnd should be an essential part of your SEO strategy.

Captcha Solving

Captch Sniper – This tool doesn’t need much explaining. It is a captcha solving tool is compatible with most major internet marketing automation tools. This will save you a lot of money in the long run that you would’ve spent on captcha solving services.


Hand Written

99 Cent ArticlesThe team at 99 Cent Articles will produce great content at a very competitive price. All their writers are native English speakers so you can rest assured that your content will be of the highest quality.

Auto Generated

Article Builder – This is a very powerful tool that automatically creates highly unique content for you and then can schedule that content to be automatically posted to your WordPress blogs. Just for its content creation abilities alone it is an absolute steal at the price they charge. Click here to see a video of it in action!

Article Spinning

The Best Spinner – This is the ultimate content spinning tool available on the market today. It is packed with so many features that I would be here all day listing them. Just know that it should be your ONLY choice when it comes to spinning content.


Article Video Robot – This software takes any article and in the click of a button, turns it in to a video which narrates the article. The software has a number of different voices to choose from and the finished article sounds remarkably natural and human. Go check out the video demonstration for yourself here.

Camtasia – This is the premier screen capturing video software. Want to record a video of what you are doing on your screen for a webinar or a video review for example? Camtasia will do it with ease and then allow you to add some brilliant effects in editing too!


Tweet Adder (Free trial available) – This is the premium Twitter tool on the market at the moment. It offers amazing features for mass following your target audience on Twitter and will have your follower counts going through the roof in no time at all.

Hootsuite (30 day free trial available) – This is a tool that lets you bring all your social channels together in on interface. You can then control and schedule all aspects of your social channels from within Hootsuite.


Aweber (Trial Available) – Quite simply the best email autoresponder service available. Very reasonably priced for the features that they provide. Having a newsletter and email autoresponder sequence set up for your site is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL! If you haven’t already set up Aweber on your website, do it now!


Bluehost – One of the best value and most reliable hosting companies online. If you want to build a website or blog, the click here to watch my video tutorial that shows you how to build a WordPress website in less than 10 minutes on Bluehost.


GoDaddy – The largest domain registrar online. If you’re looking to buy a domain name (e.g. then GoDaddy is the place to buy it.



oDesk – You can find highly skilled designers to create you a custom WordPress theme at very low costs on oDesk. Keep reading on as further down the page as I give you more reasons as to why oDesk is so brilliant!

Studio Press – These are the guys behind the infamous Genesis framework for WordPress. It’s a very well designed framework that has a whole host of ‘child themes’ designed that can be plugged right in to any new WordPress install. If you’re looking for a new theme, or to update your current one, Studio Press should definitely be top of your list.


Ninja Popups for WordPress – Noticed the newsletter opt in form that pops up asking you join my free newsletter to receive lots of great tips and info absolutely free? It’s this WordPress plugin that allows this to happen.

WP GeoIP Country Redirect – This plugin lets me add different country redirects to links. For example, if you click this link here now, a new tab will open and depending on what country you are in, you should be taken to the Amazon online store native to you and displaying the Camtasia software. (Assuming you’re in the UK, USA or Canada).

Outsourcers/Virtual Assistants

oDesk - This is a brilliant site that has thousands of skilled freelancers on it ready to work for you at VERY competitive rates! I have hired very capable freelancers and virtual assistamts from oDesk over the years to complete all manners of tasks. It’s not uncommon to get people willing to work for $1 per hour! If you haven’t hired from oDesk before, you MUST check it out!

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