Proform Racing Review and 50% Discount Code

As promised in my Betfair sports trading article that I recently published, where I first briefly went over what Proform Racing is and how I used it, in this article I’m going to go in to far more detail about it.

I’ve been subscribed to Proform Racing as a platinum member since just before the beginning of the year and have had plenty of time to play around with all the various features and tools that come with being a platinum member.

In this Proform Racing review I will explain how I personally use certain features of the website and software to make consistent profits from trading the horses and how you can too.

Proform Racing 50% discount code

If you are already fully aware of how valuable a Proform Racing platinum subscription is and just want to get your hands on a 50% discount code for your first 8 weeks, then you’ve come to the right place.

When subscribing to Proform Racing, at the payment section enter [Update 14/12/2017 – Discount code currently unavailable] in the discount code field and you will receive a 50% discount on your first 8 weeks subscription as a platinum member.

What is Proform Racing and who can benefit from using it?

Proform Racing is a website, and software provider, that have been providing their various services since 1995. In that time they have developed what is unquestionably the most comprehensive piece of software available anywhere to aid horse racing bettors and traders to find edges and profit from bookies and the exchange markets.

The information and data that Proform Racing analyses and provides for its members daily is what gives them a massive advantage over the average trader and punter out there who do not have access to the same information.

As well as their incredible System Builder software, which I’ll talk about more later on in the review, as a platinum member you also get access to just some of the following features via their website too:

– Daily Race Guides

– Daily Stats

– Bet Finder

– Proform Ratings (Power Ratings and Speed Ratings)

Disregarding the software, the above features alone used properly by punters and traders will more than cover the cost of your subscription if used properly.

Let’s look at each section in more detail and how you can use the data to benefit your betting and/or trading.

Daily Race Guides

To put it simply, Proform Racing’s daily race guides are the best available on the internet, bar none.

The amount of information and data you can pull up at the click of a mouse is staggering, and there is no doubt that these race guides alone give you a massive edge over the average punter/trader out there that don’t have access to Proform.

Here’s a screenshot of a Proform race guide (click image to view larger version):

As I’ve highlighted with the red boxes, each one of these options reveals the relevant stats, data and profitability in more detail for each horse when it is clicked.

Here is a short video that explains in more detail just some of the information you can gather at a glance using the Proform daily guides:

Within seconds you can quickly browse the Proform card for each and every race and based on their stats and various ratings, quickly get a very detailed picture of each runner in the race and how the race may unfold.

If you want to better understand exactly what extra detailed information you get in each tab below the main race cards, then click here and watch the series of short videos the guys at Proform have made which explains everything.

You can also join the Proform website as a free member prior to becoming a platinum member. You get access to one free race guide each day as a free member. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with how they work and how powerful the data can be.

Daily Stats

The daily stats section of the Proform website provides another invaluable insight in to an array of statistics and profitable angles that punters and traders can also take advantage of.

The scope of the different statistics you can check against your chosen horses, or just browse for all runners based on so many different criteria, is incredible. The list of different things you can analyse is huge and lets you find angles for betting and trading that you would never have know existed previously.

What’s even better is that each statistic is also broken down to show the strike rate percentage, and even more importantly, your profit to Betfair Starting Price for each and every statistic.

There are too many different horse/jockey/trainer/course performance criteria that you can access to mention in this review, but to get an idea of just some of the daily stats you can browse on the website, here is a screenshot from the daily stats area just for horses alone (I should say this is a tiny fraction of just the horse stats available):

Proform Racing Daily Stats

By clicking the ‘View’ button next to each different stat, you are presented with a list of all the runners on that day that match each different stat. I have included and example below but have censored the horse’s names:

Proform Racing Daily Stats - Horse Form

As you can see, for each stat it also shows the amount of wins, runs, strike rate and the profit or loss historically for each horse.

To learn more about how to interpret the daily stats, watch this short video from Proform which gives a brief overview:

I’ll warn you that when you first join Proform Racing as a platinum member, you will be overwhelmed to begin with. Your mind will be racing with the possible angles and edges you can use to gain edges with your betting and trading.

However, I’d advise you to take the first couple of days to watch all the great videos the guys have put together in the ‘Learn More’ section of the website.

I know it’s not much fun sitting and watching videos when you will want to dive right in, but it will cut your learning curve in half and ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

This brings me nicely on to the next feature you get access to on the website as a Proform Racing platinum member…

Bet Finder

As I mentioned previously, to get the absolute most out of your platinum membership, you are going to have to take a little time to first learn how to interpret the daily race guides (easy enough), then get to grips with the daily stats area (again, easy enough once you know what you’re doing).

‘Bet Finder’, which is Proform’s latest offering, has been created with the gambler/trader in mind that doesn’t have the time or desire to trawl through the race guides, daily stats and main software to analyse the races in that manner.

For the gambler/traders who don’t have the time for that, Proform have cleverly incorporated a whole range of filters that gamblers can use to pick out potential race winners just by clicking a few buttons that takes literally seconds.

For traders who are looking to back to lay, lay to back, or straight lay horses, the Bet Finder tool also caters to them with 2 sections of the tool dedicated to exactly what I just mentioned.

Again, the Proform guys have created a great video that shows just how quickly and easily the Bet Finder tool can be used to provide you with selections based on a whole host of filters in seconds, make sure you watch this one in full below:

While I personally prefer to get my head in to the race guides and daily stats area every day myself, if I am ever stuck for time then it’s great having the Bet Finder tool there to quickly use to profile the runners for the day using the various filters based on the strategies I employ.

As with the daily race guides and the daily stats are of the Proform website, there’s no doubt in my mind that edges created by Bet Finder as a stand alone tool makes a Proform Racing membership worthwhile on it’s own, never mind everything else.

Proform Racing Power and Speed Ratings

As you will notice in the race guides and Bet Finder tool, Proform have their own ratings system for each horse in each race. This is calculated using 7 separate criteria and is backed up by years of data and testing.

The figures speak for their self when 60% of the time the winner of a horse race in the UK and Ireland will include a horse rated in the top 3 of Proform’s Power Ratings.

This alone gives you a great starting point when analysing any race and trying to pick a winner, when you know that on average 60% of the time one of the 3 Proform top rated horses will win it.

Proform also calculate speed ratings for each horse in each race which is another important piece of data you can factor in to your betting and trading decisions.

Proform Racing System Builder software

In my relatively short time as a platinum member, I’ve come to rely on the race guides, daily stats and Bet Finder tool to the point where I would say it probably saves me anywhere from 1 to 2 hours a day in research time, as well as providing me with the valuable stats and data that I just would not be able to find anywhere else without spending many, many hours manually collecting and analysing it.

They have been a great addition to my daily trading and betting so far, but the next step for me is to take on the behemoth that is the System Builder software.

I can’t begin to explain how comprehensive this software is, it really is an incredible and completely unrivalled piece of kit in the horse racing industry.

It allows you to literally back test nearly anything you can imagine, with thousands of possible stipulations, and then presents it all neatly with a whole host of data including the profit to BSP if backing/laying, profit to ISP if backing, longest losing runs using current system and the ability to look through every single result in the system.

There is much, much more data output than this but the fact it can back test these systems’ exact profitability so quickly is the biggest benefit of all to me personally.

As much as I’d like to be able to go in to more detail about how I use the software in this review, at the moment I’ve just not had the proper time required to really get my teeth in to it.

There are so many different aspects to the software that provide you with so much valuable data to create edges it is literally overwhelming. If you watch this overview video put together by the guys at Proform, you will begin to get a sense of just what the software can do:

The only drawback of the Proform System Builder software is that, as with anything worth learning, it’s going to take me a bit of time to fully get to grips with it and properly dig deep to find some robust systems to back test and then test live going forward.

I have already been playing around with a couple of different ideas and so far it has been providing me with great selections to trade in running each day.

I can’t guarantee how long it will be, as I have been struggling to find the time recently to set aside for tinkering with the System Builder, but in future I will try and return to this review to go over the System Builder in a lot more detail, and any results I have had with finding and building more profitable systems.

What to do next…

In the mean time, if you want to go ahead and join Proform Racing as a platinum member to get access to all these great tools, then click this link to join and use the discount code [Update 14/12/2017 – Discount code currently unavailable] to get a full 50% off of your first 8 weeks of membership.

Using the discount code, your daily cost spread across the first 8 weeks works out at only £1.74 a day!

If for whatever reason you can’t afford a Proform subscription, or you can’t justify it based on your current trading bank size, then do what I did and use matched betting to build your bank, pay for your trading education, and your trading tools.

If you’ve got any questions about Proform Racing’s website, features, system builder software or anything else, leave your question in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon I can.

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